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  1. @davechen out here living his best life....that is a solid weekend. Country club life is treating this man very well.
  2. Yeah, I ordered both when GG had the bug and you could get a free shaft upgrade. I picked expensive shafts to make sure I could get my money out of them and both were absolutely awful fits so I moved on quickly. I think there is likely something that could work in the SIM2 non max side if I had a bit more loft on it, but I didn't feel like chasing it at that point.
  3. Has anyone on the thread moved into a 2021 driver release. Thinking SIM2, Epic Speed/Max LS, G425, TSi2/3, etc. Curious what the feedback has been on the new line from the threadizens.
  4. I was just looking at this bag over the weekend so appreciate this invite. The SM 2.5+ does seem like the most durable in this range.
  5. Great looking bag! Curious to see how this holds up as we move into summer.
  6. @FAbb Anxious to hear how this goes for you. I've been eying a motorized cart for a bit myself. Seems like the last possible golf purchase I 'need'.
  7. I think this is mostly from grass and debris on the ball.
  8. @goosehook - Hope all is well and we can get out for a round this year.....where have you decided to keep the range finder? I'm offloading two older bags that are just sitting that don't really fit the bill and hoping to consolidate to a SM2.5+ as soon as I can get them moved. BTW - great thread.
  9. I've found a grind I really love, Vokey S grind and generally change when a new model comes out. No real performance difference, just like to change for change sake.
  10. That bag is awesome. Where did you order from?
  11. For me, I’ve always struggled with Ping heads from g25 till now. I slice and struggle with an open club face on the downswing. I’ve always done better with smaller club heads that are a bit easier to close. I’ve played best with Titleist 913D3 and now playing decent with Srixon z785 which is similar shape. Just some food for thought.
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