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  1. Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? What model? I use the blue 6x in TS3 Driver What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? Red 8 TX What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? New Hybrid build.
  2. Well looks like I’m getting a new 2 iron lol.
  3. Has anybody use this that has also used superspeed in the past? I can get the superspeed plus the PRGR radar for the same price as just the stack with no radar. Wondering if it’s worth paying more or not?
  4. Pinned Golf. It has slope on/off and i like it more then my Bushnell pro x
  5. First win for the new t200 2 iron.
  6. All i know is that if you cant find the blend of distance and forgiveness in the p770 with the stock kbs 130 x shafts then its not the clubs fault. I played ap2s since 2008 and these p770s are like a free cheat code. Especially the long irons.
  7. These are without a doubt the best grips on earth if you like extreme tacky feel. Mine have lasted forever also, just soap and water with a green scrub pad every few rounds. Now to the grip butt cap twister, I have had to SLAM a few on the concrete to get the butt cap all the way on.
  8. I have tried to drop it many times but I always go back to it, especially when playing really well.
  9. My home course is tough(146,73) but has a 300 yard par 4 and a 490 yard par 5. In my opinion if you want to regularly have eagle looks, play courses with drivable par 4s
  10. The ball seems to hold up well. Although anything is more durable then the TP5x. I love the tp5x but I normally have to replace at least one per round from cover cuts
  11. Hey thanks for taking the time to reply. I am going to try that ott feeling tomorrow morning on the range before the round and see whats up.
  12. I think my setup and backswing look great, but about half way down i move towards the ball and stand up and flip it. Im a decent player (3.4 handicap, great scrambling and putting) but lately it has gotten real bad and i need a key or drill. I THINK i need to get my chest towards the target earlier but have no clue. IMG_2436.MOV
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