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  1. www.carlsgolfland.com also has free returns, they have been awesome!
  2. dang it! I am in the same boat, I have always wanted one... not sure if it fits my stroke tho....
  3. I am 37. So this is interesting
  4. Any other wrxers out there deal with a minor or a full hip labrum tear? 7 years ago, I decided instead of riding my training in the garage during the winter, I would start running... well, I started and after the 3rd or 4th run something did not feel right. I ended up limping home and went to the doc after a few days. Now, this surgery seems like a nightmare and most have told me to avoid it as long as possible. Anyone else dealing with this?
  5. I think thats a site line on the top, just wanting to confirm... site line?
  6. Has anyone tried this one from TGW. https://www.tgw.com/golf-carts/golf-push-carts/tgw-tour-4-wheel-push-cart
  7. I sized up on the am 90s... bought 11s and they were too big but, once I put in my other insoles and kept the Nike ones in, they fit great. The vapor 2, I wear a 10.5... But, I think these are wider than most Nikes, correct? I tried on a 10.5 in the ZITs and they were SO tight... I am considering an 11 W. Does that sound right?
  8. Some of the courses are $400 here but the course I belong to set their fee at $175. I am signing her up
  9. Minty Stroke Lab 7 35 inch Super Stroke Tour 2.0 grip $160 shipped OBO
  10. I know there is a JR golf section but, just looking to get insight from the parents. What did you think of it?
  11. Any of you playing Sunday? I am visiting a buddy and looking to get out... didnt know it was so hard to get a tee time in LA!
  12. We are taking a road trip and I had NO IDEA, it was so hard to get a tee time in the LA area. We are staying in Santa Monica and would love to play Sunday morning... Any one have two spots open?
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