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  1. Im looking for a good golf specific gym workout program.. Can anyone suggest a good one? any links or apps that are good? Thanks.
  2. tdhdl3

    Hybrid Help

    Went to golf Galaxy and tested some hybrids on the launch monitor. Lets just say I now have a Callaway X2 hot pro 18 degree With ist proforce v2 x flex shaft. This thing just long. I was carrying 242 and totaling 250+. At least 10 yards furthur than any other club I tested.
  3. [quote name='Golf64' timestamp='1391177371' post='8570898'] MP-T4 as good as Vokeys, IMO. [/quote] I have t4 in 54 and 60. Used to be nothing but vokey, but the t4's are awesome.
  4. tdhdl3

    Hybrid Help

    I am a 3 handicap and have one missing piece in my bag. The hybrid 5 wood, 2 iron slot, I have been through a bunch. I like the look of the driving hybrids, like the ping Rapture or Adams DHY. What are some other options? Dont like an extra wood. Open to any info?
  5. [quote name='kendall.boudreau' timestamp='1391138300' post='8569276'] I know this has a lot to do with confidence in your ball striking, but for those of you who play mixed sets, where do you usually start the transition to better player irons? I am thinking a mixed set this year with the Apex pros 3,4,5,6 and Razr x MB 7,8,9,PW. What do you guys like? [/quote] I play mizuno mp-h4 in 3 and 4, mp-64 5 and 6 and 7-pw in mp-4. I think a combo set is great
  6. Wanna get a laser range finder. What is the best you can get for the value?
  7. Ok. Thanks everyone for the input. It's a done deal. I ordered my set today. MP-H4 in the 3 and 4, mp-64 in 5 and 6. And the MP-4's 7-pw. DG X-100 soft steped once. In the end I couldnt tell the difference between the 69's and 4's. Went with the 4's cause they just look better to me. Can't wait to get my hands on them.
  8. I thought they were both super soft, but I just it them indoors on the launch monitor. Numbers were similar too getting around a 195 yrd carry With the six iron. I just thought the 69's were just slightly essier to hit. But the difference was minimal
  9. What is the difference from the dynamic gold and the tour issue version?
  10. Now I have more to think about..
  11. I just got fit for some mizuno irons. I'm a 3 handicap with a 96 mph 6 iron swing speed. I've decided on mp-H4 in the 3 and 4 iron. Now the hard part. Should I go with the mp-4 or no-69 in 5-pw? Hit them both and I'm leaning towards the 69's, but if anyone has played them both and can steer me in the right direction that would be great.
  12. [quote name='Oakey90' timestamp='1390340621' post='8503771'] Awesome bag! DL3 is a legend! Loving the Vokeys and Scotty Yet another player with the SLDR and 3 wood [/quote] love the irons. please bring them to retail bridgestone.
  13. I hope the release this white/black color way. No one needs slime green.
  14. Most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. Period
  15. The retail versions on websites dont look like the ones in the pictures. are the pictures the final product. http://www.golfcircuit.com/Adidas-adiCross-Tour-Golf-Shoe/__5309.html
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