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  1. I play a 2016 M2. It is forgiving, sounds great, and gives me near ideal launch and spin. I love that driver.
  2. I have not reshafted the 2013 DM. I just looked at the pictures of 13 Del Mar on the SC website, and I'm certain it is the newer style. The older over the shaft hosels have a pronounced flare and the 2013 shaft is a straight flare.
  3. I like black putter shafts, so I'd use this one: https://www.golfworks.com/true-temper-straight-stepped-putter-shaft/p/tt1014p/
  4. Mid Surs are .370 tips.
  5. 1. yes 2. become more consistent and add accuracy 3. do not own a monitor Thank you for the contest
  6. Ping did that shaft install, and no one else modified them? That looks like something that would have made it out the Harley factory when they were owned by AMF.
  7. I prefer a weight inside the shaft where my right hand grips the putter (RH-ed with traditional putting grip). I take a piece of threaded rod, cut it with a chop saw until it weighs 50 grams, then I epoxy the threaded rod inside the putter shaft. I use an old shaft with a mark on it to make sure I'm glueing the weight where I want it. Threaded rod comes in many sizes so you can buy a smaller OD piece to fit inside a graphite shaft and put it where you want. https://www.homedepot.com/b/Hardware-Metal-Stock-Metal-Rods/Threaded/N-5yc1vZ2fkos9nZ1z1czt5
  8. ws6

    New Byron Morgans

    What is Byron's health right now? I saw in the recent Deal no Deal thread someone posted he was not doing well.
  9. It would be interesting to see the comparison with small gaps between the materials, simulating the gaps in different OEM hosels.
  10. When you bonded the pieces of aluminum, how were they placed/epoxied together (directly on each other)?
  11. For my own entertainment, I shafted up a TaylorMade sleeve and shaft with shafting beads and Gorilla Glue epoxy from Home Depot. I did prep and clean the shaft and inside of the sleeve, and I used a hot box for the cure. It hit the driver all last summer, and the shaft/sleeve did not fail. This was a one time experiment, and I will continue to use Golfworks and 3M epoxies.
  12. Flashback to Tiger PGA Tour win 2, and Taylor Smith's illegal putter grip.
  13. ws6

    New Byron Morgans

    Byron told me he has someone else weld necks for him when I visited him in his old shop in HB.
  14. A buck fifty shipped with DG 120s, done deal. Last set of Wilson irons I owned was the 1976 Staffs.
  15. With the screw out, I would take an air compressor with a blow gun attachment and shot air in the void. Hopefully some of the air would get underneath the weight and lift it out.
  16. Spikeless, comfy shoes are best, and I like to change socks between rounds if I'm playing 36 in one day.
  17. Still too soon. (Internet humor - man that was a brutal watch; then and now).
  18. I play a TEE CB4 with a Grafalloy Axis 95 shaft. I love that 3 wood.
  19. I have a set of Callaway x proto blades with Super Peening Blue shafts. IMO, they are heavy and very smooth. SPB is a great shaft.
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