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  1. Great find Joe. I am super jealous. I passed on a set of Byron Nelson Tourney irons awhile back and I am still kicking myself, especially after seeing your set. Like I said, the set was Macgregor Tourney Byron Nelson’s, so top of the line. They looked almost identical to yours, same 985 shape as well as a Rec. #, but said “Tourney” instead of Model 259.
  2. You really have to get to know the shaft offerings to date some of the clubs. Many of the remakes were being made in the early 1980’s when the classic club collecting was booming. You’ll often see Dynamic or Dynamic Gold shafts in those. Many clubs from the early to mid 1950’s used True Temper shafts with a small thin black label. This label was also used 25 year later by Macgregor so it does get confusing. Mid 1950’s saw the many top of the line clubs with the green True Temper Rocket shaft band. The late 1950’s into the early 1960’s saw the True Temper Pro Fit shaft with a go
  3. Lots of great 1950’s persimmon clubs out there, not just Macgregor, though they are top of the list. I do believe the persimmon wood was better at that time as it was old growth. By the 1970’s many makers were producing more and more laminate maple heads most likely due to cost and lack of quality persimmon. For the 1950’s I’d also look at Ben Hogan, Spalding, and my favorite, Stan Thompson. Wilson mostly made laminated maple or “Strata-bloc” woods as they called it, but they also produced some fantastic persimmon woods. I have a set of early 60’s Wilson Staff persimmon wood
  4. The question I’d ask is are people missing out by not playing classics? Like driving a classic sports car, vintage persimmon woods and forged irons require all your concentration and make you work to get the best out of them. The designs of both are works of art to be appreciated for their beauty as well as their performance. I also like to think of both classic clubs and cars as time machines. When you are out on a golf course with a bag of classic clubs and there are no houses around, no modern cars, your cell phone turned off and put away, etc., is it 1961 or 2021? You can be
  5. Excellent work! This is a great solution to a common vintage golf club problem, the dreaded lost or broken grip cap. I’ll have to give it a try. Glad to see you made that putter playable without destroying that beautiful leather grip.
  6. For me it’s Rory Gallagher. Pick any video on YouTube and be blown away but his solo on “Hand’s Up” is on another level.
  7. Nope, these will stay original. My philosophy is to save them if possible and refinish only if needed. I will pull the sole plates and face inserts and reset them with new epoxy and probably give them a new coat of nitrocellulose clear lacquer to seal them, but I don’t want to lose any of the original patina.
  8. Another set of Stan Thompson woods made their way to me, this time an original condition set of early 1950’s. Unfortunately the 2-wood is missing but still a very cool set. I’ve never seen a set of Stan Thompson’s with the all-white insert.
  9. The screwdriver will be red hot but if you are only touching the screws you wont melt the insert. The conduction of heat won’t make the screws as hot as the screwdriver but definitely hotter than using a heat gun.
  10. I’ll second LeftyMac and say make sure you get a propane torch to heat the screwdriver. You got to get it red hot. A heat gun won’t cut it.
  11. Here in California we have less caustic strippers than available elsewhere but even Citrustrip can damage and insert. I put stripper on every part of the club head except the insert, that includes the wood face on each side of the insert. Once the finish is removed from the rest of the head I just sand the finish off the insert. It doesn’t take much and removing the very top layer of insert material reveals a beautiful untouched surface.
  12. I’ll second Foozle. That gooseneck with the leather grip is perfection. It just has the look of a putter you want to pick up and use. That thing is beautiful!
  13. Looking for some Feel Release reverse taper grips to try without having to pay for shipping from Australia. Shoot me a message it’s what you have. Thanks, dj
  14. Oh, he is a colossal Foxtrot Uniform so I don’t even talk to him.
  15. @JohnnyOla A bit late to the party but I just picked up a beautiful set of these. Found the Snake Eyes webpage using the Wayback Machine. Here you go.
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