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  1. Friends, I too, am golfing the Mighty Harbour town on 3/30. Looking very forward to it. Obviously, it costs what it costs. I've gotten approval from the wife to get one other round of golf while in HH. Can anyone recommend a decent track for around a hundred bucks? Is that possible? Hate to go by GolfNow reviews. Thanks all, Ron
  2. 4 hours at Clearview!?!!!?! Didn't think it was possible.
  3. Courses opened today south of 287. Got an email saying all city courses are open as well.
  4. Great thank you Slug for the write up
  5. Thank you for the information! Sounds good. It was so hard to get tee times last year. Normally I golf as a single and 930 is my usual time after the kids go on the bus. A few more quick ones if you don't mind. There doesn't seem to be a driving range there. Is there a place to work on short game? Am I allowed to walk? Can you bring guests? I'll probably have to call for this one but do they have junior clinics? Kids are 10 and 7 and seem interested in the golf. Thanks again. Greatly appreciated
  6. Thanks! I'm looking at a weekday membership. How full is the tee sheet most weekday mornings? What's the pace of play generally? Is the course in decent shape? Nice members? I live 30 minutes from Rye and have never played it. I'd be going in blind. Basically any CC in the 914 is out of my price range. This certainly is manageable.
  7. thank you for the bump. I live in Westchester and am looking around now. Can anyone speak about their experience at Rye or Mahopac CC??
  8. Happy to see some conversation about this. My instinct was it's best data would be launch angle and ball speed. Seems I wasn't far off. I suspected the spin would be different on the 2 drivers. Did not realize that launch angle would be different as well. What confused me was how accurate it was in terrible conditions. My normal 8 iron goes about 150 and today it was 130. I was aiming to a flag 125 from me. The numbers it spit out were spot on so it has to have some ability to process atmospheric conditions. Even if it's not perfect, as long
  9. At my local driving range, you can pay a few extra bucks and get shot data from Toptracer. Never used one before and it inspired a few questions from my session. Player A uses a 8 degree driver. He hits up 2 degrees on the ball. Player B uses a 12 degree driver. He hits down 2 degrees on the ball. Assuming all other variables are equal, are both the shots the same? Toptracer has a bunch of info you are given. Spin is not one of them. Is there a way to figure out the approximate spin on a drive looking at other numbers? How do the elements affe
  10. Waiting for the clinic before signing up is what I did, and considering that you're seeing him in February I would sign up now. You get a online lesson upon sign up (or at least used to) and that will get you started on the right track. Clinics are a different animal, you'll be doing short game stuff, full swing, playing with hack motion and pressure mats and ending up on the golf course. Obviously you'll be there with 7 other golfers so while you will certainly get one on one instruction, its not like he'll be standing over your shoulder for 3 days straight. Not to mention, for
  11. Welcome to Putnam county NY. If you're coming here in a few weeks should be a beautiful time up here. The Garrison is my favorite course in Putnam. There's a rumour that they are turning it into a 9 hole course in the next few years so get to it now if you can. Some spectacular views of w est point from many holes. My favorite course in that part of the world is the links at unionvale. Probably about 30-40 minutes to the northeast from you. Well worth the drive. You'll need to book a tee time well in advance if you want to play it.
  12. ronw04


    Does anyone know how often BOGO offers happen in a year? Trying to figure out how many boxes to buy. First time gaming the Z Star XV. Fantastic ball. Will try the q star in the next few days.
  13. Interesting, you know if he advocates keeping his hands that close with the driver as well?
  14. Like many 20 odd handicap golfers I overestimate my ability off the deck with a 3 wood. I'd be well advised to sage that for far simpler shots.
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