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  1. I typically see more around 43" for the mini driver, but the TM website shows the stock length for the Original One being 43.75"
  2. Anyone have a set of heads in either model they're looking to move? 5-pw ideally. Thanks!
  3. Preference is Original One, Callaway 1.5, or Wishon 919fd but open to what’s available.
  4. This is a very rare limited run putter forged and milled in Japan. It’s a shorter plumbers neck. The feel is incredible. I just have too many putters in rotation to keep this. A bit of rusting with the forged putter head but should be easy to clean up. I put on a new new Ping putter grip recently and this plays 34”. $200 shipped OBO Not really looking to trade unless anyone has a TM Original One.
  5. She’s a beaut but only the best of ball strikers should game this thing, not meant for my bag. Mizuno MP69 3 iron with minimal use. DG Pro S300 shaft and new standard Champkey grip. Plays 38.5” so just a hair under standard length, standard lie and loft. Not sure where to price this but let’s say $60 shipped OBO and I’ll listen to trades (wedge heads, maybe a putter, lagshot or gforce trainer).
  6. 4.4 right now and I don't technically play a 3 wood. I bag a Callaway X2 Hot Pro 5 Deep which is 18.5* but low spin and I pair it with a V2 Black 7F5. Small head, a bit more loft, but launches low.
  7. I’m looking to move my set of Hogans, hopefully in a quick sale! These were my babies but I’m moving to some Mizunos. They’re standard length off a 38” 5 iron. Lie and lofts are in a picture. Grips are pretty new and are standard. S300 shafts in irons and DG wedge flex in wedges. Light scratching but no browning, grooves are in great shape. I weakened these all 2 degrees to get to more traditional lofts and to take even more offset out, so I did my best to remove the paint fill in the loft numbers. Each iron has a light etching of the iron number on the back of the hosel so that you don’t have
  8. 41.5” and in great shape with a new GP standard grip. Launches high but feels stable. $40 shipped SOLD!
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