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  1. I know you are specifically looking for people that use a 5W, but really my thought process is your bag no matter what it is should be constructed to fit your yardages/game. My 4W (which is one of the oldest clubs in my bag) isn't used a ton, but is something that just "works". I can use it off the deck and off the tee. I mainly use it for tight holes or dog legs off the tee. Occasionally I give it a go off the fairway on longer par 5's and sometimes even use it on long par 3's (200+). The other day I went to my local DSG and for fun wanted to try the matching fairway to my driver, which I thought would be a perfect match. To my surprise not only was it not, but I felt like I was losing distance compared to my current FW. Just goes to show once you find the "one" stick with it.
  2. Hi Guys, Just doing a little more closet cleanout, all come from a smoke free home and are free of any defects/stains unless noted. No trades at this time, will ship out either USPS or UPS (whichever is cheaper) w/tracking. Thanks 1) Polos -Travis Mathew in Green size Medium *SOLD* -Adidas Climacool in White/Teal/Grey/Pink/Navy size Small *SOLD* -Puma in Navy size Medium $20 shipped each 2) Vineyard & Vines Green Vest size Small *SOLD* $26 shipped 3) Matte Grey Navy Shorts size 30" $26 shipped
  3. Hi Guys, Just have two items for sale today, no trades and will ship out either USPS or UPS (whichever is cheaper) with tracking. Thanks Pair of Travis Mathew Polos both size Small -Grey with small pattern and a PGA of America logo on sleeve -White with small pattern and a PGA of America logo on sleeve Both have no imperfections or stains etc., come from a smoke free home SOLD!
  4. I know my original post was from 11+ yrs ago, but I still agree that I have never played any of my drivers at shorter lengths than standard. I recently was fitted for a driver for the first time and while I was fitted for .5" shorter, they said that playing at standard wasn't any issue. I honestly prefer the "standard" length, anything to create a little more lag/distance.
  5. Just have a few items, will ship out either USPS or UPS (depending on what is cheaper). No trades at this time, all items come from a smoke free/pet friendly home. Thanks 1) Two pairs of identical Footjoy DNA shoes size 8M. One is a little more gamed than the other (more creasing/wear), however as you can tell I clean all my pairs off after every round. The spikes on both are like new and there are no weird smells etc. Take both pairs for $65 shipped 2) Titleist fitted hat size M/L, has the "ProV1" and "FJ" logos on each side. Worn maybe 2 times, in perfect shape. $25 shipped 3) AM&E Wells Fargo Championship blade headcover, has some of the greats embroidered on it. Velcro is like new/strong. $25 shipped
  6. Hi Guys, Just doing a little end of season clear out, no trades at this time. Will ship out via USPS w/tracking, Thanks Polo Lot which includes: -Nike TW Collection Light Grey size Small -RLX Multi-Color size Small -Travis Mathew Green size Medium All come from a smoke free home and are freshly washed/free of any defects and/or smells etc. $25 shipped for the Travis Mathew
  7. Hi, Just have two pairs of golf shoes I am looking to move, no trades at this time. Will ship via USPS w/tracking, everything comes from a smoke free home. Thanks 1) Pair of Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tours in White size 8.5M, wore these for maybe a half dozen rounds. Always cleaned after each round, little to no wear/staining, no weird smells etc. SOLD! 2) Pair of Footjoy Icon Shield Tip MyJoys in Black/Black Alligator & Patent Leather size 8M. Wore these very sparingly, mostly for tournaments and like the above pair cleaned thoroughly. Hard to find these tour quality shoes in good shape. SOLD!
  8. Hi Guys, Just have one thing for sale, no trades at this time. Will ship out USPS Priority w/tracking, Thanks I have a set of like new Srixon ZX4 irons in 5-AW with Nippon NS Pro 950GH Neo shafts in Regular flex, standard L/L/L and factory Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips. No bad imperfections or heavy wear, only one very small mark on the 9i where the bottom of the face meets the sole that is it. SOLD!
  9. Sorry about not getting back to anyone, I did not get any e-mail notifications of the PM's. Responding now, Thanks!
  10. Hi Guys, Just have two items for sale, all come from a smoke free home. Will ship USPS w/tracking, Thanks 1) Nike Aeroloft jacket in a Light Brown size Small. Never worn, no imperfections/rips etc. $65 shipped 2) Adidas ClimaHeat vest in Grey size Small. Lightly worn, no imperfections/rips etc. SOLD!
  11. Hi Guys, Just have a pair of wedges for sale, no trades at this time. Will ship via USPS w/tracking, Thanks 1) Set of Ping Glide 2.0 54/58 SS wedges. The 54 is a Red Dot with a TT Wedge Flex shaft and the 58* is a Black Dot with the factory AWT Wedge shaft. Both have matching blackout NDMC grips. No heavy wear other than some sand marks on the 58* face. SOLD!
  12. Hi Guys, Just wanted to pass along some nice almost new golf apparel I have no need for. Comes from a smoke free home and will ship out USPS w/tracking, Thanks Lot Includes: -Travis Mathew White/Grey Polo size M, has a Minnesota Wild logo on one sleeve -Ralph Lauren RLX Polo size S -Nike Flex Grey pants, Standard fit size 30x30 -Nike AerBill Grey hat, Snap back fit OSFA Everything was worn maybe 2-3 times if that, all are washed and are free of any stains or smells. ALL SOLD!
  13. Hey Guys, Just have two items, no trades at this time. Will ship via USPS w/tracking, Thanks 1) A holy grail item for me, a mint Odyssey Black Series Tour Design 1W 35" 350g. Comes with a Special Ed. Pebble Beach SS Pistol GT 2.0 grip, no dings no marks very little light brush marks if any on the sole. I treated this thing with the utmost care, headcover on when not in use and was always cleaned off if there was any debris on it. Super hard to come by and the feel on these are right up there with Scotty's IMO. Will not come with a headcover, but will make sure it is packaged very well. However for an extra $20 I will include an AME Wells Fargo Championship headcover if you want. SOLD! 2) 24 Brand New TM TP5 "Practice" Balls, never used only 3 have putting line sharpie marks on them (but never used). SOLD!
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