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  1. Looking for some i25, S55, or maybe i210 in blue or black dot with stiff shafts 4-P.
  2. Looking for a set of irons 4-P with stiff shafts. No shovels or blades, but something in between. Budget of $350
  3. Looking for some I20, I25, or comparable iron set 4-P with stiff shafts. Black or Blue dot
  4. Looking for a set of irons. Prefer Ping S55, i20, i25, or something comparable. Will look at other brands as well, but NOT looking for the newest model of any manufacturer.
  5. Been away from the game for a few years and looking forma set of irons to get started back. Prefer 4-P cavity back with stiff shafts. Dont need the latest and greatest , just something in nice condition.
  6. > @grat702 said: > Beautiful putter!!! Great price too, GLWS Thanks!
  7. Only rolled on carpet for about 15 minutes. 35" long with build tag on grip and sticker tag still on shaft. $200 OBRO paypal/shipped USPS PRIORITY CONUS
  8. Both bought new and only hit 10-15 balls each. All stock specs with headcovers included. TS3 15* fairway with 6.0 smoke 70 gram shaft $235 paypal/shipped USPS PRIORITY CONUS TS3 19* hybrid with 6.0 evenflow white 90 gram shaft $225 paypal/shipped USPS PRIORITY CONUS
  9. > @SBH9458 said: > Great deal....and a great guy to deal with! Thanks man!
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