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  1. I think that they call it course management. Gawd knows that I've been guilty of plenty of questionable decisions in hind sight this season. On one bollocks of the finishing hole recently after a couple of total cockups I threw up my hands and putted from the rough! I figured it couldn't be any worse than a third attempt with SW and I wasn't about to walk back to the bag to choose a different club to card a 6! That particular par 3 is my nemesis as I can't make the green off the tee, so I have been hitting a hybrid for accuracy to the middle of the fairway leaving about 50+ yard
  2. Used to be a pretty solid wedge player, both full swings and with touch shots. That skillset seems to have abandoned me in the past couple of seasons. I honestly am getting concerned when I have a SW in my hand and need to take a full swing. Never seem to catch it flush anymore and often thin the ball across the green or even worse. I can take what should be a relatively straight forward up and down for par from perfect position in front of the hole and turn that into a triple bogie on the club's tough finishing hole with sloping green on top of a hill. I'll bet that I've averaged close t
  3. Zero, zip, nada HIO, Albatross, whatever. Had an Eagle once in a scramble, but that's the extent of my mention worthy holes.
  4. The club I worked at gave out a small HIO trophy. A dust collector that likely would eventually make its way into a storage bin with other sentimental items. The photo and having your name on the wall is worth more than the knick knack I would say.
  5. Indeed! Always nice to be present when an ace is scored. I have been working on at least two occasions when aces were potted. -------------------- Raining here today. Was supposed to play in my regular Thursday men's league tilt, but will likely take a pass. Have a medical appointment earlier this afternoon, so don't need the added rush. Nothing to report golf wise. Pretty sketchy play of late. Yesterday was a real drain for some reason. We're noticing the humidity more so than usual since returning from BC. I have a couple of small landscape project
  6. I don't think that Rory has figured that out yet even after all these years. That said, he does have a nice fat bank account thanks to Nike!
  7. Ca, Mg, Zn +D3; Turmeric; Saw Palmetto. Take the aforementioned along with two BP meds. I think that @Soloman1 is on to something with the gin of choice as a before dinner supplement. When cruising, our BD supplement has traditionally been Dubonnet with lots of ice and a twist of lime. Have never had one at home...
  8. I think they call that incognito...
  9. @Fellaheen51; kudos on the well played round and more so on whippin' the young 'uns butts at PIG!! It's good to know that one still has game! Speakin' of pool; time for a shout out to the Canadian women who out touched their USA counterparts for the silver medal in the 4X100m freestyle relay final last night! Congrats to the Aussie ladies who set a new WR in the process of winning the gold. We're in the fulltime Olympics mode now with the TV on every night following coverage. Always lots of human interest stories when the individual athletes are featured.
  10. Got back home late last night. The higher humidity is instantly noticeable! Slept in late, so still on Pacific time. Garden is kinda wild, but that's to be expected with the rains that we had. Funny how planter boxes that get neglected go south quickly despite forgiving weather. All in all things are in good shape. It will be interesting to see how the rust translates on the golf course. A two week layoff has usually been good for my game if I've been struggling, but that wasn't really the case before we left. DW beckons; off to do the weekly sh
  11. Bezos should be thanking all the unwitting customers (of which I too am one) for putting him in space!
  12. @billh17; it was very uncomfortable last night. We stayed in all evening despite not having AC and the temperature in excess of 30°C. This morning was much improved with clear skies and temperatures quite a bit lower. It's late afternoon now and the sky is starting to fill in and you can noticeably smell the smoke.
  13. Thought I'd share a couple photos I took last night after supper. Gives a pretty good indication of conditions out here at the moment. Fortunately the air is much better this morning.
  14. Yup! It's called a 3W. I like mine quite a bit.
  15. Turns out that there are several places to play out here of various difficulties. There's a very nice semi private course right in town and 3 9 hole outfits within the outskirts. The course we played Friday was about 45 minutes east. There's another one in the same general area that my son plays at. I think that makes about 7 local options for this part of the Valley.
  16. Funny how it can go. I don't have any sand bunkers at the two courses I play league golf at. I'm on vacation visiting my son and we played yesterday at his course. Last hole I fly my approach into a deep bunker with a nasty overhanging lip protecting the green. First sand shot of the season and just like you managed a perfect bunker shot using a set of rentals that happened to have an old worn out 588 lob wedge. Who knew?
  17. The heat and smoke continues, although it was a marked improvement yesterday. My first experience at mountain golf if we can call it that. Nice average course we played that was hard and fast due to weather conditions. It seems as though the ball carried better than what I'm used to, but that may have had more to do with playing with a big hitter who we were paired up with. We plodded along as no one played well, but such is the case I suppose when it comes to vacation golf with rental clubs. They were fine for what they were. Most of my lost shots came off
  18. Been in Ogpogo land since Monday. They say it hasn't rained here in two months! I believe it as lots of crispy vegetation. It's surprising how well some gardens are doing in town though. Such is the benefit of drip irrigation. Supposed to go out for 9 with my son tomorrow. We'll see what the day brings as it was 37°C yesterday! We walk to a local coffee shop for breakfast each morning along the railtrail system. It's getting to be more of a effort each day as the temperature goes up and air quality drops. Lots of smoke from the various forest fires up and do
  19. We've been out twice now to a very local joint down at the boat slip. It's called JJ's on the Docks. 3 minutes from home by car or a 15 minute walk. They were open for take out the entire time so the kitchen staff is the same and the wait staff all came back. My go to is the fish and chips along with a hard cider. Home made pies too for those inclined including Key Lime, also a go to. Two thumbs up from me!
  20. Doesn't instill a lot of confidence that eating out is going to be desirable at all if your experience is the new normal. If that is the case then I'll be doing takeout for the rest of my life and banking the savings!
  21. Blind shots are a fact of life for me as there are a couple at my regular course. The first is a short uphill par 3 that plays around 120 yd. You can see the ball land, but you have no idea where it will roll/bounce to as there is a berm protecting the front. Always take a wedge along with putter as one walks up to the green (bags are left on the next tee which is adjacent to this hole's tee box) because you won't see where you have ended up until you're at the top of the hill. The very next hole offers the same sort of challenge if you place your drive/2nd shot along the left s
  22. Nice wip you've acquired @Fellaheen51! I've actually looked at that model in the past when contemplating changing bikes to something a bit more back friendly. Instead I made some mods to raise the handlebars on my road bike. That seemed to do the trick, but I'm so far away from riding shape these days that anything beyond a half hour is not tolerable. Glad to hear that you're getting out regularly. It's an incentive for me to dust off the wheels, especially when you cited the weight loss. I've put on 20# since the low point following my back trouble. Everything is tight now a
  23. This sounds similar to hat I did with my RBZ Black. It's a 12° head that I backed down two notches to open the face up from the factory setting. I'm assuming that it's now 10.5° or 11°. Gives a nice penetrating medium high flight as long as I don't get too handsy with it. The ball flight for me is much higher and straighter than at the factory setting which tended to lower left with a lack of carry. I tend to think that's a result of a long handle with too upright a lie angle in the OTR configuration. I remember having an old Nike DYMO square driver that I brought to life by
  24. First of all, Conrad, let me wish you the best of luck with the upcoming surgery. My understanding is that it's a relatively quick and simple procedure with a much quicker recovery than what i remember my father experiencing over 40 years ago. The men's league course has overhead wires on #6. I've hit them many times over the years. Always played the ball where it laid as there was never any local rule stating otherwise. The rule @scotee mentioned above is quite unique. I'm sure I've run across other odd local rules that gave the player potential for advantage. For example, t
  25. While my injury is not nearly as serious as what @BIG STU suffered, it has taken me quite a bit longer to regain my strength and length that I once enjoyed. That said, I couldn't have done it without the aid of lighter equipment and softer shafts. I can still get too quick with my lower half and tug one to the left pretty dramatically, but as long as I'm synched up fairly well, I can give the ball a good rip without worrying about overswinging. I figure that has me pretty close to the ideal setup as currently configured. If any further adjustments are required, it's likely to be
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