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  1. I was on the phone with him for about 40 minutes, sent him videos and pictures of my stroke. Pretty hard to beat that!!!!!
  2. It’s about time! Hahahaha Jk! Keep us posted!!!!
  3. Looking for some old blades for a short set walking bag. 4-PW would be great, stiff flex, standard length. CG1, Titleist, Mizuho, just to name some brands Under $200 Thanks
  4. Just coming back to this thread! I have a persimmon driver on order, so really wanting the set to makeup my walking bag! On the hunt!
  5. Absolutely! An equivalent Scotty would be $5,000 +
  6. He is considering it. 600 to some people is a lot of money for a putter, but he's asking questions!!!!
  7. HAHAHA Playing with my buddy yesterday, I got hot and birdied 3 out of my last 5 with bombs. I handed him my KB and he drains one from 25! hahahaha
  8. Loving my Burns so far, averaging 29 putts since I put it in the bag!
  9. The Nicoll will stay in the bag, this is the new backup, and the Morris will go on the block soon!
  10. People have no idea how solid these are! GLWS!
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