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  1. Second most iconic Tour Scotty after that beat up old Tiger Woods putter
  2. I love this topic and the accompanying photos, when men were men!
  3. Retirement. Being on a fixed income with no slush fund sucks
  4. Something about the kid you cannot help but like. I hope he stays healthy physically and mentally this year and gets at least one W.
  5. Henley an awesome front nine, especially considering he’s partnered with the Japanese Terminator
  6. Nice pickup on the Cleveland and it looks to be in fine shape
  7. I think I know the answer but I need to ask anyway. I just purchased an F6 Baffler from a Golfwrx member. It was a head only, (no adapter). I found a Cobra fairway wood shaft with tip settings from 17 to 20 degrees. The standard adapter that came on the F6 Baffler had settings from 16 to 19. If I wanted to use this shaft and use the default 17.5 setting on the Baffler would I set the replacement shaft setting at 18.5? Wow my head hurts now
  8. I have the TE E8 four wood and I have to say whoever buys it will be getting a great fairway wood and at 50 bucks a bargain. I love mine!
  9. The Cobra SZ fairway is 199.00 at Dicks right now. I got the 5 wood last fall and after 3 rounds in December with it I am very happy with it. Smaller head and rails keep it from digging, haven’t hit a fat one with it yet.
  10. I don’t use 3 woods much anymore because of loss of distance off the tee due to age so using a 3 wood to avoid trouble doesn’t come up anymore. When I did though my favorite, which I still have, was a TM V steel, with a TT regular flex metal shaft. The club was very accurate off the tee. I have fond memories of keeping that in the fairway on tight driving holes while my playing partners would bomb their driver tee shots out of bounds or into hazards.
  11. Beautiful clean putter!
  12. This is the first year I subbed a Ping G20 27 degree hybrid into the bag to replace the five iron. It worked well especially off the tee on longish par 3’s. It makes me feel old but I will get over it.
  13. seis

    PNC 2021

    A little grimace after the drive on one of the later holes(16 maybe). I don’t think it was the leg because he was leaning on it with full weight several times while waiting on the tee or green.
  14. The last TM driver I bought was the M2 “Oreo”. I love it and still game it often. Everything release after it is just too ugly, and expensive, for me to consider. Sorry for being a curmudgeon. I still also play my Supertri and Slrdr.
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