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  1. Yeah, with only 2 players per grouping, it's sloooow.
  2. If true, why in the world would he not be using a hard case?
  3. It's not like he's actively seeking attention. Blame the media for that. Dude's just living his life...
  4. Maltby iron/wedge heads usually accept .355" and .370" shafts. But I have found personally that I need to use collared ferrules to keep the shaft aligned if I use .355" shafts. https://www.golfworks.com/maltby-ts-1-forged-iron-heads/p/ma0293/
  5. Trying to post something in the classifieds? A little info would help.
  6. That face is chopped. Lines are all wrong. Especially by the hosel.
  7. Nope, not yet. https://www.usga.org/equipment-standards/conforming-club-ball-lists.html
  8. While I'm not saying prices haven't gotten out of hand, the cost difference between stamping out aluminum and layering carbon fiber is not inconsequential.
  9. Got any extra $ you can throw our way?
  10. Joggers, what a weird name. Why not call pants worn when golfing...'golfers'?
  11. This thread amazes me. 281 pages about footwear that I have never seen another golfer wear, ever.
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