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  1. Mixed messaging above. I'm currently envisioning Rick Nielsen on the golf course with that particular get-up.
  2. Indeed! I've not heard tell of such a lengthy session. Don't overdo it.
  3. Things are not great here. We've have an uptick in the number of cases over the past three weeks or so that more or less coincides with schools reopening. We're getting prepared for a second wave and measures have already been announced rolling back some of the increases in gathering size in a number or urban centres.
  4. Nothing personal friend, but I'm glad I'm not there. You've been describing the actions that have been taken during the pandemic and they're pretty draconian IMO. I thought things were restrictive here, but not like Oz.
  5. I have been refused a couple of times early on. I recall one instance where I paid a $.35 purchase with my credit card as they wouldn't take cash. The cost to the store to process that purchase would have been quite a bit more than the value of the sale, but you can't expect minimum wage workers to know that. They just follow orders. I was also refused cash at a coffee shop. I offered my credit card and the lady asked for debit instead to which I refused. She said it costs more to process a credit card transaction. I responded not my problem! She took the cash.
  6. Thank you! I'm going to show this to DW. She insists that I never listen to her. I insist that she never told me something. You know how the rest of it goes... Now put a 30 something in the middle of this and it can get really interesting. The 30 something thinks that the rest of the world should think like them and operate like them. Then they get really annoyed when the older person forgets something and doesn't have their cell phone surgically attached to their body! No wonder that so many people are struggling through COVID restrictions when they make tempest
  7. Well, even that's a bridge too far. More like the 90's I'd say if I was playing on a regulation par 72 course. I think my spot has jumped up to a 22 over the past two seasons from a low of 8! I'm not even sure how I used to shoot the scores that I routinely shot. We've all seen it; for one reason or another guys lose their game. The good news is that I feel good. That's no small victory in itself. In fact, I feel the best I've felt since before my injury and that was 3 years ago. I've gone from no golf to limited golf to regular golf over the last three seasons. Perhaps the
  8. Thanks. The more I think about it the less comfortable I am, but I sort of get it that when you work with the people that you'll be hanging out with you don't feel uncomfortable about it (DW's perspective). I've been harping about going out to BC to see the kids. DW is really uncomfortable with flying. I've been more pragmatic about it as being preferential to driving out and staying in hotels and eating in restaurants as being equally risky and far less efficient use of time. I've managed to talk her into buying plane tickets, so I guess I shouldn't feel awkward going to a we
  9. I see that my 40+ Matures match is back in the ad column again. And here I thought that tempting a guy with golf clubs and fast cars was dangerous! Played in my men's league match. Y'all must be getting tired of my mediocre accounts especially when the rest of you are shooting in the 70's. It was an up and down round as most have been this season that weren't just downright awful. Slow on the start and staggering home on the finish, but I did have a nice stretch of 4 consecutive pars. First time for that in a very long while. Greens seem to be really fast since th
  10. Played nine this morning after two days of heavy yard work including planting 18 one and two gallon perennials. Didn't have to worry about overswinging with the way that my neck and shoulders were barking! The digging was a lot tougher than in the spring when the ground had some moisture in it. Didn't score particularly well, but not horrible either. Much better results with the new big dog than on Monday. The tee shot on one was my usual smother hook, but reduced as I was deliberately trying to hit a cut from an open stance. My swing guru gave me a few pointers on Thursday an
  11. That's impressive @Sean2! When were you planning on getting your senior tour card?
  12. The shape seems about right, but the one I had was yellow, not red. Must be something a bit different.
  13. Welcome to my world, STU. I went fell Monty with graphite shafted irons and decided to go with Sr. flex. Took me a while to get onto them because they were so darn light at just 55 gm, but an extension a new reduced taper grip and a bit of lead tape to balance them out and away we go. I've hit some decent shots with them, even the 3 5 iron that I have set at 23.5° and 38.75". Now all I have to do is try and get used to this new driver with a (gasp) 45 gm shaft. Weighs like feathers! I'll need some range time with that one trying to get my hook swing squared away. Who knew tha
  14. We were at the neighbors for supper on the weekend. Stan is an interesting dude as he is a moonlighting musician in his retirement. Had a couple of regular gigs at a couple of local spots before the lockdown happened. Since then, he has done a recording and posted on Instagram every day since; a different song. After supper he pulled out his song book and started to play. There's got to be 300 songs in loose leaf and he knows them all! Everything from 50's to current stuff; from country and folk to pop rock. He does requests and if he doesn't know a song, he will learn for hi
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