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  1. Looking to put either the GD Tour AD 95X or the KBS Tour Proto 95X in my PXG 0311X 3i. Has anyone tried one or both? What have you found the flight tendencies to be? If you have tried both how did you find they compared against each other?
  2. CAN'T beat these Pants/Shorts. I have two pair of Black and two pair of Khaki in both the pants and shorts as well as one each in the Navy and Gray.
  3. I haven't had a VV in years, but I'm currently obsessed with the fit and performance of the Peter Millar Summer Collection shirts.
  4. I play the Modus 130X and am playing the Tensei Blue 70TX in my driver and 3 wood and love it.... I have found the Modus fits a wide variety of players. I'm actually a high launch, moderate spin player.
  5. What are your thoughts on Low profile shoes vs. "taller"/ more built up shoes? I have been playing in FJ Icons and G/Fore's (LP's), but thinking about trying the Adidas Tour 360 2.0's. Can't play in most spikeless, the G/Fore's were a nice surprise for traction on a molded sole but are a pain in the butt playing in the rain/damp conditions bc they clog so easily. Hadn't played a spikeless until the G/Fore/s and still prefer "spiked" shoes.
  6. What SS & spin number do you guys typically see with your Prov1/X's compared to the Bx/XS? I'm a +2, in the 118-120 range, prefer to spin it 2400-2600 range. I don't like the ultra low spinning driver numbers ( more spin = better misses for me). I switched last year from playing the ProVx to the V1 for more spin around the greens and I have my eye on the BXS. I want those short/half/partial shots to really grab. Haven't found anywhere near me yet where I can just buy a sleeve of each (BX/XS) to test out.
  7. How does it compare to the diamana s+? Mitsubishi describes the Tensei Pro Blue as Mid launch with mid/low spin. I am thinking it will have a little less spin than the Diamana. Same launch? I previously played the Diamana S+ Blue 70TX and switched into the Tensei Pro Blue 70TX this year. The biggest difference I see and the numbers prove is that the Tensei is spinning less for me untipped, the S+ had been tipped and was spinning more. I really like the window the Tensei is launching in, It's also been easy to work the ball in my normal pattern R to L and my opposite in a cut L to R. Without seeing drastic changes in spin. My normal SS is 117-120 currently, Launch 13, and I'm spinning it ~avg 2400-2500 range. I don't like what I consider ultra low spin 2000-2200. -Goose
  8. I switched from PX6.5's to Modus 130X... my 7i SS is 100-105 and driver ~120+.. Last year I did a lot of fittings with people and the 105's were an extremely popular/well fitting shaft for a broad range of swing types. Definitely worth giving a shot imo.
  9. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'll have to look into your suggestions. I also reached out to the guys at Artisan.
  10. WRX'ers, Who have you all used to modify a putter and (if you don't mind sharing) what did it cost? I have a custom putter from Nike that was built for me when I was on staff with them, but it could never quite make it in the bag. It was built as a face balanced putter and I have always missed short putts left with it (10ft & in) but love the feel of the putter and the roll it putts on it. I'm looking to have one of the little H or S necks put on it to make it more toe-flowy. Appreciate any insight. -Goose
  11. Goose

    Nike 2016

    Clemson isn't a nike golf school to my knowledge they're still a PING college team. That may be but Ping doesn't manufacture shoes or an extensive clothing line. Tennessee has some shoes and the Vols golf team doesn't wear all Nike or play their clubs. This wasn't a hypothetical, they have been posted before. http://www.golfwrx.c...0#entry13441810 Tennessee inked a huge nike deal last year Exactly ^
  12. Goose

    Nike 2016

    DDR most PING golf schools wear FJ shoes. Tennessee Vols signed a huge deal with Nike Last year and will be transitioning to all Nike in athletics from Adidas. I'm not saying they won't retail the Clemson shoes but I'd bet against it since they're not one of the Nike Elite golf schools to my knowledge.
  13. Goose

    Nike 2016

    Clemson isn't a nike golf school to my knowledge they're still a PING college team.
  14. [quote name='Xpicc19' timestamp='1390429858' post='8511635'] Does he go from PW right to a 56? [/quote] His PW is 51*if I remember correctly from past information. He play "old" or "traditional" lofts in his irons.
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