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  1. carls golf land has the Tour 260 XT on sale right now. I keep looking at the spiked version, I think it looks better but... is there more comfort in the spikeless version? toss up? Any traction loss? Some of the reviews say that the spikeless provides a great deal of traction. Thanks for your perspective.
  2. So BK did a Q and A with his girlfriend on Instagram. the question was asked about not seeing him in the ZIT. “I need more stability for my knee” “you will see something new soon”
  3. Its been great for me. I bought one of their jackets last year and some base layers.
  4. Just reserved this at the local library. Shall see how it goes.
  5. I generally start my day with making coffee and reading for 20-30 mins. Just finished two Ryan Holiday books Ego is the Enemy Stillness is Key any recommendations on books that talk about the mental game in sport or golf?
  6. Dang, this is a great write up! I am going into the winter season and have thought about a LM. This might make the list!
  7. Totally agree... I should have said that in my comment as well. During that time, I was just trying to get big and see what would happen. I went from 210 to 265. Eating clean was not a huge concern at that point. Just lifting as much weight as possible. My DL got up to 420 x 6. It was pretty awesome, just to big in general.
  8. I did 5/3/1 and gained so much weight lol. Strength was developed but damn it was hard to move when I was that big
  9. the traction looks like my Nike Terra Kiger... I think those are the name of the shoe. They are a trail running shoe. I have thought about playing golf in them lol
  10. Seems like we have alot posting in this section. Its always hard to find shoes in the mass of club posts. Has that happened before and it was never used?
  11. I noticed that as well... would be interesting to see him switch brands.
  12. I wish the Tour X came in that navy and blue colorway that the SL does.
  13. I asked about a free trial. He sent me a code for 7 days. I might give it a go.
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