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  1. OMG what a pertinent topic. I have to contain my anger all the time. My son shoots par +- 2 from the womens tees (5200) and we play 9 in about 90 minutes or less. We have these hacks waving their hands when they get to the tee box early asking him to tee off. I reamed the asst pro when he asked a fivesome to jump in front of him. Things have changed since he won the junior club championship.
  2. @leezer99 anything that strengthens the hip flexors and lower back - crab walks, basketball, soccer -- just good for longevity. Not all kids need a personal trainer to help them with that. :)
  3. we had one and now have moved to the next size. Definitely great after a 2 hr drive to a tournament and stretch. A stable golf swing is a product of a strong core, we have seen a lot of value with box jumps and high knees kind of exercises. Mostly strengthening the hip flexors per the workout instructor. The whip wont help with that.
  4. I saw a 11 year old on Instagram supposedly on a that staffer list, how is that possible? Hence my question.
  5. Is this a program that is available to all ages? How does one qualify? I dont know how they are equitable in offering this to juniors.
  6. For sale mint PXG bat attack 34 inches with leather cover and superstroke pxg counterbalanced grip. 200 OBO. +5$ on all offers for west of the Mississippi. Longtime wrx'er.
  7. This is the golden advice, Instagram nearly ruined golf for my son and I.
  8. Used speed radar 80$ shipped obo. +5 for west of Mississippi. Long time wrx'er.
  9. For sale used ES 14 pro 235$ shipped obo + 5 for west coast shipping Speed radar 80$ shipped obo +5 for west coast shipping
  10. Hi I have a 500$ gift card for golf Galaxy dicks or field and streams that I am willing to sell for 475$. Interested in a Callaway epic flash 10.5 tour head.
  11. my son plays the epic star with a bassarra and we found it for cheap on Ebay. It is 39 gms, tremendous improvement in swing speed.
  12. For sale ES 14 pro excellent condition 400$ shipped OBO All star junior speed sticks 125$ shipped OBO Open to offers.
  13. Sorry having tech issues with the stupid phone. Have to retake.
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