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  1. I was glad I pulled the trigger on a GOAT before he changed the design. Great feel, clean, just an awesome putter. GLWS
  2. Could you possibly post an address pic? Particularly with the single dot heads to show the difference?
  3. Lol. “Never got around to hitting it, but I’m not really willing to part with it” .....that’s WRX right there boys?
  4. 4 spares up for sale today. No trades please, Mrs’ car is heading to the shop and given she didn’t heed my advice and decided to buy an old BMW, I’m preparing for the worst. No trades please. All prices include shipping but please add $5 for anything west of the Mississippi. 1- Odyssey White hot 2 ball lined. Not filled unfortunately but I have some lead tape in there to bring that weight up. WRX black shaft treatment that’s still holding up well and a SS pistol gt counter core grip with which I’ll include the plug and 50g weight. Original head cover included but it’s fading and occasional
  5. All clubs are used but not abused, feel free to make reasonable offers but no trades please, just looking to unload. Ignore the Callaway iron heads. They’re back in. 1- DG Tour Issue S400 pulls. 4-P. Played to std length. 2 month old SS grips. $75 shipped 2- MD3 Wedges - Love to move them as a set, given the gaps match well. 48 and 52 are black, sand and lob are stock. All are 2 up, std length with GP cord grips (PW has tour velvet cord, others are z cord) Shafts are 48 - Modus 120 X, 52 - Modus 120 S, 56 - Modus 120 S and 60 - DG S300. Face wear but still lots of sharpness to the
  6. Epic to Rogue and changing my wedge lofts from 48-54-60 to 48-54-58-62 And went from a revolving door of putters to a $35 odyssey #8 from eBay. Never putt this well in my life
  7. Bridgestone J40 line. Low offset, wide sole, thin top line.
  8. That is exactly the putter I would walk into the van and ask for. Exactly. Are loan offices open on Saturday.....? Awesome stick. GLWS
  9. I say go with the jacket idea. Assuming you don’t have some ogre in your group who needs a 50 extra long or something you can get a USA themed one probably from loudmouth or one of those companies that makes the obnoxious suits for Halloween
  10. No sir, these have been in my personal stock for 2 years.. never listed by me before No, no.....I meant I wish these had been available weeks ago. The set I found wasn’t really “soft stepable” and they are too stout for my elbows liking....
  11. Where were these X7s 3 weeks ago. Could have saved myself the hassle of 2 reshafts and the elbow tendinitis.....
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