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  1. Cross eyed dominant golfers have an advantage . Because most golfers need to rotate their heads in order to make a full shoulder turn , cross eyed dominant players can pre- rotate their heads at setup ,ala , Jack Nicklaus and avoid that movement .
  2. Just a question for those better players. Have you adjusted the length of the courses that you currently play. I once read suggestions that golfers should play courses that equal (26 times your average drive).
  3. The USGA driving stats indicate that even LPGA stats are far beyond realistic expectations for MOST golfers. Maybe the small minority of single digit handicaps can look to these numbers, but those on these boards who suggest that the average golfer can average LPGA or even Champion Tour distances are not doing the average golfer a favor by holding out unrealistic expectations.
  4. Initially many training aids are uncomfortable and require a learning curve to utilize correctly but, none of them should cause any golfer to develop a “ton of pain”. Using them while in pain is only asking for future chronic health problems . Shallowing the shaft is an arm movement. Shallowing is accomplished via left forearm pronation going back and by both left forearm pronation AND right shoulder external rotation in early transition . Both of these movements will OPEN the clubface, so this is NOT per se a swing error. Almost no top golfers bends their trail elbow more than 90 degrees
  5. Shallowing the club shaft is an arm movement and means getting the shaft more horizontal , less vertical. This can be seen clearly in Tyler Ferrell’s “shark fin video”. It is not so much that the arms hands move up , but that the clubface moves more in back or away from the target line , more on or even slightly below an imaginary plane lying flat on your shoulders and going through the ball. There are two ways to do this Either left forearm pronation after about the first 18 inches or so of the backswing or right shoulder external rotation in transition or both. A small % of top golfers wi
  6. The late great LPGA player,Micky Wright had a simple but effective drill to create width and insure that the right arm does not bend too much and too early. Just place a tee in the ground 12 inches directly behind the ball and hit the tee on your takeaway
  7. In the Apr 30,2020 Golf Science Journal , Mackenzie, McCourt and Champaux published the article ” How amateur golfers deliver energy to the driver” In this article, they suggested that INCREASING the LENGTH of the HAND PATH during the backswing will result in more clubhead speed at impact.For every 1.75 inches increase in hand path going back, AMATEUR golfers increased their clubhead speed by 1 mph.
  8. From SLICEFIXER. “Shut face drill” Take a 7 iron , setup up normally except shut the clubface a bit. Make 3/4 swings and try to hit the ball straight or with a slight fade.In order to do so, you must create some lag and trail the clubhead , which keeps the clubface open a bit longer and also forces the player to work the butt of the left with his body
  9. Monte You have always had a wonderful action; this video just confirms it.This movement of the tailbone at the end of the backswing is present among all great ball strikers . Two questions In the slow motion version it appears as if there is very little lateral motion in transition toward the target after your tailbone has moved laterally. Do you think of any lateral movement after the tailbone has moved as being automatic? How do you teach this move , especially to those golfers who have the incorrect hip move ingrained into their swing? Thanks for your time
  10. Success in surgically repairing a tear depends on three things, where the tear is , the degree of the tear and your age. If the tear is in the middle the prognosis is poor since that area has poor blood supply. If you have a complete tear the chances are less than a partial tear . If you are over 50 , few doctors will operate due to poor expected results . If doctors can not do a repair , they may suggest debridement surgery to remove dead tissue. Such surgery has a good chance of reducing pain , but has risks of reducing range of motion and strength.
  11. GETTING OLD SUCKs . Boy how true this is. I am probably older than you and suffer with mild pain most of the time) The choice that many of us have is to try alternative treatments , pop the pills or/and avoid activities which cause more pain. I have tried all of the alternative treatments mentioned on these pages and nothing has relieved the slight aching pain of my torn TFC ( inoperable) or the pain from my shoulder tendonosis except the pills and ice(short term). Because I do not want to develop serious liver, kidney , heart or other problems , I have chosen to avoid the pills most of the
  12. I had a friend who was a top college tennis player and never developed tennis or golfers elbow partially because he iced his elbow after each match. Here is my experience for those with mild- moderate injuries , who choose to self treat their injuries .Those with more severe pain MUST see a doctor 1.REST- meaning NO golf when the pain is acute 2.Stretch the flexors and extensors EVERY day even when you do not do any activities involving the forearms/ wrists.These can be done in the car while you are waiting at a light. 3.Ice after each round or practice session.This can be as simple as placin
  13. One suggestion for those considering cbd oil. Take Cbd oil with some THC included. More than one person has suggested that including the THC is more effective for pain relief than just plain Cbd oil.Of course you need to be a state where grass is legal.
  14. LukeDonaldsTiger I have taken about 6 Alleve and used about 3/4 tube(100g) of Voltaren during the last 12 months,. In addition I do yoga and dynamic stretching every day and try to do a different workout every day. I have a portable ultrasound and tens unit and have taken various nutritional supplements such as turmeric .Currently I am taking CBD oil, but I have yet to determine if it is a waste of money. I have a torn TFC in my wrist , shoulder tendonisis and some ankle instability.I have had PT for each of these injuries during the last 2 years. I am lucky that these injuries are not debili
  15. I occasionally use voltaren gel because of less stomach absorption ... It too has some adverse side effects given its “black box” status in the past . It’s suggested use involves joints near the surface, like the wrists and ankles .It does not seem to be effective on joints like the shoulders, which are covered by a thick layer of muscle.
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