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  1. Moving on from a set that I love but found my dream irons (99 Hogan Apex blades) so I'm selling the whole lot. Here's the breakdown: 4 KE4 Tour FDI utility with UST V2 85F5 at 39" 5-PW TE Forged Irons with Modus 125X soft stepped 1x. They all play .5" short of standard specs. 52, 58 TSW Forged Wedges with Modus 125X. The 58 has a spinner shaft I made for it, nice and responsive feeling. The 52 is 35" and the 58 is 34.5". All clubs are in very good condition. Very minor scratches here and there but you barely can see any use. A little residue on the back of the irons after I messed with some lead tape but most is gone. All have Royal Grip V Sand Wrap grips, 9/10 condition. Including some remainder ferrules that match the set as some of them aren't my best work. Price: $350 for the whole set. Trying to sell all together but open to offers.
  2. Great seller here! Just picked up an incredible set of 99 Hogan Apex irons from him.
  3. I can't believe no one has snagged the 300 mini at that price. That thing has changed my golf game, longer than any other driver heads I've put in play.
  4. Mini driver testing is over and I have my setup so this one has to go! Taylormade OO head only, 13.5 degrees. Comes with adapter and headcover. It’s in very good shape and top line is perfect. $215 shipped. SOLD
  5. Decided to stick with my blade putter so this has got to go but I know I'm going to regret it. Near brand new Tommy Armour Impact 3 counterbalanced putter with a new Superstroke counterbalance grip with an optional weight insert. I cut this down from 38" to 37" due to me being vertically challenged. Stock headcover included. I'm looking for $110 shipped conus.
  6. This was a fun experiment that I’ve decided to move on from. I’ve got a Wishon 919 FD mini driver 14* at 43” and bent to 2* open. The shaft is the more recent UST V2 Black 6F5. Really great combo that goes a long way but it’s a manageable size for hitting off the deck. Not used all that much and looks perfect from address. Only flaws are on the bottom heel where it accidentally dropped on a cart path. I’m looking for $150 shipped conus.
  7. Slingshot is a better version of this. Removable weights and a ball inside the shaft for timing.
  8. I guess Venmo would work as well if you’re comfortable with that.
  9. Ha yeah still available. Feel free to make an offer. Do you have PayPal?
  10. I'm selling a pretty rare limited run putter forged and milled in Japan. It’s a shorter plumbers neck and there are some slight marks of rusting that could be cleaned up easily. The feel is incredible. I just fell in love with a counterbalanced putter so this has to go. I put on a new new Ping putter grip recently and this plays 34”. I am including an extra Cleveland headcover that I have to keep it protected. $125 shipped OBO to get this moved quickly (gotta be worth more imo). Could be tempted by trades but I honestly don't know what I need. Maybe a set of 52 and 58 wedge heads or a mini driver head.
  11. I typically see more around 43" for the mini driver, but the TM website shows the stock length for the Original One being 43.75"
  12. This is a very rare limited run putter forged and milled in Japan. It’s a shorter plumbers neck. The feel is incredible. I just have too many putters in rotation to keep this. A bit of rusting with the forged putter head but should be easy to clean up. I put on a new new Ping putter grip recently and this plays 34”. $200 shipped OBO Not really looking to trade unless anyone has a TM Original One.
  13. She’s a beaut but only the best of ball strikers should game this thing, not meant for my bag. Mizuno MP69 3 iron with minimal use. DG Pro S300 shaft and new standard Champkey grip. Plays 38.5” so just a hair under standard length, standard lie and loft. Not sure where to price this but let’s say $60 shipped OBO and I’ll listen to trades (wedge heads, maybe a putter, lagshot or gforce trainer).
  14. 4.4 right now and I don't technically play a 3 wood. I bag a Callaway X2 Hot Pro 5 Deep which is 18.5* but low spin and I pair it with a V2 Black 7F5. Small head, a bit more loft, but launches low.
  15. I’m looking to move my set of Hogans, hopefully in a quick sale! These were my babies but I’m moving to some Mizunos. They’re standard length off a 38” 5 iron. Lie and lofts are in a picture. Grips are pretty new and are standard. S300 shafts in irons and DG wedge flex in wedges. Light scratching but no browning, grooves are in great shape. I weakened these all 2 degrees to get to more traditional lofts and to take even more offset out, so I did my best to remove the paint fill in the loft numbers. Each iron has a light etching of the iron number on the back of the hosel so that you don’t have to remember which is which! $325 shipped OBO
  16. 41.5” and in great shape with a new GP standard grip. Launches high but feels stable. $40 shipped SOLD!
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