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  1. I’m ready to sell my M6, but then I’d have to hit my 4W in leu of a driver
  2. How I read the e-mail from Titleist was that you can pre-order starting today and that on 11/12 inventory will be in most golf shops. Most of us have already pre-ordered much earlier and are hoping to get them before the 11/12 official launch.
  3. I ordered mine thru my local club and they said it should be delivered/in hand on the 12th, I am in WNY. Hope it comes a little early tho, wanna try to get a few rounds in!
  4. AV RAW White for me, actually had a recent driver fitting for it and wouldn't mind a matching fairway shaft to go with it! Thanks
  5. Recently did a Titleist Thursday fitting for the new TSi drivers, last Titleist driver I gamed was a 913 D2. A little background on me, mid to high hdcp player, 7i for me goes about 150ish. Been gaming a M6 10.5 with my old faithful Proforce v2 Reg flex, never been fitted for any club before. I was fit into a TSi2 9* with the Tensei AV RAW White in 65g Stiff. Was hitting some absolute bombs with this combo, my misses were like a decent strike with my current setup and my good hits were dead straight with a draw (and I don't draw the ball at all). On good hits I was carrying around 23
  6. Cleaning out the closet, no trades at this time unless you have a Glide 2.0 or 3.0 54* wedge. Will ship out via USPS w/tracking per usual, Thanks 1) Puma Ignite Pwrsport Pro golf shoes in Black size 8. Great lightly used cond, as with all my gear I clean them off after every round so they stay fresh. No weird smells or stains etc. $45 shipped 2) Puma TitanTour golf shoes in White size 8, again great lightly use cond. Very clean with no cracks or heavy wear at all. $45 shipped 3) Brand new Puma P Snapback in Black, One Size Fits All $25 shipped
  7. Hi Guys, Just have one item today, only trades would be the same shoes (colorway could vary)/cond. in size 8.5 or a pair of Nike Infinity Tour's in 8.5. Thanks 1) Brand new pair of Nike Air Max 270 G Size 9. Only tried on brand spanking new, from the reviews I thought these ran a .5 size small but IMO they run true to size. They have been sold out for weeks on the Nike Store site, so here's a chance to get a pair and also save a few bucks. $OLD!
  8. Thanks man, have held onto it for the past few years in case I ever buy another SC. My Odyssey Black Series TD is just too damn good.
  9. Hi, Have two items up for sale, no trades at this time. Will ship out USPS w/tracking. Thanks 1) Scotty Cameron Greatest Hits blade headcover, like new/mint shape. No imperfections or wear, velcro is like new. These are pretty hard to come by now en days, 100% authentic. SOLD 2) Project X LZ Handcrafted (not made for) driver shaft. Specs are 5.5/LZ15/64g/3.8* tq/44.25" from tip to grip, comes with a like new MCC +4 grip and a Titleist driver tip. SOLD
  10. Hi Guys, Just have one item for sale, no trades at this time. Will ship USPS w/tracking, Thanks Taylormade M4 12* head only, in very good cond. No sky marks/chips or real bad imperfections, only some brush marks on the sole. Used for the past few seasons. No headcover, but can include a tool if you need it. SOLD!
  11. Hi Guys, Just looking to move some grips I have laying around, will ship out via USPS w/tracking. Thanks Lot of 8 Golf Pride grips (100% authentic) (5) MCC+4 Grips, Standard size, like new, no tape residue (3) NDMC Grips, Standard size, lightly used, minimal tape residue SOLD!
  12. Hi Everyone, No trades at this time, will ship out USPS w/tracking per usual. Thanks I have a great cond. Ping i25 4-UW irons Red dot w/Aerotech Steelfiber i95 Regular flex shafts that are PUREd and come with like new Lamkin Tour Cord grips (4i has a Superstroke grip). I will note that the UW was purchased separately, so it is not PUREd and is a Black dot but has the exact same shaft/grip as the others. These are in great shape for the age and were used not abused. Faces/soles are in good shape, no major damage or extreme wear etc. SOLD!
  13. Hi Guys, Just have two items today, will be shipping via USPS. No trades please, Thanks 1) Like new Swing Caddie SC300 launch monitor, no imperfections or damage to the screen, works flawlessly. Comes with charging cable and remote.SOLD! 2) Like new Taylormade GAPR Mid #4 21* with a Regular flex KBS 70 shaft. Used for a few indoor range session so no real wear except a few brush marks on the sole. Comes with original headcover as well.SOLD!
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