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  1. Not at this time, thank you for the offer. I would consider certain SC putters, but digging the Spider for now.
  2. Good morning. I will try to leave all emotion out of my help post. I am attempting to pin an ad, it is currently open. I’ll explain the process I have been through and hope to resolve the issue. I have never pinned an ad before. Last night, I followed the steps the best I could. I messaged GXgolfer per the directions. He advises that if the ad was pinned, it would be removed and my money lost due to breaking a BST rule. I re-read the rules. I started a help thread, at his direction. I had a mod tell me that the ad is fine, it would have been previously
  3. I’m sorry, I’m just trying to get my ad pinned. i was told it violates a rule, and couldn’t be pinned. i was then told it doesn’t violate any rules. id just like to be refunded my $10 or have my ad pinned. That is all, I’m sorry for the confusion.
  4. That’s what I thought. But why is my ad not pinned? edit: told my ad breaks a rule and won’t be pinned (which I appreciate not just losing my $10). Then I’m told it doesn’t break a rule or it would have been removed sooner. but why is it still not pinned then?
  5. they way I’m seeing it, he’s telling me I’m breaking a rule (and my ad will be removed). My ad has been up all day and not removed. I’ve read thru the rules and cannot figure it out. i posted in here for help. A mod responded by linking my ad. I still don’t see what I’m doing wrong. I just need help and I’ll correct it.
  6. I just don’t understand why he wouldn’t just tell me. I don’t understand why a mod posted in here and linked my ad, but also doesn’t tell me. I’m not trying to be difficult.
  7. Yes I’m positive I did. I’m super confused. The message doesn’t seem clear to me. Can you help clarify how I get this ad pinned?
  8. Yes that is my ad. How do I get it pinned? I paid, send the PM and was told I’m breaking a rule? My ad has been up and I can’t see a single rule im breaking? thank you for answering
  9. I just read thru the BST rules and honestly I cannot see any rule my ad is breaking...I’m so confused. I think he’s trying to say if he pins my ad it’ll be pulled. BUT, why not tell me what rule he believes I’m breaking? I read thru the rule list multiple times...I’m not breaking a single rule.
  10. Paid my $10 to have an ad pinned. Never did it before, I’m a BST regular for years. My original post has been up for about 7-8 hours. I wanted to have it pinned. I messaged as instructed. Paid my $10. i recvd a message that left me confused.... ”If I pin your as and it is removed, your funds are forfeited. You are in violation of a few rules. Please resolve issues with mods as I do not moderate the bst. Please ask and refer questions to the bst ad help forum.” I cannot figure out what rule my ad is breaking. It’s been up (I would
  11. Its kinda crappy of him, but you gotta give it more than 1 full business day. stuff happens in people's lives. i'd wait until about thurs-fri before i filed a dispute.
  12. If anyone is looking, I have a set of mint 0311T 5-PW. 2 rounds on them. Skip the wait.
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