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  1. Brand new left handed in the wrap Titleist TS3 8.5 driver head. Asking $SOLD CAD firm. Ships from Canada. Buyer to pay shipping fees and any PP Fees The driver head comes with a new head cover.
  2. These irons have survived the shockingly high amounts of tire kicking. Please only Inquire if you’re serious. I can’t believe I have to even post this. Bump.
  3. I actually wanted a new putter! No joke but I got the best numbers with this current putter when we did my putter fitting so I’m keeping it
  4. 1. Titleist 716 CB 2-PW - dynamic gold X7 shafts - 1 degree strong - standard length and lie - tour velvet 360 - 9 iron has small chunk missing from rear of hozzle - 2,3,4 irons were added after 5-pw initial build $900 USD for the set 2. Titleist SM6 wedges 50,54,58 - dynamic gold tour issue x100 - tour velvet 360 $245 USD for the set 3. Titleist TS3 8.5* Driver Head - Brand new in the wrap (warranty replacement for my caved TS3) - Includes brand new head cover - $300 USD All items are shipped from Canada and buyer is to pay shipping fees. Any questions please ask. More images can be provided.
  5. For all those who PMd me this past week I have just sent replies. For some reason I wasn’t getting notifications.
  6. it will be for sale once my new woods arrive. asking $145 CAD for it and it comes with headcover and the Diamana white 80x shaft
  7. My new irons will be showing up next week. Regrettably I have chosen to sell these as I don’t like sitting on spares if I don’t need them. These irons have been babied their whole lives. They originally came with X100s but I have since added the X7. Over the course of the years I also added the 2,3,4 and 5 irons (new) as I only ordered 6 through PW originally. I’m wanting $125 CAD per iron ($1125 for the set). The dollar fluctuates daily so for me to have a stable ask price I’m posting in Canadian dollars. I feel this price is reasonable given the following: - condition - X7 shafts - rare 2 iron If you don’t like the price then please move on. These are a niche set and fit a small segment of this audience. Anyone looking at these knows that X7s aren’t free. The 9 iron has a small chunk taken out of the back of the hozzle thanks to a rock fight. Irons are all bent 1 degree strong but are standard lie and length. Buyer to pay all shipping fees.
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