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  1. A few iron sets I am looking to move here. PM me with any questions. First up a set of Macgregor M685 irons. Macgregor was really ahead of the trend here with these irons. The 7-PW are standard forged heads while the 3-6 are hollow forged heads for added distance and more forgiveness. Crazy to think they were making these in 2006 and the big boys just recently caught up. This set is in very clean condition. 5.5 Flighted Rifle shafts. Standard length. $250 plus shipping Next up, probably the cleanest set of Maxfli A10 Tour Limited irons you'll find. If this set doesn't sell I'll gladly keep them. These are cast from nickel and are the softest feeling iron I ever hit, softer than any forged iron. These play 1/2" over length at the 5-iron with 3/8" length increments so the short irons play longer. 3-PW Dynamic Gold S300 shafts $295 plus shipping Now some 1980's classics. First up is a set of Spalding Top Flite Custom Made irons, 2-PW with rare Dynamic Gold T500 shafts, standard length. These play between regular and stiff flex. They have a very long first step in the shaft. Can't find any info on this shaft. The story I was told about this set is they were tested by Greg Norman and then given to his friend who displayed them for the last 30 years. Haven't been played much at all. Don't know if the story is true but the quality forging and rare shafts alone make them worth $225 plus shipping. Finally a set of 1980's Spalding Top Flite Custom Made irons, 1-PW, Dynamic Gold S300 shafts. Standard length. $125 plus shipping.
  2. Looking for 2, possibly 3, Project X 6.0 wedge shafts steel. .370 or .355 is fine. Thanks, dj
  3. I count 8 sets of irons here in my workshop, probably another 10 in the utility room. As for persimmons, around 500. I’d like to get rid of some of it. I realize I have a few sets I hit well and want to play all the time, the rest is decoration.
  4. Exactly the dilemma. No way these will beat out my Top-Flite Custom’s so probably best to keep them wrapped up.
  5. New Old Stock Orlimar Ken Venturi forged iron set. 3-PW, SW. These were a limited edition set commemorating Venturi's 1964 U.S Open win. Set #41 of 1964. These have never been hit and still have the plastic on the heads. Dynamic Gold stiff shafts. $650 plus shipping Kyoei forged KZG 3-PW, AW, SW with Penley 105 gram graphite stiff shafts. Standard length, 2* upright. The sand wedge has a Mitsubishi 105 shaft in it. Great condition with minimal bag chatter. $450 plus shipping
  6. Picked these up but not sure what to do with them. Don’t know if I can bring myself to unwrap the heads and hit them. NOS Orlimar Ken Venturi Limited edition irons, set #41 of 1964. 3-PW, SW. Just stunning clubs.
  7. Here is another I bid on a couple of months ago on eBay but was outbid. It ended up going for $144 plus shipping but it is so weird I wish I would have went harder after it. Louisville Stealth.
  8. I was thinking maybe even going with a Wood Bros Kool Cat look with a bright yellow or even white finish. To me it looks like a late 80’s/ early 90’s sports car. Seems to be screaming for a sports car color, maybe even bright red.
  9. I’ve found absolutely nothing about this club online. Whisker seems to be referring to the shaft as there is a lot of mention of Daiwa Whisker fishing rods online. I see no mention of Colani, who they were or what their roll was with Daiwa. I’m going to blow a grip on and take it to the range today and give it a try. With its long front to back proportions it might very well be an attempt to make an anti slice driver. Or maybe the thought was more aerodynamic the way the rear of the club comes to a point.
  10. Many of us collect the classic 50’s era woods, or focus on certain brands (me, I like my Stan Thompson’s), but how many of you collect unusual shaped persimmon woods? I have recently been attracted to oddball persimmon woods and have begun buying them just because I appreciate someone going outside the box and making something different. I have one on the way but this one arrived earlier this week. Made by Daiwa, it is a Colani-Whisker designed persimmon driver. Very unusual shape, graphite shaft, even a proprietary super light grip which is no longer good and once removed weighed only 28 grams on my scale. I believe I’ll refinish it in black to give it a more sleek look with the carbon fiber insert. So, anyone else have any strange persimmon designs to share?
  11. I don’t have a Stan Thompson Ginty but I have a set of Louisville Niblick woods. Personally, I think they are great out of the rough but not so great from tight fairway lies. I’d think the Ginty irons would play similarly, great from out of the rough, but I wouldn’t want to be standing over the ball 180 yards out in the middle of the fairway with that pointed rudder style sole on my irons.
  12. Never heard or seen anything like them before but I absolutely love them. Very unique and innovative at the time I’m sure. Really cool set!
  13. Nice score! That LFF is a perfect restoration candidate. I think that will come out real nice once finished. Like you said, sole plate is very nice, face is in good condition. Should look great. Congrats!
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