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  1. I'd go with the carbon model then! Yes, I follow the superspeed protocols as well. It's a good place to start. I believe Slingshot is working on their own protocol with a trainer but I'm not sure when that will be coming out or if it will differ very much.
  2. Trust me, you won’t lose the other pieces. No reason to keep them out after using the different weights. The shorter model works if you really need to save space and it does have some more flex. None of these are anything close to the whippiness of the orange whip, it’s not trying to be. The ball bearing that snaps at impact is the timing part of it, not the whippiness. I would highly suggest the carbon model but depends on your swing speed, can’t go wrong with any model. I didn’t like the orange whip due to the difference in feel when switching to an actual club. These sol
  3. One item to sell today! I'm hoping to quickly move this Wilson Milled 8802 putter. It's been pretty well used and by no means perfect but it has tons of life left and is perfect for anyone that's wanted to try this model out. It has a new Ping grip on it and measures 32". I can take the lead tape off or leave it. It comes with two headcovers, one is a little 8802 vintage style cover and the other is the stock headcover but it's a bit old and beat up. $70 shipped conus OBO SOLD
  4. Interesting. I can see epoxy at the end of it but the rest seems to be more like the graphite material and not the color of the epoxy.
  5. I've recently tipped two Aldila shafts (a Rogue and a 2kxv) and both had this inner insert that's smooth and slides out of the shaft. Anyone know what this is and if I've damaged the shaft in any way?
  6. I've got a fairway head and a shaft that can be combined or sold separately. No trades, just looking to sell. Here's what we've got: 1. Titleist TS2 18* Head with adapter. 8/10 condition I'd say. A few little scrapes here and there but nothing noticeable and the face is perfect. PRICE DROP TO $100 shipped conus!! SOLD 2. Aldila 2kxv Blue 70x shaft that's 42.5" uninstalled with adapter. It has a new Champkey standard grip on it. It currently has a Ping i25 (G25, Anser) adapter on it but I can swap in the Titleist adapter if you want to make it one club. SOLD (with Titlei
  7. Interesting! What was odd about the 4 iron? Just feel? How did it look at address?
  8. You still using those FG59s? I had a set of the Edwin Watts version and absolutely loved them, should have never sold the set.
  9. I just picked up a cool looking set of Cleveland CG1 Tour irons. I love the look and the price was worth the experiment but I know nothing about these and there’s very little info I can find. I know a few tour guys used to game them around 2011. Anyone have some insight into how they perform?
  10. I can't seem to post a review in the actual reviews forum so I'm posting my SlingShot review here! I’ve just recently had the pleasure of receiving all 3 models of the SlingShot trainer from the founder of the product, Tony. First off, what a guy. He loves the game and he’s had this swing trainer in the works for a couple of years. He told me it has gone through many iterations and rounds of feedback from coaches and he only released it now because it’s ready and working perfectly. Let’s start with the philosophy of this training aid and photos to get everyone on the s
  11. Ideally something before twilight and not looking to drive more than 30 minutes outside the city, which I know really narrows things down. I'm learning quickly that my price expectations were way off! I've blocked a time at Wig Wam Red at $79 for now. I had narrowed it down to that, Aguila, and GCU. Thoughts?
  12. I'm sure this has been discussed 100 times but hoping for a quick answer. Any suggestions on a good spot in the $70-$80 range around this time of year? I'm heading to Phoenix in 10 days.
  13. I'll commit to a full bag of these clubs just after looking at those pictures, sign me up. That fairway wood might be the best looking thing I've seen in a long time, old school vibes with that shape and fixed hosel.
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