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  1. All prices include shipping via USPS priority mail with insurance to the CONUS only. I am not looking for any trades at this time. I can ship out this Wednesday and transit time for priority mail can take about 5-10 days for delivery from my location. 1. Tensei Pro White 70s, measures 43-9/16” grip to tip, tipped 1/2”, has a Ping G Ferrule and a Tour Velvet Plus 4 installed...$175 $160 2. Diamana D+ Ltd 70s, measures 43-9/16” grip to tip, untipped, has a TM ferrule and a Tour Velvet Plus 4 installed...$100 $85 3. Diamana D+ Ltd 80s, measures 40-7/8”, tippe
  2. Genius would have been labeling them “Tour Issue” and throwing another 500% markup on top...
  3. Are you 100% certain that you are not being hustled by this buyer? Curious that a “GD Dealer” would be picking up used GD shafts on an internet forum... I am looking at the listing of your VR-6s and it looks good to me as it has the label overlap...but this is based on this one pic
  4. Prices include shipping to the CONUS only via USPS Priority Mail w/insurance. Thanks for looking and let me know of any questions. 1. Tour AD DI-8x, measures a hair under 42" grip to adapter tip, tipped 1.5", 2* adapter installed....$140 $old 2. Tour AD DI-105x (new graphics), measures 39.75" grip to shaft tip, tipped 0.5", one time pull (I bought new/uncut....see pic for scratch above where ferrule was, not an issue and my be covered when installed)....$120 Sold 3. Bellum Winmore Colverdale, measures 34.5" straight down the shaft, in excellent shape and
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