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  1. Agree in many ways. But looking at majors won statistics there are only 2 active players in the modern era that have won 5 or more majors. Phil (5) and Tiger (15). Faldo and Travino won 6 in the 1980-1990s. Anything more was from a long ago era with less competition. So for Rory, Jordan, Brooks thats a great career record in majors. I don't think we will see the best of the best winning 6 majors. As for Rickie, he has always been marketable and makes a majority of his money that way. With it comes obligations. How did Tiger do it? Or Phil with a family? Perhaps they have a differen
  2. Corporate sponsors pay the bills.
  3. The worst part is getting paired with a local. (I live in OC). They always have to ask you what you paid. Always.
  4. here let me help you... Couldn't get past the foolishness of the claim "is" someone at the "state level ain't buying it" and the L.A. County Sheriff continuing to investigate, lol -- it "ain't" the California Highway Patrol, OP. who brought up California Highway Patrol. So you go back and read this Hawkeye and then realize ohhh....
  5. go re-read your statement and see if that makes sense.
  6. no one said murder and no one said jail. But there is property damage and liability. That has to be determined who is at fault.
  7. don't even comprehend this statement ...
  8. Police (and courts) usually find probable cause when there is a reasonable basis for believing that a crime may have been committed (for an arrest). They can determine at the scene probable cause for reckless driving and/or speeding.
  9. Here come the attacks versus a discussion from the junior editors The evidence at hand will be determined factual or non-factual in court. The point of this post is any average Joe is going to get citations based off of what I listed earlier, don't think so? Go re-enact this accident (but don't hurt yourself or endanger others ) an see what the sheriffs department writes you a citation for. The police do not have to cite you for a traffic infraction but if they see cause based off the evidence at hand they can write a citation or multiple citations.
  10. First, I just went through a car accident which wasn't my fault Second, lets start with the state it happened in, California Third, i live in California. 1. Crime of speed is obvious and the insurance company makes that determination if the sheriff will not ( i know this for a fact as wrong as it may be they will determine from damage your rate of speed - no i am no t kidding about this - had to get a lawyer and still lost this argument when i was not at fault and not speeding) 2. May have been is the soft ball that sheriff threw out there - they know exactly
  11. you are welcome for the history lesson. class dismissed.
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