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  1. Your modern 5 wood will probably Have 18° of loft and play more like a four wood. Maybe 10 to 12 yards shorter than a three wood but much easier to hit consistently and get up in the air. I use this configuration in my bag.
  2. Perfect golf day in western North Carolina....,high of 68, blue skies, dew point in the 40s. Had to put the boat in winter storage today, but the golf will be fantastic for the next 6-8 weeks.
  3. The Masters is being changed to “Just Some Random People of No Consequence” Also under consideration was “The James Brown Invitational” in honor of Augusta’s most famous citizen.
  4. Is it still 9 holes? first two holes and last hole used to be along the Toccoa river. Relatively flat strategic holes. The rest of the holes were very hilly....the type where a missed fairway means your ball winds up at the bottom of a canyon. The course was in good shape and I had fun....once. I wouldn’t want to be my home course.
  5. I am, but I’ve always wanted to be an architect. or maybe import/export.
  6. Soccer does one thing better than other sports. They turn the clock on and for the most part let it run. You don’t see people slowing things down by throwing the ball out of bounds or running out of bounds. No chats on the mound with the pitcher. No intentionally incomplete passes. No intentional fouls. Football, baseball, basketball etc could learn a few things from soccer.
  7. I thought soccer was on on ESPN12
  8. It has been my experience that bad or slow service is usually the result of people who are too stupid to know if they want fries with that burger at the drive thru. I can’t count the number of times people started to accuse me of stealing their money because they thought they had paid online but actually had not....or thought they had booked today but actually booked yesterday or tomorrow.....or thought they had booked my course but actually booked a course with the same name but in another state. Customers, can’t live with them...
  9. For that many people AND golf gear you’re going to need either another minivan or a Suburban size vehicle. I’ve owned three minivans. There’s nothing glamorous about them but there’s nothing better for that time of your life when you’re overrun with family, gear, pets, kids friends, etc. Tons of room and much cheaper and easier to drive than a big SUV. Plus 27 cup holders. Now that I’m past that, I don’t ever want another one.
  10. Did Gary title this thread?
  11. 20 wins and only one Ryder Cup appearance (1967)? How does that happen? I know the US team was deep back then, but that’s ridiculous. Or else the selection process was rigged. Was he not a PGA member?
  12. One of my labs just ate half of a fire starter log....a stomach full of kerosene (or whatever flammable chemical) and no problems at all.
  13. As the doctor told the man with ED, “There’s nothing wrong with you. Just relax and have an erection.”
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