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  1. Good find! They come out next month. CodeChaos are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn, I might need the black and blue colorways.
  2. DJ-only PE (so far). I've been begging. No-Show Polo Hazy Orange, May release: I was snooping around on the adidas golf site and noticed this on the new listings for Primeblue line: It has since been removed.
  3. Project X Both direct from True Temper Tour Dept. Shipping CONUS Hulk 6.5 TX 70 Taylormade Tip Tiny cosmetic paint chip near tip, not noticeable from address (see below). SOLD Riptide 6.5 TX 80 $100 No
  4. Live on TM site: https://www.taylormadegolf.com/taylormade-accessories-majors/?lang=en_US
  5. TGW had them listed a few days ago. I ordered, they ran my card, and then cancelled a day or two later. Not cool if you list them online and make them available to purchase.
  6. I've begged for these to come to the US to no avail. They didn't even really release any black version here, just they grey thing.
  7. New website is live: https://us.ashworthgolf.com/ I like the styles but $78-98 polos, $148-198 vests, $118 pants (Lululemon price point), and $58 tees ain't it, homie.
  8. I found my White/Gum XIs to run 0.5 small, a little too tight with my regular cushioned socks but manageable with thinner pairs. I’d size up accordingly.
  9. I seem to remember an Excel file floating around here for logging SuperSpeed progress, but I can't seem to find it now. It had some color coding, different shades, for progress. Any help? THANKS!
  10. I'm curious about the timing. He spent a lot of time working with Claude when he was the big dog in the stable and talking trash on DJ unsolicited. He gets stuffed in a locker at Augusta and quits three days later. I wonder where he lands.
  11. I really liked Ashworth too. When adidas was phasing it out, I remember some great deals. Those polos are still some of my favorites in the wardrobe. Quality materials and timeless styles. I haven't been as impressed with adiPure taking over that part of their lineup. And like @flogmat said, their logo was awesome.
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