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  1. 6 months from date of manufacture? So if the shoes sit in a store for any amount of time, they essentially have no warranty. Especially for a store like Ross or an adidas outlet store that gets previous season models in. That said, any company worth anything should still work with you if the shoes show obvious light wear and still break like that.
  2. To the OP...that is not from normal wear. The 6 month warranty is ridiculous. Just in general...I have worn Nike and Footjoy golf shoes. I don't like the Nike golf shoes (I have widefoot with a high/thick forefoot). I have never had an issue with Footjoy shoes at all. Anybody know what the warranty is on New Balance golf shoes? I have never had a shoe go bad inside the warranty period. However, If I don't get at least a year of wear out of shoes (for everyday wear) or at least a couple seasons out of athletic specialty shoes, I think they are garbage.
  3. I agree with you 100%. I couldn't care less either. But not everyone thinks the same way we do (I dare say a majority of people don't).
  4. I have not read all the posts in this thread. So, I apologize if this has come up before. The lofts idea is a great one. Scratch golf did this. Manufacturers will not do this because it kills marketing (our 7 iron is longer than their 7 iron). It also cuts into golfers' egos. Player A hits a 7 iron from his LatestandGreatest ABC iron set on his 130 yard approach shot. His friend is hitting his Eye 2's and pulls a hard 5 iron or soft 6 iron to hit the same 130 yard approach. Player A thinks he outhits his friend by 1-1.5 clubs. He is oblivious to the fact that his 7 iron has 30 degrees of loft. His friend's Eye 2 6 iron has 32 degrees of loft. In Player A's mind, the only thing that matters is that he hits a 7 iron while his friend hits a 6 iron. He is oblivious that his friend is actually longer than he is by hitting a club with 2 more degrees of loft into the same green on the same 130-yard approach. Having actual lofts stamped on the clubs destroys this illusion.
  5. I'm curious as to how long a window there is on Ping repairs right now. Did you get the Glide 3 wedges? I love those things. I was using a Ping Eye 2 XG sand wedge but I think I may bump it for my Glide 3.0 Eye 2 56 degree wedge. I am currently bagging a glide (original) 52 degree and a Glide 3.0 Eye 2 60 degree. The 60 degree has been my go-to for chipping close to the green.
  6. Did you not care to wait for the Pings? Obviously, it is your prerogative to purchase whatever clubs you want. I understand the frustration. Personally, I would wait for the Pings, but that is just me. Which Titleist irons did you pick? The T iron models look really nice.
  7. Apparently, I am one of the few willing to wait 6 months or so for clubs I really want instead of settling for something else because it will get to me sooner. Yeah, I'm a big Ping fan
  8. It's not just Ping. Others are backed up as well. Part of the ping issue is they make clubs as they are ordered and don't have huge amounts of inventory lying around. I ordered iblades that took less than a month to arrive with Dg X100 shafts (ordered 9/2 arrived 9/28) I was originally told it would be a 4 month wait (which I was fine with since I expected that).
  9. He was scratch in 18 MONTHS after taking up the game.
  10. A lot depends on your God-Given ability. Greg Norman and Jack Nicklaus both reached scratch very quickly (IIRC, Greg took up the game in his late teens). Of course, one is the best ever and the other is one of the best ever.
  11. Many, many folks enjoy playing the game but not watching it.
  12. Bought one of these from a member on here...completely disappointed with the condition of the headcover vs the description given by the member. I am looking for one in good condition that isn't flaking everywhere.
  13. Inexpensive Ping G400 3 or 5 wood head (or complete club)
  14. I didn't know they were ever not available. They should be hitting replacement only status before too long, though. With the price hikes recently and the i59's costing as much per iron as a fairway wood, I wanted to get another set before they become difficult to get in a not-used status. They are my favorite Ping irons ever. The only thing I can figure is the Phoenix factory still had some heads and the DG X100 shafts in supply. I am not sure if the iblade heads are cast in the USA or not (I don't think they are).
  15. Political persuasion not so much. You hit the nail on the head regarding local school leadership.
  16. Our kids are in a co-op as well (2 times per month) and I agree 100% on the socialization thing. Our kids have contact (meaningful contact) than most public school kids do (church, co-op, their field trip groups, etc). My wife is our primary educator and other than seeing me and folks at church, she will go a few days at a time without face-to-face contact with other adults. Our youngest has taken an interest in golf (she is left-handed, which made it an adventure to find clubs). She has a Callaway junior set (it is a boys set but she liked it because she likes the color orange and the clubs were the X2 Hot clubs). She wants to get her clubs out again this weekend after her football game (she cheers for pee-wee football).
  17. Had a set of iblades to my door in less than a month (I was originally told 4 months). It must depend on what you are ordering.
  18. It's hard to address this without getting into the political side of it but I will try. We have been fortunate enough to homeschool our kids since they were school age (in our state, you didn't have to start reporting for school until 7 years of age. Our kids started schooling at around 4). This has nothing to do with sports or other activities at all. Laws vary by state. However, with homeschooling you have flexibility. You can do multiple days in one day (again, that depends on the child as well). Field trip days count as school days (and this is flexible as well). I took my daughter to the U.S. Open in 2016. It counted as a school day (Pennsylvania history since Oakmont is a landmark in PA and crosses the PA Turnpike, among other reasons). As long as the child can keep up with the school work, it can go very well (many days , our kids are completed by noon. Our older daughter will sometimes choose to do 3 days in one day. She sometimes spends "off" days with my parents as they are remodeling their house. She has learned basic geometry through woodworking. She also knows how to use many tools (including power tools). She also spends extensive time sewing and quilting. She crocheted me a headcover once a couple years ago :) I tell my kids, "Do not let your schooling interfere with your education" . I believe Mark Twain first said that. There are still attendance requirements for homeschooling (again, the laws vary by state). We essentially never stop schooling throughout the year. We can start counting days sometime in July. They usually have their yearly required work done by March or so (I think last years we had around 220 days in that counted as school days and it wasn't overly intesive). Most homeschoolers I know do work far beyond any requirements. I'm sorry this is long-winded, but my point is homeschooling could open up your time to use as you choose. If that is to allow more time for golf practice, so be it.
  19. Looking for a Matrix Black Tie driver shaft in X flex. I prefer the 70 gram version (7M3, &m4). I am especially partial to the original version.
  20. I used to work with a guy that spent 28 years at the post office (he's retired now). he said people would bring in all kinds of things. Somebody once sent a basketball without a bag or box. they just taped a shipping label to the ball itself and sent it in the mail. As long as there is proper postage and the item is not liquid, hazardous, or potentially dangerous, they will take it. People also mailed live chickens (baby chicks, but still live chickens) in a crate. They were sent overnight
  21. Please pm me the seller's name as well. Looking to make a shaft purchase and want to make sure it's not this guy. lol
  22. Looking for an inexpensive fairway wood shaft in stiff or x flex. Weight preferably 70 grams or over (at least 70 grams for sure). .350 or .335 is fine (for a 2006 Ping Rapture fairway wood). Preferably no adaptor (only adaptors I am interested in are Ping G30/G/G400 adaptors) .
  23. Thanks. I was thinking of getting some just for fun to try. But at $30/dozen I can get better balls to use (Snell, some Titleist models, etc) that have real performance benefits.
  24. Do these Bandit balls actually perform the way they claim (20-25 yards of extra distance, etc)? Also is there any truth to claims these are more likely to crack your driver face because of the heavier weight? I know these balls are nonconforming. I'm just curious if they are truly that much longer than USGA approved golf balls. I know the non-conforming driver put out by Callaway many years ago was only longer by a couple yards according to Mr. Wishon. I am wondering if USGA-illegal golf balls are the same or if there is a greater distance gap between these and USGA conforming balls. Do any of the illegal golf balls add significant distance?
  25. Looking for an OG Ping Rapture 5 wood in stiff/x-stiff flex in good condition.
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