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  1. Epon 153 Sold. Price drops on remaining items. I would say definitely hardest to let the JBeam head go. This is a super long and low spin head. I just replaced it with a JBeam ZY-11 which has the same playing characteristics but muted sound and feel, which I prefer.
  2. I'm getting rid of some stock for the new stuff coming in... JBeam Blackout 435, 9 Degree, 1.5 open face. Clean crown and no nicks. I own several JBeam heads and really prefer the open face angles as neutral looks shut to my eye. 1-2 degrees open face sits square to me :) I am the original owner and it is in excellent condition. $old Epon 153 9.5 Degree in excellent condition, clean crown, no nicks. Head Only $old Epon 102 9.5 Degree. Crown is pretty clean overall with some very minor scratches but is very hard to see. Does not bother me at all. However, towards the rear of the h
  3. I've played both the x100 and the s400s. I prefer the heavier weight and softer flex. After playing standard s400s I had the same question if the long irons would have less stiffness due to the lighter weight. However the amts are excellent in maintaining the same stiffness as far as I can tell. Definitely feel lighter but plays at same stiffness
  4. Thanks for the feedback, I'll test out a few different moi configurations to see what works best.
  5. if you have an aggressive swing, Kuro Kage XT all the way!
  6. I forgot to reply to this post awhile back. So it happened to be that my machine was screwed up. I ended up exhanging it for a new one and it works flawlessly now.
  7. I have all my irons currently matched at 2700 with hybrid at 2750. They work very well for me at the moment. My driver and FW have mois of 2800+. Conventionally speaking, should the Driver and FW woods match the hybrid?
  8. oh very nice putter. I have several Bryons but I really like that Yamada
  9. [quote name='SHIVAN' timestamp='1427929189' post='11264577'] Are you the original owner? [/quote] No, I bought it directly from a putter collector. I have several Byron Morgans and TP Mills.
  10. [quote name='CallTaylor' timestamp='1427929934' post='11264645'] At what length does the putter play? [/quote] 34 1/2
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