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  1. Bought this from golf galaxy a few months ago with the intention of carrying, but I really prefer using my push cart. I played 3 rounds and a few range sessions with this bag. No rips or tears. Super comfortable straps. $180 shipped (add $10 west of Mississippi)
  2. Check out the AMG videos on youtube. Their business is the pressure mats.
  3. 50yards was hyperbole. I usually don't concern myself with distance, I enjoy hitting it straight. Some good suggestions in here. Having said that I think the hammer x with accuflex is the way to go. I'm sure the resale value is high.
  4. Found out that due to my handicap my club championship will be played from the back tees at 7200 yards. I usually play blue tees (6800) or whites (6500). I drive it straight, hit tons of fairways but max is 260. Any way to gain some quick distance? 48“ ultra light driver shaft.? Pinnacle balls?
  5. Here's mine. I have a chevy volt with not much trunk space. Made with some plywood I had hanging around. Paint would make it look fancier.
  6. 2 for 1. Used Puma ignites leather shoes. Sz. 9. $80 shipped for both pairs. (add $10 west of Mississippi). In good condition, well taken care of. Please see the pictures.
  7. You need to do some homework in order to make a good decision. Find out these exact yardage: - front of Creek to center of green - back of creek to center of green - front of pond to center of green Write them down or memorize them. When playing laser the pin, add or subtract for front pin, back pin. Then subtract your creek and pond numbers and make your decision from there. Pick your line based on the numbers.
  8. I've spent a long time dumped under, if you are going the aim left route. Make sure you commit to starting the ball left.... And maybe get a 6* driver
  9. I'm looking for a comparison between these two.
  10. Has anyone compared the previous chrome soft X (2018) vs. The new 2021model? These are the two models.
  11. No, I'm asking how to make long term changes. Difficult making changes at full speed while hitting a ball. Just telling my body to do something doesn't usually work for some reason.
  12. How do you make movement changes in your swing while hitting the ball. Obviously standing in front of a mirror and rehearsing without a ball are different than at speed of an actual swing Do you hit balls in slow motion? Do you stop in certain positions then continue. Any light shed would be appreciated.
  13. Move up a tee box? I'm a 3 handicap. Plus I don't think it would go over well with my playing partners to move up a tee box because the bunker is in a awkward spot for me.
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