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  1. So I’ve been giving some thought to this subject recently as I have or have had sets of irons that the ferrules have become brittle and cracked with missing pieces over the years and even regular use might cause more loss of the remaining ferrule. Has anyone come up with a method to preserve the remaining ferrule that will withstand regular play? I was thinking of coating the ferrule in thin cyanoacrylate glue which would dry clear and hold the ferrule together. Any other ideas or tricks you guys may have?
  2. I’ve tried so many different products; Neatsfoot oil, Leather Honey, Lexol, etc, and I find Neatsfoot oil to be the most effective. The key though is cleaning the leather before conditioning. I first clean the grips with Saddle Soap. Really work the saddle soap with a rag and let them dry overnight. Then use the Neatsfoot to condition the leather. This combo has worked well for me and is probably the most cost effective too. Good luck!
  3. Look like fun. I didn’t realize there was a PC7, I thought it went PC5 to Bounce Sole +1. I had a set of Bounce Sole +1’s two seasons ago that were really nice to play. Never played the PC5 or 7 though.
  4. Looking for a matching sand wedge for my 1980’s era Spalding Tour Editions.
  5. If I recall correctly the 1-iron stamped “Tourney” came out first and later they switched to “TOURNEY” all capital letters. I don’t know why the switch was made.
  6. Beautiful set of irons you have there. Have you played them yet? I’ve wanted a set for a long time as well. I hope to find a set as nice as yours at some point.
  7. Some of those Ram Watson wedges look pretty nice. I’ve been searching a bit on eBay and there is quite a few nice examples. I think the biggest thing for me is the leading edge shape. Those super rounded leading edges that were popular on a lot of sand wedges in the 1970’s are great from the sand but not as versatile from the rough or tight lies. One of the biggest attractions for me to playing a vintage set up is the simplicity of my wedge choices. A 50* pitching wedge and a single 54-56* sand wedge that can be manipulated easily for different shots around the gre
  8. Wasn’t there a highly sought after Ram sand wedge, made of nickel if I recall?
  9. I’m thinking a Spalding Johnny Miller might be in order. I’ve gotten my newly acquired Spalding Tour Edition’s to the range a couple times now and they are some special irons. Man are they good...
  10. So for one reason or another my collecting habits have taken a turn towards the 1980’s lately. I’ve picked up sets of Palmer Standards, Deacons, Spalding Tour Editions, Hogan Medallions (1982 model) and some Grinds (yes, early 90’s, not 80’s) Looking at my collection of wedges I realize I don’t have single 1980’s sand wedge right now. Other than the obvious Ping Eye 2, what other sand wedges were the ones to have in the 1980’s?
  11. They do set up very nice. The seller said the grips would need replaced so I bought them with the idea of new grips and some shaft extensions in mind. Once I received them I just couldn’t bring myself to trash the original grips, they have a little life left in them.
  12. That is such a great looking blade with those two frosted lines on the back. Awesome!
  13. I found a couple of very fine, almost NOS, all-original sets of classic irons recently. The first set is circa 1958-62 Petersen stainless irons. The grips are in mint condition, Pro Fit shaft bands are perfect, and slight head chatter is probably just from storage as these look to have not been played. The second is a beautiful set of near mint Golfcraft PTR Staff irons also with original grips and Pro Fit shafts. The grips are a little more hardened but still usable. The chrome and ferrules on the old Golfcrafts is incredible. These are not really pla
  14. Ive printed a few of my own, the problem is a standard home printer won’t print white or metallic gold. There are a few places online that print decals for model trains. They could probably print white decals. And I have a Speed Slot decal. I can digitize it and clean it up in photoshop to make it print ready for you. I have been trying to build up my database of decals for future printing. The originals are getting harder to find. It took me two months to find some Ping Zing decals but I found one of each, black and white, to use as masters to print copies.
  15. Unfortunately they no longer have any. I contacted them recently and inquired. They got back to me after a few days and said they checked their warehouse and nothing unfortunately.
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