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  1. 1999 PGA Championship Tiger Woods out dueling El Nino. I was in high school at the time and golf was life.
  2. Greg, Thank you for all the amazing pictures. We appreciate your hard work!
  3. Your dog looks less than thrilled! LOL Can we go for a walk yet?!
  4. Anytime you shorten a pair of pants, shorts, sleeves you are also changing the intended diameter of the garmet. For instance, if you hem a pair of shorts from 11.5" to 7.5" the leg opening is going to be too big...versus if you took a 9" short inseam and hemmed to 7.5" which wouldn't be as big but still should be tapered. Your tailor can shorten and taper them for you... and my tailor only charges me for the hem. This is especially true for pants. Another example, I'm 5'-7" and have a 38" waist and 27" inseam (picture an Oompa Loompa without the face paint and gloves). Buying a 38W x 34L will require more tapering vs. a 38W x 30L. Short story long, cheaper to find clothing you like that is too long at a great value and have them altered... and I need to eat less donuts.
  5. Z785 10.5* Evenflow HC Blue 65g in 6.0 flex GP 2g tour wrap white 44.5" length Thank you Srixon and GolfWRX!!!
  6. Adams CMB's re-shafted with Nippon's... still playing them. Nothing compares.
  7. PM sent. I'll take it if still available. Thank you.
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