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  1. Maybe a different way of thinking about it might help. When you transition from backswing to downswing in a full swing, that acceleration causes the club face to open, and the shaft twist and droop. Would you want those same things happening to your putter (to a much lesser extent)? That accelerated change of direction causes the once square face at address to no longer be square because of the force placed on it.
  2. Anybody have any recommendations for public courses to play near Deerfield Beach FL? Something higher end, not a local muni. Thanks
  3. I bought the Mizuno Kilo and have 6 rounds in with it. The straps are so comfortable and it is really light on the back. It needs one more pocket just above the ball pocket. I can see the material ripping or tearing easily if it gets caught on something. No phd necessary to adjust the straps like the 2.5+ needs, just a very light bag that is extremely comfortable to carry.
  4. These puma's were new today when I wore them, a few muddy puddles later and they have shadow where the puddle came up to. I tried cleaning with some laundry detergent, hard to see in the pic, but the shadow line is there. Anyone know how to get rid of that? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the responses guys. The "it's about that far" definitely doesn't work for me, my depth perception is terrible. I think I'll go to our practice green/fairway and work on just learning how far "clock" flies. No pin involved.
  6. Are you aiming at a specific target or are you hitting into an empty fairway then calculating distances from where they land?
  7. When you practice partial wedge shots do you hit to a specific yardage, Or the yardage that gets you near your practice pin? So if your target is 50yards, do you try to land it at 50 or short of that so it ends up at 50? Green speed, slope, grain, softness, etc.. on the practice green is hardly ever the same as on course.
  8. Rant to shoe companies: Went to buy a few pairs of new shoes as I do every year. Most of the shoes I'd like to buy I'd need a yoga program get into. What was wrong with a regular tongue on shoes? Most people wear socks, why does the shoes need another sock. Why is tightness at my ankle important? If you have a wide feet it makes sense you'd need a wide opening. Tried on 4 pairs almost pulled a hamstring.
  9. For Sale, 2 pairs of Puma ignite golf shoes. Both are worn but not very much. Both in good to very good condition. One pair has the boa disk. Both size 9. I'm going to get killed with shipping on these cause they are not light. How about $100 to east coast, $110 west coast. Thanks Tom
  10. They clearly should sell these bags with a couple dozen pro v1's in the pockets.
  11. It's a golf bag not open heart surgery. I adjusted this thing six ways to Sunday, never found comfortable. And my current bag is SM hybrid with ez fit straps.
  12. I went to gg today to look at the 2.5+ and the mizuno Kilo. At first look the 2.5+ is a much better bag. Bigger opening, full length divider on each "tube", better material, that one extra pocket above the ball pocket. Everything seemed better on the 2.5. BUT... The straps are horrendous. I weighted both bags with 10 clubs I pulled off the rack. The 2.5 is terrible, so uncomfortable. I adjusted the straps to a hundred different positions still nothing comfortable. The mizuno is perfect on my shoulders, a million times more comfortable I bought the Mizuno. Way more comfortabl
  13. I have every model and probably 12 pairs of these old navy 'active' type pants. Here's the breakdown on fit. Most recent models: Slim go cool hybrid (5pocket style) Slim go cool hybrid Chino. - both fit the same. The difference is in the pockets. You can tell it's a newer model because it has 2belt loops in the back. Slim through thigh and a**, very stretchy waistband. Not too narrow at the ankle. I have thick thighs and these are a little too tight for me. Almost a straight slim fit. Slim go built in performance: My favorite model but is on
  14. I had a heel spur which lead to Achilles shearing, which led to bursitis. These new balance are the best I've found. They have a heel counter but there is so much padding back there i get no pain. https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/new-balance-mens-574-greens-golf-shoes-19nwbm574grns20whgsh/19nwbm574grns20whgsh Also Adidas i–5923 sneakers for off course are awesome. No structure and some padding.
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