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  1. 10:00 CST start time for PGA Tour Live, ugh. Maybe I'll just put my head down on the desk and take a nap.
  2. Agreed! I can't stand it when the tour is in Hawaii.
  3. 9.5 out of 10. Hardly used. Had an Epic, wanted something different, got the Rogue, wanted something different, got a SIM. The shaft from the new SIM went straight into the Rogue. Callaway Rogue 9* Draw Driver, fantastic condition. No scrapes, nicks, dings, dents, etc. Diamana S+ Limited 2nd Gen, Stiff, 46" playing length. Still has new Taylormade grip from the SIM. I can swap the grip for a Golf Pride 360, to your specs, if you'd like. I can even butt cut the shaft to your desired length. No headcover. Tool available if you really want one. They're like earbuds
  4. He certainly flexed on some things with it today. A lot of them left, a lot of them right.
  5. He's still -2 right now. He knows the rough isn't bad this week.
  6. In before the lock!
  7. Somehow, some way, he would have snuck in the phrase 'chunk and run' and told us he invented it.
  8. Missed a 6" putt in a club championship. Tried to tap it in and pulled the putter head just at impact. Ball went 3". Lined up on the wrong side of the tee box. Not in front of, but beside them. Multiple times. Drilled a playing partner in group ahead from 230+ yards with a 3-iron. Caught it really, really flush, never thought I could get it there. Hit ball OB -across- adjacent hole. Multiple times. Just huge, massive slices. Trusted something I shouldn't have... Many, many more.
  9. If COR is the same in a smaller form factor, the ball should go the same distance, correct?
  10. I'd go $100 on Berger or Zalatoris way before Rickie, but who knows...
  11. I'd love to try one myself. Too bad they are ridiculously priced.
  12. Do most people not know that a full circle is 360*? Phil's lipout was indeed the worst I'd ever seen and the ball ended going in the same direction as it was putt. The announcers just keep saying 540 degrees. Argh. And stay off my lawn...
  13. Until he gives the public a reason, which he absolutely does not have to, we will continue to make wild speculations.
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