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  1. I started playing golf with dynamic gold S300’s, and have always dug the thump through impact with them. In early 2019, I was fit into the Modus 105x and eventually ordered a set of iBlades with them installed with heavier swing weights (D4-D5). While I have had good results with this set, I still longed for the dg feel and I think the shorter irons were lacking heft and threw my timing off a bit. I traveled last November and had to use a rental set that happened to have AMT Tour White S300’s. Results were great, and the feel was there, but I felt that the shafts could have been stiffer. Trial
  2. 1st place I look when I am in the market for something. Multiple purchases from them and always positive.
  3. Anyone own the Fiberbuilt Hourglass Performance Turf Mat and can provide some feedback? I am looking at this as an option for transportability to my local range. The manufacturer states it can be rolled up for storage when not in use.
  4. Did the rules change? How many clubs can be in the bag?
  5. Just imagine, combo-ing the SLDR 430 with the Whiteboard 63.......somebody out there wants to hit bombs, don't deny yourself the bliss
  6. All prices include shipping via USPS Priority Mail to the CONUS w/insurance and graphite shafts will be protected with PVC. Allow for a few extra days of shipping time as I currently reside in Japan. I am not looking for trades at this time. $180 $165...TS3 8.5* head w/headcover and +4, +6 OEM weights (STD weight is in the head). Very clean condition. $old...915D3 8.5* head w/headcover, has been hot melted (neutral). Good condition, has a small chip near the center of the crown. $60 $50...SLDR 430 10.5* head w/headcover. Will include toe screw
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