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  1. These were my 11 year olds gamers from last year, fitted at club champion. They are 1/2 inch shorter than womens stock. Upgraded to the 70 gm steelfiber shafts which cost a pretty penny. Looking for 450$ OBO -- trades would a be a nice high end Betti or a Scotty C Te (I will add cash) They also have the skinnier grips to reduce weight and keep the swingweight in check.
  2. I use the E6 version. we really like it over the stock app.
  3. I use the E6 version. we really like it over the stock app.
  4. An impulse buy from a couple of months ago, works great close to brand new. Works with optics and rada features so a great indoor unit. It also has club data which allows for side spin information, one of the reasons I picked this overy skytrak ( I had one of those as well) https://www.ernestsports.com/store/ES-Tour-Plus-p26811072 its 2700$ + taxes new, selling for 2500$ (+shipping if west of the mississipi)
  5. actually I don't know if it's a placebo effect I have made a few the last couple of week. GLWS. great seller here guys.
  6. sheesh look at those putters and their headcovers!!! Wowza.
  7. Mint condition, roughly a year old unit. Just not getting the use we thought it would. Will ship in a generic box with insurance etc. Just renewed the game improvement subscription so should last a year, I am not sure how to transfer but can figure that one out. 1750 OBO for the unit, 75$ for the after market protective case (willing to merge or split) Shipping inclusive for the East of the river, will need to get an estimate for the west coast.
  8. Thank you for your feedback @tiger1873 @triplebogeysrbetter @abh159 my intent is to just let him play as much as he can in tournament conditions, the junior version of the AJGA seems amenable. The HJT on the east coast doesnt attract a lot of players for some reason. The US Kids is packed I am not sure why, but we have these kids and dads always with the gamesmanship. One kid kept telling my son how fast the greens were and he dying on the greens, finally on the back nine we figured they were not fast and finished out strong with 3 birds.
  9. Are the AJGA tournaments better overall? Are parents still a part of the caddying etc? My son turns 12 next year and could potentially start playing in them. I am pretty tired of the parents and kids, I would love to avoid the US Kids if possible.
  10. wonderful to see so many like minded parents, 11 Yo goes really hard in the summer. After October just gym and recreational golf with the old man ( I am lovin it). Probably break through Jan get fitted in Feb. He is a really good golfer and I am getting a lot of strange looks when I mention break, some folks even pressure me to sign up for US Kids like 2 hours away !!!
  11. SOLD Headed to AZ Great shape callaway super hybrid 17 degree head. Topline clean Face is clean Adapter is attached and a clean pull by club champion 1 bag chatter nick at the toe that I captured in a pic 135$ shipped +5 for the west coast
  12. 100% Others with similar length didnt mentally prepare of it like he did. Rory and he were tied for distance of the tee. Rory hit it on and missed the eagle putt, BD makes it. Bryson had a 97 feet 2 putt, thats what gets it done. Now the masters with no rough!!!!! the greens are going to be glass. Thats the only defence.
  13. I think the media has it wrong, it wasn't his driver it was his strategy and a WHITE HOT putter.
  14. @vthokim does this mean the callaway blue putter is available ?
  15. OMG what a pertinent topic. I have to contain my anger all the time. My son shoots par +- 2 from the womens tees (5200) and we play 9 in about 90 minutes or less. We have these hacks waving their hands when they get to the tee box early asking him to tee off. I reamed the asst pro when he asked a fivesome to jump in front of him. Things have changed since he won the junior club championship.
  16. @leezer99 anything that strengthens the hip flexors and lower back - crab walks, basketball, soccer -- just good for longevity. Not all kids need a personal trainer to help them with that. :)
  17. we had one and now have moved to the next size. Definitely great after a 2 hr drive to a tournament and stretch. A stable golf swing is a product of a strong core, we have seen a lot of value with box jumps and high knees kind of exercises. Mostly strengthening the hip flexors per the workout instructor. The whip wont help with that.
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