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  1. Note, the irons and the Cobra 5w face look a little weird in the photos; they were just wiped down with a damp cloth before taking the shots and there's some moisture/residue there. Sorry about that!
  2. A couple items for sale today as I have experimented way way way too much lately. I need to fund some travel; I’m hoping to play golf in Scotland this fall for the first time ever! All prices include shipping within the CONUS via USPS. I will ship outside the lower 48 at buyers expense. Cash is king, but I will accept some very limited trades (interests for trades listed at bottom of ad), feel free to make offers but I have tried to price everything aggressively. On to the fun: Mizuno MP-20 HMB 5-PW, modus 120 stiff hardstepped 1x, +0.5” over standard, standard loft/lie, D2 swingweight MCC +4 blue grips. These have BB&F GT-40 ferrules that look amazing. These were built for me by a great club builder and gamed for a season. The PW and 8i show the most wear, still 8.5/10 condition. $700 shipped $650 Shipped Mizuno MP-20 MMC/HMB Combo 6-PW (6,7 HMB, 8-PW MMC) w/ Tour Issue X100, +0.25” over standard, standard loft/lie, CP2 Wrap grips. I gamed these for the last few months after switching out of the HMB’s. They are fantastic and reminded me how good dynamic gold shafts are. Bag chatter and normal wear and tear, nothing too crazy 8/10 condition. $620 shipped $550 shipped Titleist TSi2 5w 18* w/ Tensei AV Raw White 75 X flex and TV Align grip, Standard L/L/L. I bought this as part of my 2021 5w experiment and it just barely missed the cut. Excellent stick, not much wear and tear other than a few sandy ball marks on the face. $200 shipped. SOLD Titleist TS3 23* Hybrid w/ Tensei Pro Orange 80 stiff. Another experiment that didn’t quite work as expected. This came from Titleist Japan and was 100% built by Titleist. Has a ball mark high on the face (hit a flyer lie out of the rough) that is a bit ugly but CANNOT be seen from address. TV+4 grip. I just find the Ping hybrids to fit me better. $160 shipped $150 shipped Taylormade DHy 4 iron w/ Nippon Modus GOST tour stiff, TV +4 grip. I really love this shaft but never quite got along w/ this club. This is another stick that came from Japan and was built by Taylormade japan. I wish it fit me better! $180 shipped $170 shipped Ping G410 17* 2 hybrid w/ Atmos Blue Tour Spec 8s shaft, MCC +4 grip. I used this last season instead of a 5w but have switched back to a 5w this year and don’t want this lying around tempting me. It's an amazing hybrid and in great shape. Standard L/L/L as far as I know. $180 shipped $170 shipped SOLD PXG 4 hybrid 22* w/ both a Tensei Pro Blue 80x and a KBS Tour Proto Hybrid 85s. Bit of a long story on this one; I sold this on here a few months ago but it was returned to me as the Tensei Pro Blue that was included was shorter than standard length (i purchased second hand last year). As such I took it back and bought the KBS shaft (which plays standard length) to test it out again. It's a very very nice and solid sounding hybrid but again I have more success w/ the Pings. Includes the top end PXG headcover and BOTH shafts (note the Tensei will play shorter) for you to tinker with. KBS has midsize MMC grip, Tensei has MCC+4 standard grip. Very good condition. $220 shipped SOLD Nike Janowski Golf shoes white/blue size 13 - I bought these brand new from a legit ebay seller and unfortunately they are way too narrow for my wide foot. Basically brand new other than me trying them on for about 10 minutes in the house. $70 shipped Taylormade MySpider X flow neck 35.5” w/ P2 grip. This was a gift from my (very recently) ex-girlfriend. You know the drill, I just don’t want to be reminded of her every time I miss a 3-footer for bogie. Excellent condition (9.9/10) and a fantastic putter. This has the flow neck and short sightline (only available with a MySpider) and a very nice P2 Aware tour grip. $280 shipped Cobra Speedzone 5 wood w/ HZRDUS Blue RDX 70 6.0 stiff shaft. I think this one plays ¼” or ½” short, but I can measure if needed. TV+4 grip. Another excellent 5w that didn’t quite make the cut for me, but performs awesome. This new HZRDUS shaft is legit, I never really liked them until this one. Anyhow, this one is in good shape but does have a small scratch on the crown (tried to capture photo, but difficult to get it) that cannot be seen at address. $150 shipped. SOLD Trade interests: as mentioned i will consider trades, either full or partial with cash in either direction. I’m picky and only interested in a couple things at the moment, listed below in order of priority/interest: Ventus velo Black (or Blue) 7x w/ Titleist fairway adapter (should play standard 3w length, will also consider a 7s) TSi3 9 driver setup w/ AV Raw White or Ventus velocore Black or Blue (or other high-end shaft setups) Taylormade 300 mini driver or Original One mini driver in 11.5 loft (flexible on shaft options) Ping G425 22* Hybrid w/ Tensei Pro Orange Ventus velo Blue 6x or 6s w/ Taylormade adapter for driver (already have the black) that plays around 45” Flightscope Mevo (the basic one) SIM UDI 2 iron w/ Thump, Tensei White or similar shaft (prefer stiff) Evnroll ER2B 35” Ping Fetch, AXIS-1 Rose, Odyssey 2 ball or other high-MOI mallets w/ good alignment @ 35” Vokey SM8 Raw or NCW 48* or 60* wedges (prefer M, T or L grind for Vokey 60) pin 8/2
  3. Hey guys - lots of experiments that didn't quite make the cut. I'm a ho fo sho, but happy to pass on some good deals to my fellow WRX-ers. All prices include shipping via USPS within the CONUS; I can ship to EU, Canada, or just about anywhere else at buyers expense. Payment via paypal or local pickup (i'm fully vaxxed!) is all I'll accept with the exception of a couple trade interests listed at the bottom of my post. On to the good stuff: 1. Mizuno T20 Raw 54* wedge w/ Tour Issue S400 shaft and GP ZGrip. Standard L/L/L, i'm a sucker for raw wedges and this one looks/feels great. I'm just a little more comfortable with my vokeys and zipcore. Great condition for the grooves, etc. $100 2. PXG Gen 2 22* hybrid w/ Tensei Blue 80x and GP MCC+4 blue grip. Standard L/L/L as far as I know (i bought this 2nd hand) Amazing condition and really solid sounding/feeling hybrid. Doesn't quite beat my trust Ping hybrid though. Includes the super nice leather headcover. $180 SOLD 3. Titleist TS3 13.5* Fairway w/ Evenflow White 75 6.0 shaft and GP MCC+4 gray grip. Standard L/L/L. My gamer for a while, but in pristine shape. I moved on to the TSi3. $160 4. Titleist TSi2 15* fairway HEAD ONLY. I do have a couple shaft options for this, but I'd like to keep them as backups (Pro Orange and Pro Blue) for now. PM me if you're really in need of one of those to go with this and we can discuss. Head is in good shape, with some face wear and a small pinhead sized knick on the crown. Nothing really visible from address. Also has 2-3g of neutral hotmelt for sound. $180 SOLD 5. Callaway Super Hybrid 20* w/ Tensei Pro Orange 80x and GPP MCC+4 blue grip. Killer hybrid that was also in my bag for a while; its basically a 7 wood as it flights pretty high. Doesn't quite fit my gaps, but these are popular for a reason. Very good condition and includes headcover; note the green you see on the bottom is from a driving range matt and some residue from a stick, can be cleaned off. Standard L/L/L $180 6. Callaway Epic Forged 4 iron w/ Steelfiber i110x and GP MCC+4 blue grip. If you ever wanted to hit your 4 iron past your buddies 3 wood this is a great place to start. I love the feel of this club but I straight up hit it too far and the shaft isn't a great fit for me. Standard L/L/L $150 7. Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt Rangefinder. This was in my bag for YEARS. I take good care of my stuff so its in great working order. Its an older model but still works just fine. I upgraded to a Garmin this year and don't need 2 rangefinders. $100 SOLD 8. Titleist U500 4 iron w/ Tensei Pro White hybrid 90s and Tour Velvet +4 grip. Awesome stick, but I am finally learning that I'm just better with hybrids and not a good enough ball striker for utility irons. Standard L/L/L My loss, your gain. $180 9. Rogue Silver 130msi 60 Tour Stiff (ts) w/ Taylormade adapter and Tour Velvet +4 grip 44.25" long from end of grip to tmade tip. I really like this shaft and will keep it if I don't get my asking price $160 10. Evenflow White 60g 6.5 shaft w/ Taylormade adapter and Tour Velvet +4 grip 44.75" long from end of grip to tmade tip - $100 Trade Interests: As promised I do have some specific trade interests. Note that if its not listed here, I probably won't want to trade, but feel free to try me for similar or otherwise interesting stuff. Cash in either direction depending on value: Taylormade Original One Mini 11.5 head only or w/ shaft Ventus Blue Velocore shaft for Titleist fairway or Taylormade driver Tsi3 9* driver w/ raw white Ts2 16.5 head only SIM2 or SIM2 Max head only SM8 Raw Wedges (60M, 60L, 50-12) Ping G410 or G425 22* hybrid Ping G425 17.5 5w w/ Tensei Raw Orange Mizuno MP-20 MB or MMC 5-PW Taylormade P770 5-pw Srixon 5/7 combo 5-PW Evnroll ER2B 35" Cameron Special Select Squareback 2 35" Cameron T22 (any) 35" pin 6/3
  4. Hey guys - lots to sell as my extra golf bags have filled up and my girlfriend glares at me every time another golf club box shows up. All prices include shipping via USPS in the CONUS. I can ship elsewhere at buyers expense. Trades may be considered, but I have very few specific things in mind; see the end of the listing for trade interests. Otherwise on to the good stuff: 1. Nike React Infinity Pro sz 13 - these are an awesome blue/volt colorway, but they are too narrow for my wide feet. I wore them to the driving range 2-3 times and they've been collecting dust ever since. No box. $60 shipped SOLD 2. HZRDUS Smoke Green Small Batch PVD w/ Taylormade tip 44.75" - amazing shaft and very stout. This is the 6.5 flex and not the 6.5TX flex so its a little more geared toward normal human beings. That being said I am just a Tensei guy and this couldn't beat my preferred orange or white. Green MCC+4 grip is in great shape. There are some minor paint chips near the tip; doesn't affect performance and this still looks amazing out in the sunlight. $180 shipped SOLD 3. Titleist Vokey SM7 Raw 54 - F grind w/ DG Tour Issue S400 - my gamer wedge for a long time, shows wear and has great patina but still tons of life left. I just moved to an SM8 56 for this season. Standard L/L/L and gray MCC+4 grip. $70 shipped SOLD 4. Callaway Apex Pro short set 5, 7, 9 irons - i bought this from Callaway CPO last year with the intention of taking them out to a local par 3 every now and then. I've only taken them to the driving range a couple times, the 5 and 7 iron are in near new condition. The 9 iron has some surface rust developing in the cavity. The 5 iron has a KBS Tour-V 120x shaft and the 7&9 irons both have Steelfiber i110 stiff shafts. I was going to swap out the 5 iron shaft eventually but have just lost interest in the project. MCC+4 grips in near new condition, standard L/L/L. $200 shipped SOLD 5. Taylormade 2019 P790 w/ Oban CT-115 Stiff 5-PW - amazing irons and I'm dumb for selling these. They are in great shape as the photos show; the face of the 5 iron and 8 iron are pictured; the 8 was my practice club and is in the "worst" condition of all. I'd rate these 8.5/10 easily. The shaft labels are peeling off a bit from going in/out of the bag, I tried to show this in the photos. The clubs have also been SST pured and were built by club champion. They are standard loft and lie but +1/2" long with gray MCC +4 grips. $800 shipped SOLD 6. Mizuno MP-18 Fli-Hi 4 iron w/ Steelfiber i110s - I am just a hybrid guy, I still am hanging on to a few other driving irons but I should probably sell all of them. This one is in great shape with a custom ferrule. Its really great looking at address imo; so much cleaner than a lot of the other big/chunky driving irons. $100 shipped 7. Ping G410 19* hybrid w/ Tensei Pro Orange 80 x - Awesome combo and the 19* head is well used (it was used with a different shaft for a full season+) while the shaft is relatively new. Looks great at address, but the face and sole show lots of wear. $135 shipped. SOLD 8. Cobra F9+ Tour 17.5 fairway head only - These are cult classics and for a very good reason. The rails are awesome of the fairway and out of the rough. I just bought the new Radspeed version so this head won't be used anymore. The new version performs almost identically so save yourself some $ and buy this gently used one instead. Head shows usage, face has some wear, crown/topline very clean. $125 shipped As mentioned trades will be considered; I've done several successful trades here and elsewhere. I'm only interested in a few specific items though. Here are things I'd consider in trade: Titleist fairway shafts - Tensei AV Raw Blue, Tensei CK Pro Blue, Ventus Velocore (either color) Taylormade driver shafts - Tensei AV Raw Orange, Ventus Velocore Blue Cobra fairway shafts - Tensei AV Raw Blue/White Evnroll ER-2B 35" Titleist Vokey SM8 Raw wedges (60-T, 54-M, 50-M) Cleveland Zipcore 48* wedge Titleist TSi3 fairway Titleist TSi3 driver Focal Celestee or Clear MG headphones Audeze LCD-2+ headphones pin 3/31
  5. The D+ is so good, I would actually take one of those in TX for trade as well (w/ TM tip) if anyone sees this and is itching to unload one. Or a PS5... The Mavrik and SIM are now SOLD!!
  6. I never got along with the GAPR, thanks though! RE: the shafts, yeah I love to tinker, lol. My gamer is a Tensei Raw White if anyone's curious
  7. Lots of great stuff up for grabs, I just need some space back and feel very settled into my bag and backup/alternate options. All prices include shipping via USPS in the CONUS. Trades may be considered, but only for specific items (see end of posting for trade interests); as always cash is king. I'm trying to price everything low so I can move this stuff on quickly and pass some good deals on to WRX. On to the goods! 1. Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero 4w 16.5* w/ Tensei Pro White 70 Stiff. This is an awesome stick but I am in a long term relationship with my TS2. Picked up at the beginning of the season and barely used; i could lie and tell you its brand new and you might believe me. I took it to the range 2-3 times and on the course once. It's got the boron tip Tensei PRO white 70 in stiff. Standard L/L/L, TV Cord grip, headcover included. $225 SOLD!! 2. SIM 4 Hybrid 22* w/ Evenflow Riptide Small Batch 85 Stiff. Great hybrid but I'm going back to a single hybrid and putting a 4 iron back in the bag next season. Gamed by me all season, face shows wear and there are some hairline scratches from catching a ball or two high on the face out of the rough. It can be seen in the photos, but I assure it's not visible at address. I think I have the headcover, but TBD. Standard L/L/L, GP TV +4 grip. $150 SOLD!! 3. Ping G410 LST 9* Head Only. Used about half a season, I'd call it 9/10 condition (couple minor scratches on sole, barely noticable) with a perfect crown/topline. I just moved to the SIM, this is an outstanding driver. Plenty of shaft options below, I will offer a small discount if you want to pair the head with one or more shafts, just PM me. No headcover (sorry) $280 SOLD PING G410 Shafts - All the following have Ping G410 tips installed; the length shown is measured from grip to tip while not installed in a head: 4. Tensei Pro White 60TX boron tip 44" TV Cord grip - $165 SOLD 5. Tensei Pro Orange 60TX 43.75" TV+4 grip - $165 (proto version, No W graphic or MR70 graphic, but same as retail PRO Orange) - REDUCED $150 SOLD 6. Kuro Kage XD 60X 44" TV+4 grip - $165 SOLD 7. Rogue White 130MSI 60 Stiff 44.25" TV grip - $125 SOLD 8. Atmos Black Tour Spec 7X 44.25" TV grip - $125 TRADED Taylormade Shafts - All the following have Taylormade OEM tips the length shown is measured from grip to tip while not installed in a head: 9. HZRDUS Yellow Handcrafted 6.0 (stiff) 63g 44.75" MCC grip - $125 REDUCED $100 10. Rogue White 130MSI 60X 44" TV grip - $125 SOLD Trade interests - as mentioned I will consider trades with cash in either direction but only for the following items: RTX 3080 or 3090 - lol seriously if anyone has one they want to part with let me know SM8 (or SM7) RAW 56M head only or built up w/ TI S400 Ventus velocore 6 blue (or black) driver shaft for Taylormade SIM UDI Ping G410 23 Crossover or G410 22 Hybrid Tensei Raw Orange driver shaft for Taylormade SIM Ti 3 wood TSi3 3w or Driver pin 1/9
  8. Is that a Point Break painting in the background? GLWS, don't Munson it
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