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  1. I received a M2 Tour fairway wood head yesterday from an eBay seller that moves a lot of these. There is a rise where the carbon meets the titanium and it makes it appear like cheap manufacturing....is this common for this model? My M1 fairway is almost flush where the two materials meet.... M2 M1
  2. Good watch here: https://youtu.be/ndCQIaWJT94includes driving iron as well...
  3. Does this same stiffness to weight rule apply to the Tour Blue weight ranges as well?
  4. When I played the IZ, it was a 6s tipped an inch in an M3 440....still launched and spun a little high for me. Now, I’m gaming a Rogue Black 110 MSI 60TX. I am on the lookout for a deal on an IZ 6x though....never tried it in x and am curious how that would pair with my G410 LST.
  5. In the first pic you can see the rings misaligned. This is because of the label overlap that makes up the graphics in the upper ring and white area. Additionally, in the second pic, you can see the label over lap through the middle of the white area and borders the Tour AD graphic. You should also see ghosted font in the white label area such as, “AD”, “Accuracy”, “Distance”.
  6. I don’t have any more IZ’s, but here is a TP I have that can be compared:
  7. I think you’re good...the overlap is there and that is one of the indicators of a legit shaft ...the rings won’t perfectly align as a result
  8. There's been interest, but numbers 2 and 5 are still available
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