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  1. Like Phil or not watching this so far shows how much better an actual pro is versus a pro wannabe. I love watching Steph play basketball but he is not an aspiring golf pro .
  2. This is what I still love about this site. A discussion about a meaningless golf exhibition turns into a dissection of Husker football. By the way what they did to Coach Solich was dumb and disloyal. Look at what the man has done, (for quite awhile now), at Ohio U.
  3. Same here, had the left hip replaced last week, but my golf buds are taking about going out Friday here in Chicagoland. Supposed to be sunny and 50.
  4. Wanted to see a Wilco win, figured it will be a first of many but after seeing the emotion and how much this first win meant to the Dane glad it turned out this way. Wilco learned that you cannot go bogey bogey in many events and expect to win.
  5. Looking for a small headed fairway wood. Very tempting. I have a yellow lab who I have spent 6K on replacing both his rear leg ACL’s. We love him though and as part of the family eventually becomes money well spent with the love he returns.
  6. More live golf tomorrow at 10am ET courtesy of Misters Sutherland and Broadhurst!
  7. While I always like to see guys get their first win it’s also nice to see an old guy (48 years old relatively speaking), get one.
  8. Five years ago I had right hip replacement. The ortho who did it said basically I will see you in five years for the other one and he was right. I decided awhile back that I loved golf too much not to be able to make a good turn and rotation on the ball, which is hard to do with bad hips, knees or other body parts that don’t work. I am 66 and am scheduled in two weeks to have the left hip replaced. I learned from the first one that it is stupid to wait and try to tough out the pain. In a couple of months you will be glad you did it. Do your rehab and swing away come next spring!
  9. Any of the Adams Tight Lies models from the original right up to the last model they produced
  10. I tried to replace the Ping G 5s almost every year and after I retired gave up and saved some money. The closest set that almost replaced them was Titleist AP710s graphite shafts ,which I have as a second set especially when too much golf makes my hands sore.
  11. Thanks I have a small butane torch but am always paranoid about putting burn marks on a head
  12. I have a Ping Anser F putter with the stainless body and copper pixels. I have a True Temper Frequency Filtered shaft sitting in the crawl space gathering dust. I have been thinking of putting this shaft into this Ping head. Does this putter model have the ball bearing in the shaft which would not allow me to change it out myself?
  13. Resurrect Renton Laidlaw, (sorry if he is not departed yet). Loved him.
  14. Had a set of Maxfli Revolution Red irons and played them up until about 10 years ago and gave them to my son after going Ping on irons. They were nice irons but blade like in appearance and performance. Ping G20 irons in graphite are more for the senior I have become, (gasp).
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