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  1. A "blowgey"...making bogey or worse after hitting a nice drive in the fairway.
  2. My neighbor is a well-meaning idiot. Last year, he started a discussion about his son's potential in professional golf. They had a driver fitting at Dick's Sporting Goods, and left convinced that his son had a shot at the Tour. He wanted to get lessons for him, and reasoned that, based on the fitting results, he had the distance to compete. "Who knows, he could qualify for a few Web events (now Korn Ferry), and maybe win one. If he gets hot enough, might make it to the big show." Kid has never broken 80. Playing on a 5800 yard course. I torture him every time we play. I can't help it. I'm no
  3. > @chip75 said: > One day we'll be able to get a Vantablack finish on our clubs and the only thing you'll see at address is crumbling abyss that is our souls. I had to Google Vantablack, and must agree that it would cause madness. Would look so cool though, lol.
  4. I have played 3 rounds with the MTB-X now, and really like them. Plenty of spin, distance is fine, and they seem to take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. The feel is...different. I would describe it as "heavy," which isn't a bad thing.
  5. One can only hope to leave behind loving relationships and friendships. Sounds like your Pop certainly did that. I would encourage you to, instead of putting the putter away, take it with you on the course. Share it with friends. Incorporate use of Pop's Plop in outings. My best buddy's father loved golf, and we carry an old Callaway Warbird 5 wood to our annual golf trip. Everyone tees off with it on a Par 3, hitting "a light 5" as my buddy's father called it.
  6. Rubbing alcohol and Windex work well. Bleche-Wite too. Dries very quickly. Bleche-Wite contains chemicals that will "condition" rubber. I've even used brake pad cleaner. Edit: I would not use anything with a degreasing agent.
  7. Hello folks. Just wanted to pass along what seems to be a great deal on Champ C8 grips. Hireko Golf has them available in "neon blue" for $1.25 per grip. The MSRP on these when they were launched was $14.99 each. Full disclosure, I've never tried them, but at that price I had to jump.
  8. Anyone lucky enough to score King of Kentucky or Kentucky Owl?
  9. Anyone scored a bottle of King of Kentucky?
  10. Cleveland RTX 3 or 4. I play RTX 3 and love them.
  11. 2017 FJ Hyperflex. Torture to wear. Loved the stability, but lacked any cushioning aside from the insole.
  12. I just picked up the Powerband Boost Boa. Through 3 rounds, they seem to be my pick for comfort. I'm a huge fan of the BOA closure system, too.
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