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  1. It was hard watching the interview afterwards. Kept waiting for him to get it together but after hearing “the last six years have been hell” knew that wasn’t gonna happen.
  2. I would presume that fairway adapters are not compatible with hybrids?
  3. Great topic and advice here. This helps hackers like me to constantly pay attention to hand and ball placement throughout the round.
  4. Arlington Heights, Illinois PGA Superstore Srixon Q Star Tour or Callaway Soft versions I want to use divide to check alignment on putting. Should be very useful this way. Thanks for this contest.
  5. My ortho who has replaced both of my hips told me awhile back that pushing a golf cart and especially pulling one is not good for the back. For that reason I use a Jones bag with 8 clubs for short courses and for longer difficult courses a lightweight Ping stand bag with 10 clubs. For 18 holes I ride. This has worked pretty well for the last 2 years. FYI I am 67yoa.
  6. My last league night the previous Friday. I drove the ball well but for some reason was hitting irons like it was the first league night. I had 2 birdies though along with a seven and an eight to card a marvelous 51 and handing our match to my opponent. More amazing that I managed a 51 was that I didn’t lose a ball. What a confounding game.
  7. That’s a neat line of inexpensive sunglasses. Especially for old farts like me that lose them a lot…
  8. Wow, considering they probably cost several hundred dollars.
  9. Had to play it after reading this. One of the first legit heavy metal songs along with songs by Judas Priest and Black Sabbath. Just a crazy out of control piece. Surprised Sir Paul still had a voice after doing multiple takes on this in the studio.
  10. Thanks again for the great pix! One of my favorite TV golf venues with the skyline and Lady Liberty on display. Also I really like the TM driver headcover with the Statue of Liberty stitched on it.
  11. So is the best way to compensate for weight loss by reducing shaft length in a driver is by adding weight to the head if it has an adjustable head weighting capability?
  12. I feel your pain. My wife was all city in volleyball and basketball. She played volleyball in college and was mvp her jr and sr.year. She got the tennis bug after college and still plays several times a week. She plays golf with me one to two times a year when I drag her out. She hits her 3 iron long and straight on every hole except par threes. She putts lights out. Don’t know how she does it.
  13. How can Rory not have back problems with that follow thru on the backswing? Wow!
  14. Smithers are they saying boo or boo-urns?
  15. I would read his book if he publishes one…plenty of great stories as you mentioned.
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