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  1. FYI .. Using Graphite Design Quattro-Tech MD6TX @ 45 ... AWESOME
  2. Gang I'm mobile - so short & sweet ... But to you Encore guys out there ... TRUST ME !!! Put the 13 gram slug in the low lofted heads ... WOW !!!! Bagged !!!
  3. Ping Tour X is made by UST ... and I THINK simliar to Proforce anyway. Proforce V275 is MUCH better than V265 (dont know which one you have) . The tip on Proforce IMO - is a smidge active - but its a good shaft Where do you play / practice ... Ever at City Park Driving Range ... I'm there once a week minimum I'd love to see you hit Veylix ROME or Roughneck (I have switch to Roughneck) Aldila Phenom NL Aldila Protopype - an oldie but a goody Too name a few ... I bet your miss is a slight fade/slice-ish .... Just a guess I have a couple spare Anser heads too ... just for giggles
  4. Nawlins here as well ... and similiar SS ... AND G25 user. What shaft are you using in the 25 ?? Those 2 drivers couldnt be more radically different. SLDR is literally almost 1/2 as forgiving ... Last thing you need if you are having consistency problems
  5. I think I can chime in on this one .... Obviously for me .. L4 .. duh If thinking purely on budget - HARD to beat (if you can find a good'r) - The S9-1 Pro D & S are phenominal. Solid feeling - D is uber low spin .. I am an S fan personally. They are both a good mix of players club & forgiving. 2nd gen Pro D & S are pretty good too ... I would take S9 over them S3 is a damn good driver - pretty low spin. Feels really good - Adjustable. Nice deep face And I think now the price is down .. I think the best driver ever made by COBRA ... ZL Encore - It does everything right - It just does IF !!!! you like a very lite setup overall .. L5 setup lite & long (which I normally dont like) works extremely well. But if you try to go heavy & short - DUD
  6. Lately .. ONLY the putter occassionally a NON Ping club ... I have an Odyssey 2 ball that goes in & out .. BUT ... G25 driver & 3 wood Anser 4 wood (G25 5 wood is gonna happen) Anser Hybrids G20 irons / Recoils Tour S Rustique wedges Ping Nome adjustable COBRA gets mixed in a lot ... but this combo is working ... and it's been that way for a while
  7. I dont like it at all ... I LOVE !!!!! it ... Atta boy
  8. [quote name='ROBOPTI' timestamp='1383777394' post='8112044'] Spin ... Classic is one of the lowest spinning heads I have hit. Hard not to be with tha big ole' deep face. I do not think the Anser is a low as its "said to be" - I think it's low for a Ping. Maybe 300-400 lower than G25. But not uber low - just low. I would bet the Classic is another safe 300-400 below that. One the longest drivers I ever hit in the last 5-6 years - was a 7.5 Classic / DI7 ... #10 at Oak Harbor Slidell ... Drove it into greenside bunker. It was one of those head scratcher drivers. For those who have played there - carried over path - landed right side one hop into bunker on right of green(ish) My vote ... Classic wins in all categories. Just a great great head ... and it looks [size=5][b][color=#800000]B[/color][color=#DAA520]I[/color][color=#800000]T[/color][color=#DAA520]C[/color][color=#800000]C[/color][color=#DAA520]H[/color][color=#800000]I[/color][color=#DAA520]N[/color][color=#800000] !!![/color][/b][/size] [/quote] I'll still stand by this ... KILLER COMBO !!!
  9. I FUBARd that ... I meant NL spins lower My bad
  10. OMG LMFAO !!!!!! .... That MADE my day .. Oh god that's good LMAO !!!
  11. Phenom NL is a BOSS of low launch/spin ... To me it's a RIP with good feel-ish Blue hits (for me) a full club higher (like from a 6-7 for example) ... and spins NOTICABLY lower. I am a NL fan .. To be honest it lets me use a flex weaker - and still stays VERY controlled. Blue MIGHT feel better ... might And Leif ... If you come on this thread and say the NL is "smooth" ... I am coming North and pummeling you an Apex 3 iron ... Just sayin
  12. The old girl just wont go away huh FYI ... I have not tried BB .. but my NEVER taking it apart combos right now ... Graphite Design QUATTRO-TECH MD TX6 / 8 or 9* Aldila Phenom NL Tour X 60 / 8* ... WOW !!!!!! ... Trust me .. Try a Phenom-NL !!! And yes .. I still use it. It's still that good. It just find fairways Good to see the thread going
  13. LMFAO ... Guys .. I got up .. I'm little wounded from last night and saw those .... I am crying at my keyboard Those are AWESOME !!!!!! Someone asked .. The port to inject the head is on the back of the heel ... You just have to have a port plug if you pull it. WELL DONE gang !!!
  14. OK ... How did it hit 2 starts ... Come on guys ... 1 STAR !!!! ... 11 grams of lead tape ... Thats a LOT !!! of lead tape - especially to be external. And froma project standpoint - internal is what I was after Deck / BoJangles ... If ya wanna build one ... JUST YELL BoJangles .. I live in the M-Ville ... I'm north side
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