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  1. I’ve recently become obsessed with persimmons! I’ve decided to start playing them and I’m hooked. NCW driver and 21* Tomahawk
  2. NCW persimmon please
  3. I believe I’ll grab some and see which one I like, definitely like the idea of having them refinished!
  4. Guys, thanks for all of the comments! I really appreciate the input. I am looking for an occasional gamer, no wall hangers for me! I have a vintage short set I want to play with some more, so just looking for some different options! Here's a shot of my set with my custom driver from Todd Demsey. Looking for a nice Hogan wedge to match as well!
  5. Was able to snag this, but have a friend making me a custom Winston cover. I've debated just keeping it, but figured someone out there would rock it! NEVER USED!!!!!! Asking $175 pp and shipped. Thanks
  6. I’m looking for either a NCW or Linksoul persimmon drive, but are they worth it over original persimmons?
  7. Update: 3 rounds with the Artisan, all 3 28 putts each. Season average has been 31, I’ll take it!
  8. What are you waiting on?!?! Hahahaha
  9. I’m in SC, but I want to get out there and the wedge fitting as well. I bought a pair from a buddy and I love the wedges, and they weren’t even fit for me!
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