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  1. Navy blue hat, White Slim fit golf shirt, Navy blue fitted Pants/shorts, shoes are ALWAYS White. DJ is my favourite dressed golfer.
  2. You guys have to be joking. Without HD tv you would never know.
  3. I thought maybe it was a kk Xts to match the driver.
  4. Also we had no caddies because of Covid. I feel I would have saved 2ish shots maybe at links but man I think I would have saved myself 5 strokes at the cliffs with some local insight. I think I could go really low on the Cliffs if I played it again.
  5. We had awesome weather but had wind at the links and I just enjoyed the challenge more. I will say my favourite 9 is the back at Cliffs though.
  6. Im From Halifax, they have a deal on for 2 rounds and a night for 355 Canadian. Our room was right on the 18th green.
  7. For some reason I can’t seem to get the videos to upload.
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