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  1. For sale is my Cobra RadSpeed head only. Will include adapter and head cover. Pictures show condition. Asking $250USD shipped North America. Shipping is from Canada via CanPost. If shipping is within Canada, will discuss options via DM. God Bless Jer
  2. I know Hexcel has provided carbon fiber material to other manufacturers, but this is the first time I can remember their Hextow material specifically being named. Similar to Hzrdus T1100 using Toray fiber. God Bless Jer
  3. Also looks like a new forward CG fairway wood too.
  4. Based on the WL7530-P3K-E001 Woodland 7.5* 3* open P3K? E001?
  5. I've used DGSL X100 off and on in the driver and three wood. When tipped properly, it doesn't feel much different then the Diamana BB103X. Played at 43.5" and 44". Still have a few shafts laying around just in case... God Bless Jer
  6. Best way is to pull grip and hope the etching/sticker is there. God Bless Jer
  7. I think not having fans on the course won't have such a negative impact as most seem to be implying here. The course will be quiet. No more cheering from the gallery. The players won't know what is going on except for the advert boards through out the course, if they are put up at all. KFT doesn't always have a ton of fans and they still go low on an empty track. Seen it many times on the PGA Tour Canada as well. God Bless Jer
  8. One of the leading investment cast companies in North America. God Bless Jer
  9. Definitely tighter/more stable then any other tour/proto/retail hybrid shaft I've hit. The only thing that would come close is when I tipped an OG Brunswick .350 X flex Rifle 3" and shimmed it in a hybrid. Without question, it feels like nothing else I've ever gamed. Really wanting to try the FW version in my 3 wood. God Bless Jer
  10. I'm not sure why all the anti-left comments. I didn't find it anti-left at all. With that being said, I didn't find it anti-right either. This shaft was my favourite, and best surprise of 2019. God Bless Jer
  11. Already pulled and re-installed in another head. Haven't hit it in the new head, but quite impressed how easy it was to work with. Wish they'd make a heavier version. God Bless Jer
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