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  1. Purple TBC still for sale, would take trades or offers!
  2. Seamus set sold. Purple TBC still available. Thanks!
  3. Well, I've created a headcover ho with my 4 year old, so I need to raise some funds for more! I am looking for the following in trades, but PP preferred. TBC driver cover SugarSkull putter covers TBC putter covers Swag putter covers 1. TBC purple driver cover, love this cover, but just doesn't match. I've used it once, bought it from a well respected member here $110 2. TBC Collective driver cover, never used!SOLD 3. Seamus driver & 3 wood, used these for about a month (set only) SOLD All covers are in great shape, no tears or anything
  4. LOL Got to get it away from Momma! LOL
  5. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the comments! I haven't pushed him into golf, going to try to just let him play it when he's ready. But I bet he'll have an account here soon enough LOL
  6. Well, I think I created a monster! My son turns 4 next week, so I surprised him with his favorite, Spider from SugarSkullGolf! Doesn't get much better! 714A092E-D538-4E1A-9DCA-6EE23712C9D5.mov
  7. Father/Son bag shots! Also, new driver in the bag! Cobra 10.5 with Hzdrus Green!
  8. Looking for a 16-18* National Custom Works/Scratch/Don White iron. jeffreyhorton18@yahoo.com Thanks
  9. That one is insane!!!!
  10. Basically whatever you can dream up LOL
  11. Now that is killer!!!!
  12. WHOA! That looks amazing man!!!!
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