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  1. Just picked up a brand new FB 5.5 here in Canada. Very excited to game it!!
  2. I have the STZ 3 wood and it’s great. I cancelled the 5 wood order yesterday as it’s been in order here in Canada for over a month and was told that I’m looking at another month before it arrives.
  3. Just curious. Are all allocations for this putter completely sold out, or it’s still available via some Titleist reps?
  4. owu23

    Apex Pro 21

    Apex pro 21s have been insanely good for me. I finally sold my Z745s and as I may have posted in another thread, the acoustics are pretty good too. Way better outside than when hitting balls in an indoor sim. these irons are legit and had it not been for my fitting session, I would have never even tried them!! I am glad I did!!
  5. Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? What model? Yes, Ventus Blue 7X in Driver - What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? Red 8 TX - What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? Mizuno STZ 5 Wood
  6. Thanks. Which shaft did you end up going with?
  7. Looking to order a custom STZ 5W here in Canada. Can any of you, who have recently ordered STZ fairway advise on what you are seeing as wait times?
  8. So I picked up STZ 15 deg fairway wood locally. Put it in play yesterday with a Motore X F3 7s and it is hands down the best fairway wood I have ever hit. Turned it down 1 notch and just hit straight high bombs. I am surprised to see how easy it is to hit off the turf. safe to say my G425 Max 3 wood and hybrid will be up for sale shortly here in Canada. now I need to find a good deal on STZ 5 wood:)
  9. I got the Smoke Blue RDX 70 in my Sim 2 and i did not like it. The kick at impact felt weird and i could not use this shaft in my Gamer. Put the Ventus in and now all is well
  10. IMO It is worth it. But really comes down to the fitter. I have gone to Ian (TXG) since he was at Modern Golf and then started TXG. While his rates are totally out of my price range, i have had huge success with him. He is insanely knowledgeable with the equipment but then equally knowledgeable with the golf swing.
  11. St190g with Ventus blue 7x
  12. I just sold my Ping g425 max. I tried to love it with stock shaft and a Ventus Blue and just couldn’t do it. im back to playing my Mizuno driver that just flat out performs. might look at a Sim2 as I love how it sits at address and the acoustics
  13. Just got told by the local retailer that the ship date now pushed to June 15th for 3 wood and hybrid. Original order date was April 2 and the reason i got was due to the Tensei shafts.
  14. I might be in a minority but I’m having a terrible time with the 425 max with Tour 75 x shaft. it got so bad that I took out my Mizuno ST190G with Ventus Blue mid round last week and started hitting straight shots again. I’ll try the MAx with a new Ventus that’s coming in to see whether the shaft makes a difference in delivering the club to the ball
  15. I have a similar issue and the below video from AMG really helped clarify the role of arms and wrist vs shoulder turn
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