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  1. Are you able to post more pictures of the Barbados? I would appreciate it very much. Thanks!
  2. I have a Jumbo Tiger Shark on my SS 1.5 and love it. I got it used like that and almost took it straight down to the shop to get a different grip but decided to give it a shot. Haven't changed it yet.
  3. I had bought an used XG 1 that had some stains on the face that really annoyed me. I used hot water, dish soap, and one of those green scrubbers you use for dishes and it came out looking brand new with no ill effects.
  4. ToasT1125

    Corza Ghost

    I have to agree that this putter has turned my putting around this season. Like a lot of people, I do have trouble with distance control at times but short putts just seem easy. I actually look forward to getting on the green again as my putting was not enjoyable, even dreadful earlier this year. Yes, "the Indian not the arrow", but the Ghost has re-instilled that lost confidence. I don't game it every single round anymore, but when I feel I need some help, this is my go to.
  5. I grab what I think will feel good that day and go. I can play the same woods or irons for months or seasons on end, but I like a variety of putters.
  6. I would love these irons because I've never gamed Mizuno nor forged irons before. It would be a great opportunity!
  7. I haven't voted, and currently my '07 Burner is the longest driver I have ever been able to hit. But! I would love to give the G15 a shot as I've heard nothing but absolutely good things, especially after stalking around these forums for a bit now.
  8. Ohhh, this would be sweet. Thanks for the awesome opportunity GolfWRX!
  9. These would be the coolest looking sticks ever to be put in my bag. Even if I shoot a 100 with them, I would still look awesome doing it!
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