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  1. Could I in fact be nuts? Very possible. I’m going to be ordering some new irons soon and really want to give the MMT shafts a go. I am a self disclosed dynamic gold fan and have essentially played S300, S400, X100 and X7. My current bag is X100 in wedges and X7 from p - 2 iron. As the title says, I’m considering the 105TX MMT which weigh 113g. The X7s are 20g heavier than these. Why 105TX? Easy!! I’m Canadian and I play in cold weather, plus I’ve got a shoulder issues now. The X7s are totally fine and I really like them, however on colder days I’ve really got to get after them to get de
  2. I’m going to try taking it into the local golf town and see what they say
  3. I’m not 100% for certain but the face of my TS3 driver head looks to have a dent in the face. The lighting in my garage is excellent, almost too excellent. It’s surgical. Anyways, under certain angles it appears that near the top toe portion of the sweet spot (if that makes any sense) has a slight concave in thing going on. I rub my hand on it and it feels different, but I don’t know. It could be psychological lol. Performance seem ok? But I’m no scientist. Heres the scenario. I bought this head from the BST in near brand new condition. Will titleist even consider looking at this b
  4. Im from Canada and I’ve got my eyes on these and here’s why. Our season is short and it can start as early as a couple months from now playing in temperatures close to 0C give or take and end on the same note. My last tournament last year was played in -2, 45km/hr winds and blowing snow. I currently play DG X7s and I really really like them. They are very similar to x100 with slightly lower launch and spin. I have 0 problems hitting these. I typically present a higher than average dynamic loft at impact thus my launch is high which is why I’ve tried all the heavy hitters (X7s, c-taper,
  5. > @MPStrat said: > a > @Saskwatch said: > > > @MPStrat said: > > > https://waxgolf.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/stances.jpg > > > > Thanks for that. I would argue that I do need to get my hips deeper as previously suggested and rotate more there. > > > > > > Get your hips deeper in the setup or the backswing? So far I’ve been doing both, or so I feel. I’ve got a launch monitor and I’ve gained 5-7mph ball speed on all irons with more consistency in ball striking. I don’t swing driver well in my garage setup however I’
  6. > @MPStrat said: > https://waxgolf.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/stances.jpg Thanks for that. I would argue that I do need to get my hips deeper as previously suggested and rotate more there.
  7. I’ve showed this video to a swing coach of mine and he said I look rusty!! Haha. I haven’t played much this year and I am getting older. Im going to be working on the posture this winter in my garage hitting bay and work with some training and video analysis as well. I had a really really up off season in general this year which isn’t saying much as I’ve only played 6 times. Kids, life, and spending time at the gym all take away from the time to actually go play. I appreciate all of the feedback thus far
  8. I won’t quote the above posts just to save room but I would agree that I do have a slight toe-heavy weight balance in my swing. I’m extremely flat footed and I think it’s just a natural adaptation to generating ground force. Just a theory of course. Thanks for the reverse Rory. He at least looks normal on the right side of the ball finally!! Lol My back is a bit arched though but again I think it has to do with my flat feet to some degree. My miss is a block though, or a ball that just hangs out to dry slightly left (normally I’m a slight draw player...all clubs)
  9. Thanks everyone. I’ll be trying this out at home and of course watching videos online.
  10. > @MonteScheinblum said: > The issue is adding flex to trail knee and losing depth in pelvis in the backswing. Monte: do you have any drills or drill I can trial to try cure this? Should I address the ball initially with slightly more knee bend?
  11. No issues with ball flight other than sometimes “dipping” or leading too quickly with the lead hip which causes a delayed club head and open face....the result is always a push left.
  12. After getting this video I think I’ve experienced paralysis by analysis, however I’m concerned my face is rolling open too much?? This isn’t the greatest video quality and I could potentially text someone the “original” version where’s it’s maybe easier to zoom and slow it down. Thanks In advance for looking.
  13. I am selling my lightly used KBS C-taper shafts. These went in last February and I might have played 6 rounds with them. I recently swapped these for DG X7. I will not split the set; its all or none...sorry Details: - 2 - PW (9 shafts) + - 3 Wedges - no bent tips and these shafts could pass as new - Gold Pride grips. 5-PW and the 3 wedges have the grip align tape strip under the grip. The 4, 3 and 2 iron do not have the grip align strip under the grip as these shafts were added to my set after the fact. Most people re-grip but in case you didn't want to this is what you'd be gettin
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