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  1. All sold in an hour. Must have priced them right! Thanks golfWRX! Only AP2s remain, send offers!!!! Titleist AP2 718 - standard L/L/L. Red MCND grips. TT XP 95 stiff. 5-PW. These were my gamers, so chatter, some dings on faces. Grooves still have life. Pricing accordingly at $375 shipped to you. Love these clubs! Taylormade - Sim hybrids. 19* and 22*. 19* shaft is Hzrdus smoke, 6.0 stiff. 22* shaft is Ventus 7-s stiff, non-velocore. Both have MCND grips. $80 each. $140 both shipped. Taylormade - Sim 3 wood. 15*. Ventus, non-velo 6-s stiff flex. $115 shipped to you. TM Spiders - two spiders. One with line, one without. NO LINE has a new SS Flatso 3.0. Line has a SS Pistol GTR. NO LINE - $75, Line - $95. Both - $150 shipped. Titleist SM8 - 50.08F and 54.10S*. MCND grips. Jet black. Stock Wedgeflex shafts. Gamed these for about 3 months. Left the 60 on a green, so I bought a new set. These have a ton of life left. $165 for BOTH shipped to you. GONE Not the best photo taker, so will PM more photos if anyone is interested. If I find a lucky person that wants the entire lot, I'll sell it all for $850 shipped. Pricing this stuff to move quick, so just make offers. Thanks!
  2. Ping G400 LST $sold brand new, specs as show on tag. Ordered from pro shop, never hit. With headcover.
  3. best golf shoes ever. i'm a shoe ho too.
  4. I'll be honest, at first I thought it could have been me. But, the driver sat down in the box, with the sole up. So it would have been literally impossible for me to cut the crown. I double checked the top flap where I cut the tape as well, nothing went through the cardboard. Trust, if I made the cut, I would never blame the seller. I know everyone says that, but I would never do that.
  5. yeah that’s kinda where I’m at. Just more fishing for opinions on where the line of refund/living with it is.
  6. It wasn’t on this site. I have reached out to them with no response. I think you’re missing the point. I’m not complaining (well about the packaging i guess I am). I’m more debating if asking for a refund is reasonable. My point isn’t to bash the seller, hence I haven’t named them. It’s just asking if you were in a similar situation, WWYD. I’ll leave it at that with you in order to stay on topic, and perhaps I’m taking your tone wrong. Perhaps you aren’t comprehending the topic.
  7. Also for reference, this is how it was packed...
  8. Adding the photo. You can see something clearly scratched and hit the crown. It’s deep, def thru the paint. On one hand, def can’t been see at address. But given I purchased as “new”, I feel compelled to return.
  9. yeah I want to try to capture a better picture. its really hard because I don't want to rip the plastic on the head, and i'm sure you know that plastic is paper thin. I'm gonna try this evening tho.
  10. ok thank you, that is how I feel, but I don't want it to seem that i'm begging to save a few bucks. I'm just sort of looking at it like, if I picked it up off the rack at Dicks, would I buy it or find another one. Its big enough that I would put it back. So I sort of feel slighted (although not intentional). It was really poorly packaged. I've bought so many clubs, I've never seen a club packaged with so little care. This was a $650 driver too...
  11. plastic is on the head, and you can see where the scratch ripped through the plastic and hit the paint. Didn't swing it, literally just unboxed and the spot on the crown of the scratch literally couldn't have been from unboxing.
  12. ...another one of these. I can't decide, because I don't wanna be "that guy". Bought on ebay from a reputable seller. Sold as new with tour AD, so price went north of $600. Recv'd today in just awful packaging. No head cover, no bubble wrap. USPS triangle box, taped together with another one to make it long enough. No protection on the head that was rather sung in the box. Shaking my head, I inspect closely, appears no dents. Then, theres a slice/scrape in the plastic on the head. Of course it has to hit the freaking paint on the crown. So here's my dilemma, the scratch is faint. Likely can't see it from address. But, if I had purchased from my proshop or even Dicks, no way I'd take it because it is noticeable when inspecting. The deal was ok, the money is sort of inconsequential whether I return or not. I'm just sort of a nut with the condition of my own clubs. What would you do? TL;DR poorly packaged, new driver arrives with small scratch on crown - return or live with it.
  13. Taylormade P790 - $750 OBO 5-PW Standard length, loft, 1 up Brand new Winn DriTac grips DG S300 105 VSS Stiff Some clubs hit less than a few times Any questions let me know. Would consider trades on similar condition T100s. The photos tell the story, condition is fantastic. pin 10/9
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