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  1. Thanks, guys! Sullivan Dean was born on August 7. It has been a lot of fun! He's growing like a weed. I played in the Nebraska Amateur Championship the last week of July, finished T13, and all but retired for the rest of the season. I'm slowly getting back into it and look forward to competing again next season. I feel like GolfWRX really changed the last two years. Between the software change, exodus of long-time posters, degradation of content, etc., I just found myself coming here less and less. I do miss the good interactions with you all and hope to
  2. QMany

    SIK Putter fittings

    Sorry, I went to Club Champion and “self-fit” myself putting with a bunch of combinations over lunch. I didn’t drop $100 for the full one-hour fitting on SAM, but I’m tempted.
  3. New items, including that one, dropping in a few weeks. ?
  4. I finally picked up a pair of CodeChaos and they have to be the most comfortable golf shoes I've ever tried. Light, good traction. Maybe not AS stable as the Tour360 platform but still plenty stable.
  5. https://twitter.com/GeoffShac/status/1242242357845688321Seamus is the best.
  6. https://youtu.be/ziCTTnmGPzUJust watch this, easier than explaining through text.
  7. I think it was actually too high-level for the audience. He threw a lot out there. It would have been helpful to show the dispersion, like on Google Maps, instead of just big words about it.
  8. I understand your position about volume and don't necessarily disagree, especially in-season. My best friend is a 2X Top-50 Golf Digest Golf-Fitness Trainer at one of the best gyms in the US, TPI Certified, and works with PGA and LPGA Tour pros every day. He uses SuperSpeed with some of his clients; I actually got my set from him. Mostly, I just disagreed with your overreaching promise "that NO golf fitness professional or TPI-type facility is going to have you swing a heavier stick to help you get faster."
  9. Thanks for the link! I actually worked with Chris Finn for a few months around the time they were doing this testing. I wish they would have done an actual SuperSpeed protocol and given equal rest. I never go through them without rest, usually taking a break after a Red set or just when needed.
  10. I've seen multiple people mention the Blue stick only being a better Protocol. Have their been any case studies or trials on that? Where's that coming from? Thanks.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/B8upbuUhfPu/Congratulations, @ksgolfcoach ! Of course, you waited until I left KC. Coincidence? I think not. Their facilities are world-class!
  12. I’m heading down to Fort Worth next weekend. I’m working with @Fort Worth Pro for a few hours, getting a wedge fitting with Artisan, and practicing the rest of the time in hopefully warmer weather. Can’t wait!
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