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  1. Anyone know the lead time on Mevo+ these days? I'd imagine it's not going to get any better any time soon..
  2. I'm not really interested in playing indoor rounds, just using something like a driving range for software. Is there anything built in or cheaper on GC2 that you don't have to spend thousands on?
  3. As someone not familiar with this cloth, how would you rate the durability of it?
  4. For those of you who have ventus in multiple woods/hybrids, how did you set it up? I was fit for blue 7x in TSi3 driver (absolutely love it) and recently purchased the TSi3 3W head. I was thinking Red 8x for the 3W? Wouldn't mind grabbing the hybrid shaft either.
  5. I've always been overly hooky with hybrids so I ditched them a while back. Went with three irons but had a hard time with u500. My swing has drastically evolved since then and put the hybrid back in the bag over the summer and went with the TS2. It's now my favorite club. It does what you expect from a hybrid with a lot of launch I wouldn't get otherwise and I don't pull hook it like others. I've been reading they're coming out with new hybrids shortly and I just can't reckon with taking it out.
  6. Coming from TS3/4 with some swing changes.. The pull hook was my miss and I haven't hit one yet in like five rounds. I don't think it could be all club but it has to be part of it.
  7. Went from 10.5 TS4 w/ ADBB 7x to 10 TSi3 w/ Ventus Blue 7x and it was noticeably lower today at the range. And the sound.. wow.
  8. I scheduled a fitting at CC last week to compare these. Background on me a bit.. played TS3 8.5 last year and the weight in the back broke in half so that one half of the weight just ended up rattling around in the head. Quickly found TS4 on BST at 10.5 and bought that to use. My swing has changed quite a bit over the last year, but that TS4+ADBB gave me my best results over the last few years. I never had it on monitor anywhere, just played it. I have a relatively smooth transition for a faster swing (110-115) and prefer shafts that have a softer/smoother feel in the handle. I was
  9. Anyone know if Golf Galaxy or Club Champion is fitting for these yet? Would GG have the GD shafts available to fit?
  10. Selling off my extras to buy new extras. First reasonable offer takes any or all of it. Only trade interest would be AD-XC 7X driver shaft (Titleist adapter preferred). If any prices are off, please let me know. PM for PayPal, if interested. 1. Titleist U500 2 iron w/ HZRDS 6.5 90g :: $200 [SOLD] This was sparingly used for just a few weeks. There's some scrapes on the bottom (as pictured), but has seen less than 50 balls. Club face is like new and black/black MCC is pretty close to new, as well. 2. Titleist T100 3 iron w/ AMT White X100 :: $150 This was hit l
  11. Pittsburgh, PA2.9TS4 - Pro Orange 70TXForgiveness/DispersionOrange or White 70TXOf course.
  12. I seem to be in the minority here, but I prefer the CBs to any of the offerings. I have T100, CB, MB mixed set and prefer the feel and flight of the CBs to anything. I'll admit they are a bit shorter than a lot of sets. I don't mind, though, because of the blending to wedges is easier. If the combo set didn't cost me so much money, I'd switch to all CBs. The MBs are obviously butter, but I like the more solid feeling of the CB.
  13. 620 CB 4-6, MB 7-PW I game this exact setup with 3 iron in T100. They have more of a whack than the MP18s I played last year, but not necessarily in a bad way. They have much better looks at address than my MP18s, in my opinion. I seem to be in the minority, but I definitely prefer the 620s to the MP line(s). They don't look forgiving in the least, but I found them to be as forgiving or more-so with better turf interaction than the MPs, as well.
  14. Rolled one for a few weeks on the course. For reference, I'm the most average amateur putter ever. My shorter putts definitely improved over my Scotty blade, but my distance control on longer putts wasn't great. I've never gotten along great with inserts, though. I've been using Phantom X the last few rounds and it's been great for the honeymoon period.
  15. I found it to be quite draw bias compared to TS3. It could be my forever evolving swing, but I pretty rarely smother the TS3 compared to a few per round with the TS2.
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