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  1. Fantastic setup here, tough for me to pass up!
  2. I will confirm that Shapland makes the best bags on the market! Great materials with a classic look that last. I have the stand bag but someone will love that Sunday Bag!
  3. Anyone have a putter head to sell? Looking for a plumbers neck.
  4. Two items up for sale! Sim 5 wood head with adapter. $150 shipped conus SOLD or $175 with a new Dubsdread headcover. 19* head in good shape but a little scratching on face and a tiny blemish on the crown The adapter is after market and a little discoloration after removing it from a shaft Maltby TSW Wedge heads: $55 shipped conus SOLD 52 and 58 heads, selling as a pair Great condition, faces look better in person
  5. I know I'll regret moving this club but I could use the cash. This was my baby over the last season. It's a true bomber that has been as long as any driver I've ever owned, straighter, and easily hittable off the deck. A lot of what makes it great is this Nippon driver shaft. I got this straight from Nippon and it even comes with a Nippon driver headcover. This is a smooth but tight shaft that is incredibly reliable. Details: Full club is 44" Comes with stock headcover and the Nippon headcover if purchased as one club 11.5 degree head and 9.9/10 condition Shaft measures 43" with the TM adapter Shaft is 65X and tipped an inch (more info: https://nipponshaft.com/product/regio-formula-mb+.php) Brand new GP micro suede grip standard Price for the full club: $400 shipped conus SOLD (not sure how to price this as the Nippon website has a suggested MSRP of around $480) Willing to deal the shaft and head separately if I have buyers
  6. Hi everyone, this is a new speed and timing trainer to the market and it’s catching on with all the big name instructors and long drive competitors. It’s basically Superspeed all in one stick as it has three weights to switch between. It also has a ball bearing inside that clicks at the bottom of the swing if timed right. This is the first version the company put out. I have two others I’m keeping, just no need for this one. It’s the top of the line model for fast swingers of 110+ as it’s a pretty stiff shaft. Brand new today they’re selling for $250. Since this is the original model and lightly used, I’ll let this go for SOLD
  7. 1. City, State? Chicago, IL 2. Handicap? 3.7 3. What is your current putter? Tommy Armour Impact 3 CB (cut down to 34" with a counterweight) 4. Have you ever used a L.A.B. Golf putter? I have not but have been interested 5. Why do you want to review the MEAZZ.1 putter? I like how they offer custom weighting options and I think a company just focused on making a better putter has a lot to offer. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes, absolutely
  8. Moving on from a set that I love but found my dream irons (99 Hogan Apex blades) so I'm selling the whole lot. Here's the breakdown: 4 KE4 Tour FDI utility with UST V2 85F5 at 39" 5-PW TE Forged Irons with Modus 125X soft stepped 1x. They all play .5" short of standard specs. 52, 58 TSW Forged Wedges with Modus 125X. The 58 has a spinner shaft I made for it, nice and responsive feeling. The 52 is 35" and the 58 is 34.5". All clubs are in very good condition. Very minor scratches here and there but you barely can see any use. A little residue on the back of the irons after I messed with some lead tape but most is gone. All have Royal Grip V Sand Wrap grips, 9/10 condition. Including some remainder ferrules that match the set as some of them aren't my best work. Price: $350 $325 for the whole set. Would consider breaking things up and selling different parts of the set.
  9. Great seller here! Just picked up an incredible set of 99 Hogan Apex irons from him.
  10. I can't believe no one has snagged the 300 mini at that price. That thing has changed my golf game, longer than any other driver heads I've put in play.
  11. Mini driver testing is over and I have my setup so this one has to go! Taylormade OO head only, 13.5 degrees. Comes with adapter and headcover. It’s in very good shape and top line is perfect. $215 shipped. SOLD
  12. Decided to stick with my blade putter so this has got to go but I know I'm going to regret it. Near brand new Tommy Armour Impact 3 counterbalanced putter with a new Superstroke counterbalance grip with an optional weight insert. I cut this down from 38" to 37" due to me being vertically challenged. Stock headcover included. I'm looking for $110 shipped conus.
  13. This was a fun experiment that I’ve decided to move on from. I’ve got a Wishon 919 FD mini driver 14* at 43” and bent to 2* open. The shaft is the more recent UST V2 Black 6F5. Really great combo that goes a long way but it’s a manageable size for hitting off the deck. Not used all that much and looks perfect from address. Only flaws are on the bottom heel where it accidentally dropped on a cart path. I’m looking for $150 shipped conus.
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