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  1. The TSi2 head shape hides it's longer/less rounded head well. I had a few sim sessions the past few days now that winter is finally here in WNY, all I can say is I am hitting some of my longest/straightest drives ever. I still take sim numbers with a grain of salt, but was hitting straight or tight draws on automatic (my regular shot shape is usually a cut) carrying about 240 totaling around 260 on my best hits. My old setup I would be happy to carry 220ish.
  2. Had what I think will be my last round of 2020 yesterday. Started off a little rough with my swing on the front 9, was hitting behind the ball with every club. Yet again even with how crappy my swing was on the front 9 the TSi2 got the ball out there and in play. Also thank god for my pop up tape protector, woulda had a real ugly mark on the top line after hole #1 On the back 9 I came alive tho, started finding the middle of the face with the driver. Even on a wet/muddy Dec. day in WNY I was getting the ball out there 230ish with no roll. Can't wait to start a fresh season with this club, re
  3. Hi, Just have a few odds and ends I wanna move, no trades at this time. Will ship out USPS w/tracking, Thanks Wanna try to keep this whole lot together, so this is what is included: -Nike Golf Wool V-neck sweater, size Small in Navy Blue. Hardly worn, no imperfections or wear. Very stretchy, soft, and warm. -Muni Kids "Tiger Cord" fairway wood headcover, used maybe 2-3 rounds. Looks new, no imperfections/wear/fading. -Bandit Golf Apparel Special Ed. 2018 Masters hat. Snapback, brand new never worn. SOLD!
  4. I second a set of TM Burner 2.0's, prices range from $150-$300. Then grab a driver of your choice that was made in the past 4 yrs for $200, fairway wood and/or hybrid for another $100 each. Set of wedges for $150, putter for $100 and your at around $950 at worst. I think where the most of your budget will go will be irons/driver then maybe putter to follow.
  5. Hi Guys, Just clearing out the closet as the season comes to an end, no trades at this time. Will ship via USPS w/tracking, Thanks Polo Lot - All Size Small, Comes from a smoke free home, No imperfections or stains on any of them. -RLX White/Blue stripe with US Open Merion 2013 logo on chest -Cutter and Buck Blue/White/Grey with PGA Championship Bethpage Black 2019 logo on sleeve -UA Heat Gear Grey/Blue stripe SOLD
  6. I edited out the text, because I didn't want to take up a huge amount of space in the response. If you look at how I quoted your response I added a "..." at the end indicating there was more to it. I am not "falling back", I am going off facts from my own fitting/info from the PGA professional that fit me and information found from others that have tested these clubs. I believe there is a marginal difference between performance in the two models, however in the TSi3 you get an adjustable weight track which to some is an important feature to them. This will be my last response in rega
  7. Which proves exactly what I have been saying, we have gotten to the point where clubs are sorta maxed out on "forgiveness" and really "adjustability". What sets each manufacturer apart a lot of the time is look/feel/sound, hence why they offer a few different models.
  8. No offense taken at all, but how can you make a credible/accurate statement of two clubs you've never hit/gotten data to back it up? I agree that clubs in general are targeted at different people, but that is not solely based on how good/bad they are at playing golf aka their hdcp.
  9. Not to mention, Robert Streb just won the RSM Classic with a TSi2. So if Titleist geared each head towards better or worse players why would a PGA player use a "draw biased" head when they can work the ball whichever way they want.
  10. Have you even hit the TSi2/3? As someone that did and got fitted for one, these sorta break outta the mold of the standard Callaway/TM model. Where the TSi2 and TSi3 models are more personal preference rather than "if you are a high hdcp you should play X". If you are truly hooking the ball or slicing the ball, this is not any bit the clubs fault. So many people try to find the "magic bullet" (new equipment) to fix swing issues, rather than get professional lessons. I was one of those people at one time, a club can only "fix" so much.
  11. With the TSi3, the shape was the only difference between the two for me. The face felt deeper/taller, which wasn't as friendly for me and my swing.
  12. I don't wanna sound like a jerk, but if your hooking the ball with a relatively forgiving/easy to hit driver it is best to address your swing first then blindly buying equipment to fix it. I hit both the TSi2 and TSi3 heads and they both gave me similar results, but preferred the look and shape of the TSi2. The TSi2 IMO doesn't look closed at address and is def. not a "draw biased" head.
  13. I never fully tighten (hearing for the "click") moveable/adjustable weights in any head. The risk of stripping or shearing off the bolt is not worth it, I just do it by feel if need be and tighten it til I feel a little resistance. Worst case scenario if it comes lose, use a little dab of Blue Loctite and your good to go.
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