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  1. Just a couple extras today: I'm selling a beautiful Odyssey Triple Track Marksman 35 inch putter with the jumbo stock grip. Putter has been gamed since they were released a few months back, in fantastic shape, always kept with headcover on. $OLD shipped CONUS Second is a Titleist Vokey SM7 56 degree sand wedge with 10 degrees of bounce, S grind, nippon modus 125 stiff flex shaft, midsize cp2 pro grip, this is the limited edition slate blue finish that came out last year. You'll see from the face, this wasn't used as my main gamer and it's been sitting in my office for
  2. For Sale: PXG Gen 1 0311 Iron Set 4-GW STD LLL D2 Reshafted by Club Champion 18 months ago with Fujikura Pro 75 Regular Flex Graphite Shafts Midsize Golf Pride CP2 Pro Grips with matching red ferrules and red and white paintfill on the screws of the clubhead Of note: Pitching Wedge has red paintfill on the W, I can change it to black before shipping if it bothers you. 7i has two small rock chips on sole Clubs show usual wear with a few years of play, bag chatter, but plenty of life left in these puppies. I'm going Gen 3 so have to say goodbye to these. Befor
  3. Selling my 35" Bettinardi BB29 blade putter, in pristine shape, gamed for 6 months (during college football season, so hardly at all!) with a jumbo neon yellow Bettinardi cord grip. Pics tell the story, it's in fantastic shape. Standard LL spec. As much as I want to be a milled putter guy, I need to accept that I am better with an insert mallet, and draining putts feels better than looking cool. This will be going toward my purchase of an Odyssey Triple Track so no trade interest unless you got one early. $150 shipped CONUS...if you're in Canada, we can work something out, but last time I shi
  4. Selling my less than 5 month old Bettinardi Queen Bee 10 as I've gone back to the blade. This is a mint mid mallet, 36 inches with the Tiffany Blue Jumbo grip and blue paintfill. No dings anywhere, some brush marks on the sole from gaming but is really well taken care of, the micro honeycomb face is perfect. The lighting made it look like there's a little discoloration on there but there isn't, it's great. $450 new...$275 shipped CONUS for my friends on here. Plenty of birdies left in this baby!
  5. Well, I bought into the hype, I got the Superspeed Golf system, and nothing changed. Granted, I never took them out of the box, but NOWHERE did they mention that you actually had to swing them to get faster! I figured it was an osmosis based process. That said, this is a literal brand new set of Super Speed mens sticks, I took the plastic off the grips when they arrived, placed them back in the box and have literally never swung them, they've been in my garage for 3 months. Obviously my commitment to swing speed training leaves a bit to be desired, so I'll happily get them to someone who m
  6. Up for grabs is a pair of Japanese forged samurai swords! Custom built, sooo sharp looking, I get a ton of compliments on these. They’ve been gamed for one season, ready for something new. I did find them to be a little “diggy” in the really soft south Florida conditions I play in. These are shafted in KBS black wedge shafts, with Golfpride CP2 midsize grips, red and white ferrules to match the whole set. The grooves are super sharp, and the raw finish is starting to rust now on the face and the numbers in the back. “Done up in a unique black finish designed to feel soft and wear quickly t
  7. So I bought this set from another WRXer two weeks ago, they have one large bucket of balls and 36 holes on them from me and honestly, they're too long. I play PXG 0311 as my gamers and wanted a travel/backup set and figured 790s are as close to the real thing, minus the $$...they aren't really a great backup set for me because I'm a full club longer with the 790s over the PXGs, it's crazy. They are a bit more harsh feeling over the Parsons but otherwise, great to look down at, nice ball flight, and go forever. Faces are great, very little chatter, it's a couple month old set. The only mod I
  8. SOLD Up first is a pair of Vokey SM6 "limited edition" Bronze wedges, 56 and 60 degrees, M grind, 8 deg of bounce on both. These are still being sold new online for $200 per. You'll see the 56 has more wear than the 60 that really isn't used very often, never for full shots. $OLD for the pair, don't wish to split them. These have midsize golf pride CP2 grips on them. SOLD Next is a month old Evnroll ER5 Hatchback putter, with a counterbalance Superstroke 3.0 grip. Grip and putter look amazing, just don't like the feel. $OLD shipped to you, This is the 35 in face balanced 355 head. (also,
  9. Fixed, sorry everyone. $399 seems like a reasonable amount for me to host some golf club pics a few times a year, where do I sign up!
  10. Still? I'm seeing them on my end. Let me know if it's still bad and I'll find another hosting service...recommendations?
  11. Time to move some product! ****SOLD****First up, a Scotty Cameron, Cameron's Club Belt Buckle, this thing is in fantastic shape, only been used 10 rounds total in its lifetime. Been hooked on my Druh buckles and just never wear this one. $70 shipped. ***SOLD*** Second, is a 33in Scotty Cameron Futura 7m. This is a 3 month old putter, been gamed for that long, it's in great shape and will come with a white matador midsize grip. This is a standard Cameron, not one of the Cameron and Crown versions. No damage at all on this puppy, only mod is that I paintfilled the top aimline white to match
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