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  1. Would be curious to know. My TS3 driver weight is stuck in the head and now has a very distinct rattle in the sole.
  2. Thank You! This is perfect @Howard_Jones , I will throw the head on the scale tomorrow and see what total head weight is then measure the depth of the drilled out area, playing length is 35" and I am installing a KBS Tour Stiff shaft.
  3. Thanks the issue is not that weight was removed removed the head it’s how to reshaft it without filling the space with epoxy and throwing the swing weight way heavy. I’ve tried to epoxy with out filling the space and it did not set well.
  4. Need some suggestions or input here please. I purchased a tour issued Vokey 58k and after pulling the shaft notice that the hosel is drilled out at a smaller diameter for aprox another 1" past where the shaft normally seats (1.5"). Not sure if this may have been done to add/remove head weight but to fill the space with epoxy put the swing weight out into the E2 range and did not create the best bond for the shaft either. The shaft I pulled out was an NS Pro Modus tour only shaft and it did not appear there was anything added to fill the space or extra epoxy down in the hole. This is the first
  5. Was logged in at 11am edt and still missed out on the bag but got the cover and the polo. Cinco De Mayo is my wedding anniversary so I had a hall pass to spend money, should have known the bag would be sold out. Better luck next year.
  6. @RH1 I had the reciprocal membership which was a little more but could play river place and a few others. It was around $350 a month then. But it is worth going to tour and see where there rates are.
  7. Check out Twin Creeks in Cedar Park, TX. It is not far up the way from there and a great place. Wife and I were members for 2 years prior to moving to Ohio last year and loved it. We are in the same age demographic and fit in at this club. They had lots of events and the staff is great.
  8. Those came out great, thanks for posting.
  9. I play C-Taper s 120 in my irons 4-p and KBS Tour S iron shafts in my 52,56,60 and love them.
  10. Waiting for my Gen2 19* to be shipped. Love all the positive feedback on this club, cant wait to get it.
  11. I've never broke par in an 18 hole round and I will now show you the blueprint on how to do that. 33-43 was my first time under par for 9 holes I have since followed suit over the past few years with 32-44 and 33-39. I played in the Myrtle Beach world am in 2019 and had a 21 shot swing from round 1 to round 2, nothing like firing an opening round 73 then imploding with a 94!
  12. First a PXG sale and now this, must resist MC-501's....
  13. I ended up getting a Gen2 XF 4i in black to use for a driving iron and the Gen2 19* hybrid. Great discount on the equipment but $65 for shipping made me choke on my beer.
  14. Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4 is pretty awesome. Got one from Golf Galaxy prior to covid-shutdown and they let me use the $50 off of $250 coupon, have walked 8 rounds with it so far and love it.
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