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  1. Anyone want to talk about golf? I'll use that term loosely, because I didn't play or score at all well, but I did make some really nice shots. I just couldn't pitch or putt today for anything. It was particularly frustrating on the par 5 15th -- we played the back nine today -- when I striped my drive right down the middle and then followed that up with a perfect 7W to about 50 yards. I then proceeded to blade my SW across the green to land 50 yards on the other side and guess what? I did the exact same thing again coming back!! Funny how you can cover 400 yards in 2 shots an
  2. Too soon to tell because I only started to use one this season and I've barely begun to play (5, 9 hole games). It won't help a whit with putting and chipping, but I'm selecting the correct club more often now due to knowing how far I actually hit things. The potential is there to have a positive impact on scoring. Certainly makes a difference on par 3's when the tees and pins are in non traditional places. I hit three greens off the tee today on par 3's hitting clubs I wouldn't normally choose on those holes due to odd yardages. Doubt I would have clubbed as aggres
  3. I'll go off the board: GPS. Maybe you already have one. I'm using one for the first time and I find it helps, mostly with fine tuning just how far I'm hitting various clubs. Might actually save a stroke or two. Plan B would be really good rain gear.
  4. So much for a dog and a beer at the turn... Now I know why golf is an all day affair. I must admit that there's certain appeal to that, but no NA married man is going to get away with it. Being married to an eastern European; Asian cuisines is not something we have all that often. More like a change of pace once in a while. Neither of us have any skill in preparing such dishes and we find the takeout versions to be very much hit and miss. More often of the miss variety I'm afraid, but that may just be us.
  5. The above was posted this morning by @rgk5 over in the Tour Talk Masters 2021 dedicated thread. I thought that was a classic description of the play of the chasers yesterday. The above was in response to Xander being in denial over his collapse. Let's face it; we've seen plenty of failed rallies casing down the front runner just as we've seen plenty of third round leaders fade ingloriously under the weight of the moment. It's a battle of the mind as much as a battle of the elements. What I liked best about Matsuyama's win was that a real golfer took home the hardware
  6. A deserving winner who never let the weight of the moment get to him. Every time Matsuyama got into trouble he was able to hold the damage to one shot. Starting the final round with a 4 shot lead allows one not to feel the need to take a chance. You take your medicine and move on to the next hole. He displayed a wonderful short game which on this day was his greatest asset.
  7. Shhhh... I have hybrids available all the way out to a 7. I'm carrying a 6, but have yet to hit it this season. No call for it so far. Those newish distance irons I mentioned above have 23° 5 iron, so that's part of the reason for trying hybrids out to a 7, especially considering that I find I can't launch them consistently. When I used to play vintage clubs fairly regular I had little trouble hitting a 4 iron and that was 24° loft.
  8. Welcome @golfboy123! How does the old saying go -- March winds and April showers -- not promising for the coming week golf wise with rain most days on tap. Things are pretty dry, so it will be a welcome relief for all growing things. Speaking of growing things, I did a full day of yardwork yesterday; clean-up, some late pruning, grass cut for the first time and threw down a bit of leftover fertilizer from last season. DW says to me: boy that lawnmower of yours sure is noisy! (It's a 30 year old Cub Cadet with a 5hp Briggs & Stratton) All the neighbours will be complaining
  9. Wow! That's one sweet big dog @Fellaheen51!
  10. Interesting. I never really thought about that. I bought a set of used irons last summer with graphite shafts when my back was acting up. Even though they were distance irons the ball went no where compared to the shovels I'm currently using which are now about 13 years old. I found the newer set to be much lower launching. I've always been a low spin player, so I need spin to get carry. They keep lowering loft, but it's not actually getting me further down the fairway. The only other option for a lower swing speed player is ultralite and I find those almost impossible to kee
  11. I know exactly what you're talking about @BIG STU. That outside-in hold-off shot is exactly what I do myself when I've gotten into a bout of the smother hooks. Sort of the opposite of trying to hit a big looping draw if trying to counteract a case of the wipe-cut/slice from a bit too much of the outside ins. Which reminds me, I need to actually start to play for the big draw with my hybrid as I have been hooking it a good 30 yards pretty much from the outset!
  12. It never occurred to me until you mentioned it, but yes, I can see the resemblance.
  13. Yes. Based on what I'm hearing the situation is "grave". Yet, you can still play golf or go to church at 15% capacity. No wonder the healthcare personnel are calling this a mockdown... This is actually the first time that certain public health officials have gone over the heads of elected political leaders in announcing measures. I expect schools to be closed following the Easter break perhaps for as long as the stay at home order is in effect. Got to the course this morning and it was deserted compared to Monday morning. There was only one no show from our groups
  14. Got vaccinated yesterday with the AstraZeneca-Oxford shot. Smooth operation as all the bookings and prescreening were done online. Came into the pharmacy, showed my health card and QR code, went into the treatment booth, got poked and then waited for 15 minutes monitoring time to pass post injection. Wasn't much more than 20 minutes in total from beginning to end. Not feeling too bad at the moment. I have a 10:10 tee time with my Thursday men's group. Didn't think that I'd be up to it, but maybe... Can't say that I have sense of relief just yet. Probably not until the end o
  15. We do a similar thing here on a family basis. No money, just for sport. The only rules are that no one can pick a taken player and you choose in reverse order to last year's finish. I picked last and ended up with 4 players trending the wrong way (mostly) Rory Paul Casey Matthew Fitzpatrick Abraham Ancer
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