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  1. I have been thinking about @Soloman1's treatment for low back/hip pain. Wondering how that is working out for him and how many repetitions are required for some sort of permanent relief? It is counter-intuitive to place a pillow under the affected hip to realign the SI joint, but if it works it will save a lot of trips to the chiropractor and or provide some instant relief when an attack comes. We purchased a new mattress before Christmas, so are currently about a month in and I've noticed that I'm considerably straighter from the front than I was with the old mattress. This is a memory foam mattress and it's surprisingly firm. Way more support than the bed in box alternatives. Wasn't even that much more expensive than a decent traditional spring mattress. (This is a Sealy) I've woken a couple of mornings with a fair bit of stiffness and pressure point pain, but that subsides quickly (I tend to be a side sleeper) once I go through my morning stretching routine. The best part is that I haven't had to resort to the typical anti-inflammatory treatment for post workout/play pain.
  2. I tend to agree. I played 59 last year.
  3. I've looked at all my traditional sources and can't find anything specific to the original BB Warbird fairway woods. This will be close enough for general information regards loft and lie notwithstanding the strong versions denoted by the + sign. Callaway | X Fairway Year: 2006 Loft(°) Lie(°) Length(") Availability (RH/LH) 3/15 56 43 RH/LH 4/17 56.5 42.5 RH 5/19 57 42 RH/LH 7/21 57.5 41.5 RH/LH 9/23 58 41.5 RH 11/25 58.5 41 RH I've run across everything from the Deuce (2W) to a 13W in the original big bertha lineup.
  4. Callaway Big Bertha Warbird Driver Specifications Model Loft Lie Volume Face Angle Dexterity Length SW 8 8° 54° 195cc Open RH / LH 43 D1 9 9° 54° 195cc Square RH / LH 43 D1 10 10° 54° 195cc Square RH / LH 43 D1 11 11° 54° 195cc Square RH / LH 43 D1 12 12° 54° 195cc Square RH / LH 43 D1
  5. When we left Ontario it wasn't bad at all, but since that time winter has come with a vengeance! A record blizzard has been followed up by bone chilling cold, far colder than anything we have experienced since moving into wine country. Heading back today and to add insult to injury the temperature in Calgary is 55°F! It will be about 10°F when we land in Toronto... Golf seems such a long way off this time of year even if we're past the half way point of the offseason. On the plus side the curling club will be reopening a week tomorrow as the current wave of cases is past its peak.
  6. No wonder overwintering in Florida is so popular...especially if you're unattached!
  7. Obviously meant in jest, yet I have to wonder if that is not in fact happening. Reliance on technology to the point of losing basic skills. Ideology of modern thinking taking the place of reasonable compromise and common sense. Now is the time for younger generations to chart our course. One wonders what strange far off shores this journey will take us to?
  8. I have played NOTLGC on several occasions. Love the layout and the history. I'm also fond of Dunnville Golf Club, another Stanley Thompson design, also 9 holes with dual tees.
  9. We had a sushi party here last night with the kids besties and the inlaws. Everything was made from scratch. It was brilliant! Even @Soloman1would have been impressed with the knife skills of a couple of white kids. I suggested to #2 son that if the wine biz got long in the tooth they could always find work in the restaurant trade or open one of their own... Should have taken pictures. California rolls, spicy salmon and tuna rolls, salmon sashimi, Japanese yam tempura, teriyaki chicken and seaweed salad. The only thing missing was warm sake. Lots of bubbles were consumed as that was the pairing of choice. Yours truly was tasked with cooking the rice. My efforts were over fairly early on leaving the skill work to the kids. About 4 hours to pull it all together.
  10. I figure if'n your more than happy to accept a senior's discount, then you're a senior citizen. Now as far as acting your age that's another matter. I've experienced far more flirting after 60 than at any point prior...
  11. I wonder if this will spur folks to unload low mileage 2nd/3rd cars between rising retail prices and ever increasing operating costs?
  12. The Ford plant in Oakville has lots full of completed Edge SUVs awaiting chips. There's an 18-24 month waiting list for Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV. Supply chain issues are going to dog us for years based on backlogs. The housing shortage up here is only going to get worse driving inflation higher and higher. Hang onto anything that's useful because someone is going to want it eventually.
  13. You know, it doesn't matter how anyone plays. It's all about the camaraderie that has been built up over the years. It would be my honour to play with each and every member of the Grille.
  14. Best golfer that I have had the chance to tee it up with got all of his gear at FGO. He told me about it many years ago and I had forgotten about the place until @Hickory4ever mentioned it. "John" was a retired firefighter and played pretty close to scratch golf. I built a bag very similar to what he was playing a few years later and probably played my best golf with that setup. At any rate, if Fella decides to come across I would be happy to meet him and potentially tee it up with H4.
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