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  1. They are hard to come by, expensive and one time use only! :(
  2. Hi all, I don't think they help as I cannot see them at address and they don't interact with the ball. I contacted the r and a and they just never came back.. I will try again and post back what they say. I think this is a little bit of a grey area.
  3. Hi all, I have gc2 / hmt stickers on my driver. Are they within the rules of golf? Jon
  4. Hi sw golf, I hit it at 45", on my good swings numbers where 14/15 degree launch spin 2500 ball speed around 160. Just felt would have more accuracy with short shaft as that's what I am used to. I cannot hit a club when chocked down, goes straight left.
  5. Hi all, I was fitted for a titleist 915 d3 with with diamana d+ 70. Numbers perfect and driver felt great. The fitter only had standard 45 inch drivers. I play my driver at 44 inches. How can I get the driver give same numbers @ 44 inches.? Can I just butt trim 1 inch and buy a heavier weight off eBay to get swing weight back. I would be adding 12 grams to the back of the head, so think that might increase launch and spin numbers and effect shaft flex. Would I need to butt trim and tip trim, then evenly distribute weight around the head to get same numbers? Or is adding 12 g not enough to effect the numbers? Jon
  6. Good day Trumb, My driver shaft is 43.5", my stike patern is high middle and towards to toe. I can control strike location quite well, so am happy with shaft length. I will try a lower strike on the face and see what happens. Jon
  7. Hi Golf Nut, My angle of attack is 2 degress up, the loft on the face is 10.5 degrees, balls used at taylormade TP x, Yes, with my titleist 913 i am getting the same swing speed, but am getting hight ball speed.. smash would be around 1.47. I will head back for more testing this week, i will hit some balls with my titlest and send the numbers over. Jon
  8. Hi Golfrnut, I used a lower tee on the orange shots, got the stick dead centre if the face. On the Yellow ones my strike was above the center. As you can see no improvemnt in smash factor. Is this the head or do i need to go lower?
  9. Hi Alex 1975 and thank you for the feedback. The only issue i had with the 12 was the smash seemed very low despite all the strikes being high and middle. I was wondering if that was a spin loft issue and why my launch was higher on the 12. And yes, aim down the right and let it come back :) Jon
  10. Good day all, Looking at new driver as my back is bad and swing speed not what it was. I have a 12 and 10.5 sldr both at 43.5 inches with matrix black tie 73 in x. In the test i had the 10.5 in nutral and the 12 was set open -1.5. 12 degree felt better, i hit the 12 degree first so me swing speed is a little better as my back starts to hurt over time. The smash on the 12 degree would not go about 1.4.. not sure why stikes all in middle. What loft head would you go for, what numbers are the best here.? note - I have edited the image so some numbers are clearer. Thanks Jon
  11. Hi all, Is it within the rules to use chalk / liquid chalk or even baby powder on the hands to improve grip? Thanks Jon
  12. I don't think shaft flex has a dramatic effect on spin, but I have found in a driver if a shaft does not suit me / is too flexible then I hit snap hook and high right blocks. I would look at flex profile before stiffness.
  13. Hi All, I am having issues with my down swing. I cannot seem to get through the ball correctly. I get early extention and spin out a lot. I also seem to dip a lot in back swing. Basically having issues clearing my hips. Any help welcome. Dtl view Front view
  14. [quote name='Golf nerd' timestamp='1414258491' post='10349397'] Why ave you changed that swing,Jon? Looks really good! [/quote] Because i came second in club champs 2 years in a row now
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