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  1. Thanks Dirthead. I think I'll at least go down to Dicks and get an inversion table for the house. They don't cost a fortune so it won't hurt to try it.
  2. I have a herniated disk at L4/L5 and two buldging disk. I had my left hip resurfaced 4 years ago. I thought this new pain had something to do with the hip resurfacing or that my right hip was going bad. I went back to the hip surgeon and shot xrays. The hip looked fine but he told me that I should have my spine looked at (I recall he told me about my spine when we initially discovered my bad hip). Had an MRI with the spine doc and found the herniated disk and buldging disk. I went through two round of steroid pills and am going in Tues Sept. 3rd for a steroid injection. I'm pretty su
  3. I'll be there Friday. Such a sweet Golf course. You'll find me in the group following C. Kerr.
  4. Hi, Not looking to be perfect, but near perfect. I have KBS Steel Tour Par-x flex shaft in my irons 5.35 flex (pitching wedge) which I believe is a regular shaft. I want to buy Cleveland custom wedges and don't know which KBS shaft, or flex, to put in the wedges. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. CatBox

    Baby Blades

    sblack5, the irons have KB STE KB Steel Tour Par-X shafts as well as The Little One. By the way, just got back from the Range and another session with The Little One. My titleist 913 D3 is loaded with the Mitsubishi Fubuki K Series, 913F has the Grafal Blue SC 60. I'm onboard with all this stuff matched and tuned for my swing. Quite a ways from the old days of Balata balls and sticks with Stiff, Regular and Ladies shafts.
  6. CatBox

    Baby Blades

    Sorry, thought I uploaded under my first post. The practice iron is called "The Little One" and is made by PSP Golf. It's about half the size of my 4 iron. Pretty much no room for a miss. This about the only golf "aid" I have ever bought. It's no gimmick. Google it.
  7. CatBox

    Baby Blades

    Just received my new Baby Blades yesterday. Managed to get in a quick 9 yesterday evening. I love these irons. What's cool is the practice iron I also bought. It's make to match my 7 iron specs. If you think the BB's are small. You should hit the practice iron a few times. D' Lance Golf in Denver, Colorado built the iron, matched the shafts and reshafted my hybrid and Woods. I dropped some serious Sugar but its was all worth it.
  8. Just ordered the 1957 small blades 4-pw from D'Lance Golf in Denver. Three long weeks to wait. Oh well, guess I'll just work on the short game till then.
  9. I should get my Hogan Apex blades back from the Iron Factory this week. I'm stoked.
  10. I played HS Golf with David at Edmond, OK high school. Danny was a few years older and already at Okie State. Danny would occasionally take David and I to tournaments. David would get a good nights sleep while I was out playing poker all night in someone else's room. David usually got up and won the tournament. I know Danny raced cars and wouldn't be surprised if David has also. David opened Kartsen Creek GC in Stillwater and I suppose he's still there.
  11. Potuna, I see the Orthopedic Surgen July 2nd at Panorama in Golden, Colorado. I've been doing Physical Therapy which has really loosened up the muscles which seems to me have been protecting my left hip. I really feel the pain in the hip now. I've had x-rays and I've got bone on bone and spurs. If necessary (and I don't know what else will fix the problem), I'll have the hip resurfacing procedure as soon as possible. In anticipation, I've arranged to ship my 97' Hogans to the Iron Works in Grand Junction, Colorado for a 100% complete redo. Taking the old Hogan Apex 4 shafts out and repl
  12. I've decided to send the 97' Hogan blades to the Iron Works in Grand Junction, Co. I'm going to have the irons completely redone plus put in rifle 5.0 shafts. I've been playing Hogans since Jr. High (60's) occasionally switching to Titleist irons. I alway come back to the Hogans. They are going to be so purdy when I get them back it might be hard to play them. But I certainly will. Anyone else have experience with the Iron Works?
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