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  1. Full agreement on all points. It probably trumps Bethpage Red for me. Played it for the first time this August and really enjoyed my round. If I lived anywhere on the far east end of LI I would play there often. Had to rent clubs so I would love to give it a proper go with my own gear. My one bone to pick would be that there were no yardage markers that I could find anywhere. No poles, no discs in the ground and no yardages on sprinkler caps. Really missed my rangefinder that day.
  2. Always good to look over lists like this to remind me how many great golf courses are out there for me to see. Sadly, I've only been to 2, bethpage black and Harbour town. And obviously, there is no comparison. In fact I'd probably put Lighthouse Sound in Ocean City above Harbour Town but I'm probably in the minority there. Going to try to get to Pinehurst to check a few of these boxes if they have another one of those deals again in February. Kids have a habit of getting in the way of these plans however
  3. Yes, Snell ball good. Considerable distance gains over my other usual ball the Kirkland 3 piece. I use primarily the MTB X but have used the black to good effect as well. I believe you can get a sample pack that features both of Snell's premium offerings.
  4. Willow ridge was recently taken over by the town of Harrison. The few people I know who have played it said it was nothing to write home about. I believe they are currently closed. I may have read somewhere that they are going to have membership similar to what they do in Rye. I'm not sure anything is set in stone. I can't speak for St Andrews.
  5. @labgolf Is there any way to find out about factory seconds? Saw nothing on the website.
  6. Thank you! Makes sense. Not the strongest metal.
  7. Put this in the club tech forum and got no bites. Figured I'd try here. Have a odyssey arm lock putter. I believe the lie angle to be 70. I prefer to have it more upright. Can it be bent? If so, how many degrees? If not, can the shaft be changed out to a more upright one? Thanks for any help. Ron.
  8. Quick question about my Odyssey double wide armlock putter. Checking the web, it appears to have a 70 degree lie angle. I'd like it more if I can get it more upright. Can it be bent? If so, how many degrees? If not, can it be reshafted to a more upright angle? Thanks a ton. Ron.
  9. 2 questions if you don't mind. I have a Juanputt and I like it very much. Obviously, it has about a ten degree lie angle. Is it legal to hold it completely vertical and putt? Certainly part of the bottom would not be lying on the ground. I saw on the last page some discussion about using it from the fringe. I've been using it regularly from off the green with a croquet stroke. My understanding is since I'm off the green, its legal. Am I correct?
  10. Friends, I too, am golfing the Mighty Harbour town on 3/30. Looking very forward to it. Obviously, it costs what it costs. I've gotten approval from the wife to get one other round of golf while in HH. Can anyone recommend a decent track for around a hundred bucks? Is that possible? Hate to go by GolfNow reviews. Thanks all, Ron
  11. 4 hours at Clearview!?!!!?! Didn't think it was possible.
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