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  1. Why did you change? Did you utilize the Mizuno shaft optimizer to help you make the decision?
  2. Really surprised at the results to date. Mizuno and Ping are not surprising, but Srixon in 3rd is a big surprise. Currently for me PXG, but thinking Callaway Apex or Srixon ZX5 (if they become more readily available).
  3. jol

    New release 3w

    I just picked up the Ping 425 Max 5 wood as an experiment. Very easy to hit (as most 5 woods are), nice launch, very straight, can draw it if need be. Glad they got rid of the turbulators, nice clean look now. I love the flat settings on the hosel sleeve. FYI, make sure the weight screw in the back is tight, mine wasn't and I thought the club was a dud till I realized that the weight was moving slightly upon impact.
  4. Very limited testing to date. Played a couple of rounds each with the TSi 2 & 3 and last year's Sim Max. Also demo'd on the range the Callaway Epic Max and Sim 2 Max. have not demo'd the 425, but have played a round with the 410. IMO, the Titleist drivers look and sound great, especially the sound. I got along better with the 3 than the 2. It felt like I had to focus more and work harder with the 2 than the 3. Which is opposite of what I thought going into the trials. The Epic Max looks great and sounded nice. My numbers were decent and the ball flight good. Unfortunately,
  5. Funny how only a few years ago the 7 wood was viewed as an "old person's" club. Once a few pros put them in their bags, it is now OK for mere mortals to use them. Yes, as a mere mortal it is a very versatile weapon to have.
  6. If it works you, great. For me, it is an important full and partial swing scoring club. I put two yesterday within a yard of the pin. I needed it since my putting has been crap lately.;)
  7. 1. City and State? - Bonita Springs , Florida 2. Handicap? 15 3. What ZX iron set do you want to test? ZX5 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 4. Current Iron setup? PXG 0211, MMT 70 Graphite shafts 5. What is the most exciting thing about the ZX irons? Look and Feel 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  8. I'm waiting for my club to get the new Srixon fitting heads. They hope to have them in a week or so. Then I'll really be able to compare the Apex 21 to ZX5's with Trackman and hitting them off real turf. I'll provide feedback when it happens.
  9. I had the opportunity to get fitted for a set of the Callaway Apex 21 irons. They are really impressive, nice high and penetrating ball flight, felt solid and sounded great. They are definitely on my buy list. Another on my try list are the Srixon ZX5s. Has anyone had the chance to compare the two?
  10. I tried 44.5 inch lengths in both the Cobra F9 (Tour Length) and the Callaway Mavrik drivers. I found that my dispersion was better with the Cobra , but hit some of my longest drives with the Mavrik. Both came with heavier weights to adjust the swing weight. My conclusion, it depends on driver. If you can, try it when being fitted.
  11. 1. Sleepy Hollow CC, Scarborough, NY 2. Greenwich, Ct. and Naples, Florida 3. 15 4. Cobra F9, 10.5* Tour length shaft, Mitsubishi CK Series 50 5. No 6. TSi 2 7. Yes
  12. Consider the Ping Glide 3.0 wedges. I currently go with a 50* SS, 54* SS and a 58* TS. I use the 58* for bunkers with little or dense sand in bunkers, flop shots & chipping. The 54* SS is used in fluffy bunkers, partial & full swings. The 50* is my approach wedge and used either with full or partial swings. There is a large discussion on the Ping Glide 3.0's on this forum.
  13. I went from Ping G irons to the 0211 in the std lofts. The lofts are identical, but I hit the PXG's higher and about 1/2 a club longer. I have no issue in holding the greens and I even play the Titleist AVX ball which has slightly less spin than the Pro V's.
  14. jol

    Multiple Bags

    I have multiple bags, but it’s more for convenience than anything else. One is for the NE and the other for Florida. It saves me from having to lug clubs back and forth. The composition of the bags differs slightly because of the difference in courses. I also have a cart bag that sits in the basement and collects older clubs that I haven’t gotten around to selling, trading in or given to our caddies.
  15. A 90 mph swing speed at its most efficient will generate 135 mph ball speed. FlightScope’s shot optimizer calculates that a 135 mph ball speed launched at 13* with 2500 rpm spin will carry 210 yards and roll out to 225 yards approximately. If you can launch the ball at 15* with 2000 rpm spin you will pick up 5 yards or so of carry. I wouldn’t expect any major gains in distance from a high end fitting over what you currently have. If you are hitting them in the fairway, I wouldn’t make a change unless you just want to try something different.
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