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  1. epic flash 3 fwy head sold. Thanks cowboycobby. Make me offers on the Ventus 7x shaft.
  2. It’s been awhile since I’ve been active on BST. Second kid will do that to you! Anyways looking to find a more forgiving/higher launching 3w as I don’t play much anymore and the since our move, the courses here in my area require a softer landing approach into par 5’s to hold the greens. 1)First up is my custom ordered Callaway Epic flash 3 wood 15 degree with the real deal Fujikura Ventus Blue 7x w/ Velocore (not OEM stock offering shaft) playing 42.5 inches/ D3 SW and a new TV midsize grip logo down. No sky marks or dents, only the usual played ball marks on the face and sole fr
  3. Moving the heavier weight forward knocked down the spin a ton when I was fitted into my F9. For some reason too, this club likes the ball teed lower, which gave me better launch numbers
  4. Well it's been a good but humbling experience getting re-fitted again this past week (it's been 3 years since my last full bag fitting). I guess becoming a dad and getting in less rounds/year means a much less grooved swing and changes in the way I deliver the club. What a difference 10 grams lighter in my irons did for my ball flight and shot window. (Do I even lift anymore haha?) With new irons/woods to be ordered, the extras and backups must go. All items will be shipped USPS Priority 2-3 with tracking and insurance after Paypal received. I will give preference and discounts to those buye
  5. With the lighter iomic grip 65 g vs even the lightest SS pistol GTR grip at like 69 g, you should feel the putter head a little more. I used to be a faithful SS Pistol GTR tour grip user, but switched to Iomics for more feel and less grip weight. > @2me said: > For those of you who have swapped out the Superstroke for a lighter grip, did you notice any change to how the putter felt or performed? I’d like to change mine to an iomic 65g but I’m worried it will change how the putter feels. It feels pretty balanced now with the SS.
  6. GLWS. I'm getting fitted next week at club champion, and have a feeling I will be having a BST sale unloading current clubs to make room for the newly fitted ones afterwards as well.
  7. I think it must have been a miscommunication here and it's unfortunately the OP had said experience, but as noted above, I would say the majority of the customer interactions with Will has been positive. I, for one have had nothing but the best customer service and prompt communication via email from Will and I've been purchasing clubs/shafts from him for the last 3 years. YMMV I guess
  8. > @ruffellprefley said: > Anyone compare this Accra tz6 with a VA Raijin? I honestly don't know, they may be apples and oranges and it could be a stupid question, but with all the great buzz about the Accra I'm curious but don't want to pay the fitting fee just to try it out . As it so happens, I'm getting fitted this week at Club Champion, I definitely will ask to try out the TZ6 along with the VA Raijin and new Fujikura Ventus shafts as well. Will report back on my experience with these new hot shafts for this year.
  9. They finally opened a club champion location near me so needless to say I am booked for a fitting in 2 weeks! Hopefully this should tone down the hoe'ing clubs and shafts for a bit at least. As per the wife, I have to unload more golf stuff if there's a chance I will be fitted into different clubs! She's tired to seeing golf club shaped boxes showing up on a regular basis at the front door! As always, I will ship USPS Priority with tracking and insurance after PayPal has been received. Please let me know if you think any of the prices are out of line. I will discount further if you are interes
  10. I would be all over this if I already didn't have 3 Titleist bags at home. My wife would kill me lol! GLWS.
  11. Guess you went with the lower lofted F9 good sir? I can vouch for this driver head and golfwrx'er. Good communication and quick payment Basically brand new. GLWS. B)
  12. Haha "Need to move these quickly before wife gets back in town". We've all been there good sir. That's why there are always golf club boxes in the trunk of my car lol. GLWS.
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