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  1. They are worth the wait! (Easy for me to say, but I did my time too! LOL)
  2. Stay patient, it's worth the wait!
  3. Agreed, not wall hangers here! Still don't think it can knock the NCW Proto out, but who cares LOL
  4. Thanks guys! Going straight in the bag!
  5. If you’re reading this, it’s still available Trade for Bettinardi
  6. jh19

    NCW Campbell

    NCW is legit, no question. I say it has a stainless feel to it, sound as well, however I feel it’s more responsive. I am selling one, but only because it can’t kick my Protoype out!
  7. 1. City, State? Spartanburg, SC 2. Handicap? +.1 3. Current Wedge Set Up? Miura Baby Blade 52/58* KBS Wedge 4. What SMS Wedge Do You Want To Test? 52* D grind/58* C grind 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Absolutely 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely
  8. Stetson nailed it, it’s a Spider that feels like a blade!
  9. Hate to do this, just not getting my current NCW out of the bag, so no need for this one to gather dust! Used less than 18 holes! 350.8 grams/70*/3*/34.5” lamkin grip and NCW cover Such a solid putter, the technology behind these really works! I bought an early prototype and just can’t get it out of the bag! Asking $800 OR BEST OFFER pp and shipped (paid $975) Would trade for Bettinardi Thanks!
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