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  1. I have big thighs and big a** and the Amazon essentials pants have really short rise. They came about half way up my butt.
  2. Great set of sticks. Wish I still had them.
  3. PayPal only prices include shipping (add $5 west of Mississippi), no shipping to Canada. Thanks, Tom Ping g400max 9* with UST VTS silver tourspx 6x. Very good condition, no sky marks, one very miniscule pin hole of paint missing near top line (see pic). Some scratches on the shafts. Sold Taylormade Aeroburner TP 15* with Diamana blue s+70 x-flex. In excellent condition, just needs a new grip. Sold Callaway tour green strong Adapter, brand new. Allows -2* of adjustment. SOLD
  4. Go to ebay, search "taylormade sim driver", then use the pull down and select 8* of loft... A whole bunch of tour issue sim max heads will pop up... Check the loft stickers, plenty in the 7* range.
  5. Chaulk line... Red or blue works on real green greens.
  6. I got fit for a SIM driver and it measured almost right on the stated loft. Are there any retailers that would digitally loft to ensure the club is on the money for loft? Maybe DD or Will??
  7. My natural move (which is problematic) is looping the club inside on the downswing and dropping my right shoulder down, which adds tilt, and get my path right... So adding it at address just seems to add more right path. If anything I want that path getting more left.
  8. When I add more spine tilt at address it adds unintended issues... Such as more weight on the right foot, which tends to stay there throughout the swing. Tends to restrict my already restricted backswing. And shifts my path even more right..... What am I missing here?
  9. Please, I beg, for the sake of the rest of the players on the course, please don't play the tips.... The pace of play at the Black is so SLOW in large part because of too many guys thinking they can play7400yards to their normal handicap.... They made it 7400yards for guys that are so good they don't even have handicaps....shoot Tigers shot - 3 in 4 rounds there in 2002.
  10. We're taking relief from puddles in the bunker, but not dropping outside of bunker.
  11. No raking during covid was apparently interpreted as no bunker care by maintenance crews around here..... So how to play out of mud bunkers? I opened the face hit a few inches behind it and it came out like a half blade half mud pie.
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