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  1. I would look in to West Bend Country Club.
  2. Looks like I'm the only one going on Thursday...should have all sorts of room for spectating!
  3. If you only get 1 round, play Wild Rock. If you are able to play a 2nd and are willing to drive; Lawsonia is a great choice. If you have to stick close to The Dells for a 2nd round consider [url="http://www.reedsburgcountryclub.com/"]Reedsburg Country Club[/url]. It is just 20 minutes SW and is an outstanding golf course.
  4. House on the Rock Resort is very close in Spring Green.
  5. Very exciting news! It is hard to beleive that there isn't a little more hype surrounding this topic. I can only hope it will be as outstanding of a resort as Bandon already is.
  6. Now that is really cool!! Nice to see the manufactures do value our opinions and thoughts. Congrats!
  7. Both jackets are brand new, never worn. They were purchased direct from Summit Golf Brands warehouse sale. To my knowledge both of these items were samples and may not be produced in these colors or at all. Zero Restriction Packable Power Torque Pullover Rain Jacket Fully taped seams, half-zip front SOLD! Zero Restriction Z2550 Zip Front Jacket Full zip, material similar to a softshell Not a lot of info available on this jacket $75 including shipping and PayPal fees
  8. Love the towel. I would really like to see T-shirts as there aren't many golf related t-shirts on the market. Also, stickers/decals and scorecard holders.
  9. If I was going to play a one-brand bag, it would not be any of those three manufacturers.
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