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  1. Update here. I have continued pursing this new setup with my weight forward, and the bottom of my pendulum just a bit after the ball (a the slightest bit of downstroke as opposed to the upstroke that we've all been told to do). Result: My putting has improved dramatically. I've never had more confidence in my life over a ball. I don't think I've missed anything inside 4 feet in several rounds. I'm sinking more 10-20 footers that I have at any point in my life. Everything is on my intended target and my distance control on longer putts has never been more consistent. Dead serious that you guys struggling should try this.
  2. A story only a GolfWRXer could have... Teed off in the rain, it REALLY picked up on the first hole as a heavy band came through and i was absolutely drenched.. stood under a tree for 10 minutes left of the fairway until the rain let up a bit.. it was just a light, manageable rain the rest of the way. Grinded 5 bogeys in a row, then a double.. Not my best effort going on, but at least I was getting the exercise I was looking for. Then on the 7th I made a 20 footer for par.. my first par of the round.. Okay.. Then on the par 3 8th, I hit a 7 iron 6 feet above the hole, birdie down.. Okay. On a tough par 4 9th, I hit a 5-iron 12 feet pin high, left the birdie an inch short, but par Okay. 6 more pars on the back (3 more birdie chances from 10-15 feet that didn't go down), +3. 39 personal best for 9 holes. 81 personal best round all-time. Walking in the rain is okay.
  3. I was planning on walking 18 as soon as my nurse wife gets home from work in about 20 minutes.. Looks like I got light steady shower from this dang hurricane for the next several hours. I don't really have golf rain gear, but I really don't care - I haven't hit a ball in nearly two weeks for various reasons and I've been targeting this window since Wednesday when league was cancelled for the other tropical storm. Temps are fine at 81 and should hold high 70s before end of round. Do it? or will I be terribly regretting it within a few holes?
  4. Being able to swing the club and observing someone else swing the club are nearly two completely different skillsets. There's NFL head coaches, coordinators, and position coaches with only a handful of collegiate snaps a low levels.. Bill Belichick was a mediocre tight-end at tiny Wesleyan University and he can coach the intricacies of every defensive position better than any other person alive. Would you want him coaching your 16-year old son or Lawrence Taylor?
  5. I can make this shot as well, but I feel like the margin of error is much smaller on faster greens. You can get away with little mistakes more on slower greens.
  6. NCAA College Basketball Tournament every single year.. There are very good teams ranked 30th-50th in the country (by metrics used by Vegas bookmakers) that get pushed out of the tournament for teams ranked in the 200s based on the rules of qualification. Good teams in the toughest conferences get punished the most. The Big Ten had two Top 30 teams miss the tournament in 2020 (Purdue 24th, Minnesota 27th in Kenpom) In 2018, Penn State were 19th and were left out, they went on to win the NIT. Yes, they deserved to be in the championship tournament over the 312th ranked North Carolina Central that went 19-16 and lost their Play-In game to 243rd ranked Texas Southern by 18 points. But those are the rules made by the governing body. I personally think the rules are yet another NCAA blunder and the tournament would have significantly more competitive games/buzzer beaters/upsets if they just put the best 64 teams in, but hey whatever.
  7. What was the yardage and slope from the tees you hit? I have three local courses that I would legit be proud of breaking 80 on (yet to do it, 82 my best).. From the Whites they are.... 70.8/122 6464 yards (Par 73) - i have a 41 on the par 37 front 9 here, considered one of the tougher in the area for accuracy demanded and undulating greens. 71.1/119 6652 - Long hilly course, forgiveness on missed drives, I have two 40s here, one during my 82. 68.5/126 5974 - Short, but very tight and woodsy. Accuracy demanded on most holes. Well respected around here for its difficulty as there's lost ball potential on most holes. I have an 82 here as well. There's some shorter holes but you absolutely must hit it straight. It's a sister course to the one I'll mention below. There's one area course that is 68.1/113 5929 from the whites.. I don't play it because I don't want my first 79 to be there. It has the reputation as the easiest course in the area and among my buddies as a "kiddie course". Lots of wide fairways, big greens, short par 4s and 5s and very few penal areas. I shot an 87 here once when I was a 20+ cap. Me shooting a 79 would just get ridicule from my crowd and not considered legit until I do it one of the first three.
  8. The fact you've been in 10 shouting matches on the golf course tells me you were no innocent bystander in this, no matter what the courts say. You sound a bit more like an instigator that had a final outcome that was inevitable - someone breaking the law to shut you up.
  9. I feel like this can definitely done, but it needs to be practiced and worked on hard like any other swing change. Doing it one or two spots in a round? Disasterous.
  10. Haha, I see how it came off, but it was meant to encompass all of those who lived before him.
  11. From the funniest man that ever lived.... "What? I don't believe you! Are you telling me? Are you trying to tell me that guy, that that guy worth 6 billion, are you telling me the world's greatest athlete worth 6 billion, that super charismatic handsome dude, likes to lie down with ladies? I don't buy it! It doesn't make any sense!"
  12. When I worked 12 hours rotational shifts I used these a ton. Not so much since I went to M-F.
  13. Yeah and anyone good enough to win the Olympics is already a superstar getting massive endorsements for playing 30 events a year. Olympic gold barely changes anything at all. The money and exemptions from winning The Players trumps all of that.
  14. How people perceived Earl raised Tiger and how Earl actually raised Tiger were not the exact same thing. He committed the perfect balance of hardness, discipline, and love. Having a piece of clay like Tiger that became addicted golf helps. 2006: The man who molded a legend: earl woods | Golfweek (usatoday.com)
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