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  1. Thanks guys! This thread went way deeper than I had initially thought it would and I honestly appreciate everyone’s input even if I don’t necessarily agree with everyone. But hey, that’s what discussions are for right? Ultimately and I will conclude with this; my point about all of this is: A) Some of you are right and I can play by the ROG as I know them but then I’m playing in a gambling game where as I will have a slight disadvantage versus the field. When they aren’t hitting from a “dirt patch” or a “fried egg” lie in a bunker, obviously the chances of them making a better score on a hole is better than me and in a skins game (which is one of the bets) I could’ve tied or won the whole. B) I can just play by their rules and say screw it and post the scores knowing that in some instances it may have altered my score by several shots therefore artificially lowering my index. Now the argument will be it won’t lower it by much however my rebuttal would be if it lowered my score by 5 shots one round and what should have been a 75 turns into a 70, well now the 70 makes a 78 drop out of my top scores used for calculations. Now the one score wouldn’t have a huge effect but if that happened 5-6 times…now it could make a difference by several shots on a index. If that was the case, that could be a huge difference in having a 3.9 or a .9 and being in the championship flight in a invitational or 1st flight in the same event. Or C) Not play. Now with me, I ALWAYS declare for championship flight in every medal play event because I want to play against the best but I am gathering this information for others that may be in the same situation and they may not want to play in the better flight. I mean who wants to be the worst player in a flight??? Only my dumb Word not allowed usually because most want to be at the top of their flight not the bottom (handicaps are used for flighting purposes only not net scores, FYI). So I’m sure some die hard WRX’ers will disagree and say every score should be posted but I’ll just be honest and say I think every score should be posted where you play by the rules of golf. When I say they play it up in the fairway, they aren’t playing LCP, they are rolling it around with their club until they find a really good lie, they are playing bunkers rake and place and make sure your lie is perfect not rake from a washed out area and drop or play it as it lies. They aren’t playing bunker shots from the side slopes but every ball get basically tees up in the center on a nice flat or slight uphill shot. I mean I’m 100% legit when it comes to playing by the rules…but this seems like cheating and definitely has an impact on the score. I don’t care that they do it, I mean it makes the game much easier especially for the higher handicaps BUT that posted score is NOT accurate and I’m sorry but if anyone thinks it is, I’ll just have to disagree. Have a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!
  2. You’re right, I only come down from October through April for a couple weeks each month. I’m not abreast to the climate changes as far as rainfall in the area. I’m new to the area and I agree there are some spots that are damp (tee shots won’t plug but they can get zero roll) and the ball will get a little black mud on them. And they may have this tule year round, I really don’t know. I know they try to go by what rules the “club” puts forth for their events and maybe that is why they play it like they do. Again, I’m not pointing fingers at any single person or saying anything is wrong with the way they run their game…it’s their game and I’m just an outsider looking to play a little while I’m down here to have some fun, meet new people, maybe gamble a little and go about my business. These are good guys and no one looked at me and said you’re a cheater. It was just the discussion after the round. When I am back up north, all of our club games are done on muscle without a net. We do flight by handicap but each flight is based on gross scores unless one flight (usually last flight) has too large of a discrepancy in the lowest and highest handicaps. Only then will we do a “net” division. So when the discussion came up about posting scores and I made my comment (again I said it in a very joking way), they made the comment that I was ineligible for “net” wins. I told them I didn’t care about winning anything “net”. I said if you feel like I should be a +5 then make me a +5…it doesn’t matter to me. I’m playing against the course and comparing my play to the best players at the club. The $20/$30 net win means zero to me. Just let me go and play and see how low I can go! It was after I left when I began thinking about it and thought someone may have heard that conversation and thought this guy is a cheater. And that is what bothers me. Call me just about anything you want, but I’m definitely not a cheater. Thanks for the feedback and I think you may be right on why they play the way they do. And like I said, I have never said anything to them about their rules. I just asked when I first played there, what are the rules. If they would have told me I had to play with the same number ball, I would’ve figured out a way to play that way. I wasn’t trying to be a disruption or gain attention. Just wanting to play golf, have fun and meet some people. It’s just golf!
  3. Absolutely not. Now they say the reason for LCP is they get a lot of play and a lot of the players either don't rake or rake very poorly. And don't me wrong, nothing more frustrating than hitting into a bunker only to land in the last bozo's footprint because he was too lazy to rake the bunker. The fairways are very nice...a little wet in a few spots where you may pick up a little mud but no issue with bare spots or anything that I would consider out of normal conditions.
  4. Well first and foremost, calling someone a “cheater” at least in my book, is probably one of the worse things you can call someone. So, I’m going to assume your last quote “You ARE a cheater” is not necessarily intended for me but to get your point across that you feel like everyone should post every score. With that being said, obviously I had no intent on “cheating” nor would I ever cheat intentionally. If the handicap system says I should post every score regardless if I feel like I wouldn’t have shot that score or not (if playing by the rules of golf I was raised by) then sobeit I’ll post every score. I was not aware of such provisions in the handicap system. Now with getting that out of the way, here’s what doesn’t make sense to me. The handicap system is design to level the playing field with any players from anywhere. Since this is the case, why would they make provisions such as the ones pointed out by “Auguster”? IMO, the argument can be made that playing the ball “as it lies” versus rolling it definitely has an effect on a persons score…by how many shots, I don’t know that anyone truly knows that answer. “Gimme” putts also will have an impact on ones score. If I one putted every putt inside 5 feet and never 3-putted, I’d be A LOT better golfer. So, my question is how does this level the playing field? The guy taking “gimme’s”, hitting multiple balls off the first tee (maybe he just hits until he has a really good one…why stop at two?), rolls it every where and NEVER has a bad lie even in a bunker versus the guy that plays by what I refer to as the rules of golf (play it as it lies), but they post the exact same scores on the same rated course. I don’t think there is any question the second guy is considerably better than the other guy…by what 8-10 shots if they had to play by the rules? I don’t know the answer, just asking the question.
  5. Absolutely I’ve considered it but it would be like having a 3 footer and the guy just kicks it back to you to give you the win on a hole. Sure I’ll take it if he wants to give me the win but I know it’s not my score at the end of the round. So why punish myself with the fried egg lie in a bunker when an up and down may win me a match? No one else is going to play that fried egg lie. I just don’t think anyone should touch the ball. The problem I had was being looked at like I was a cheater when I’m the furthest from that. That really is all it’s about. Your character takes a lifetime to build and a second to lose. I don’t want to be “that guy” that is known as a cheater. Plus my true handicap is 1.4….how much sand bagging can I be doing? Just ridiculous. I appreciate your insight and opinion. Just frustrated!
  6. I do win my fair share. There are other good players in the game which is what is my motivation. I couldn’t care less about the money, I enjoy the competition.
  7. I did and they said they couldn’t help me. Yes they are the current models. Not sure why they wouldn’t help, but they said I have to go through one of their retailers.
  8. LBB-I do not post any scramble scores because it’s not always my shot that is chosen. I’m not sure you can even post a scramble score but I may be wrong.
  9. My handicap index is 1.4 and the course rating is 70.9/131 and I shot 69. I went onto USGA and used their calculator and input every score I’ve shot in their game and my index “if” I had posted all of those scores is a 1.0
  10. Hey gents! I recently purchased two pair of G/Fore Gallivanters. I bought the white with pink sole and white with gray soles. Does anyone have a connection with G/Fore? I bought mine online and they are size 11 & size 12 ( I wasn't sure what size I would wear). Well it turns out I need an 11.5. So rather than me wear these shoes that do not fit, I'd rather find a way to get the right size. The place I bought them from has a no return and no exchange policy ( I wasn't aware when I purchased these). So I figured I would just sell them and then buy the right size...but I don't really have time and I don't want to mess with it. So does anyone either have access or know someone with access to an account that wouldn't mind swapping me out for the right size? Thanks
  11. Quick question for those that keep a legitimate handicap. I live up north and come down to Florida several times each winter. When I am back at home, I play in several tournaments and I always post my scores. Well when I travel south for a few weeks and began playing in a "game" at the local club with a bunch of the members, they have several rules that they use in their game: two balls off of the first tee, rake and place in bunkers and roll the ball up to a scorecard length in the fairway. Now one of the bets is the overall "net" winner. So now after I have played a couple of times, I played a pretty good round and someone jokingly makes the comment "make sure you post that score". Well I have a very good sense of humor and I feel like 99% of the people I have played with enjoy playing with me. But when they made this comment, I laughed and said I will post every score down here when we start playing by the rules of golf and not your definition. Now I said this jokingly but half way serious because I honestly don't feel like I should post any score where I don't play by the rules...whether the score is good or bad., I don't care. I post every round I play in which we follow the rules of golf to include "lift, clean and place" on bad weather days. But after this comment and my response, they informed me I was going to be ineligible for the "net" portion of the bet going forward because I had an inaccurate handicap. I feel like I am the guy who will always call a penalty on myself if I do something that I know is a penalty. I'd rather lose a $20 nassau than win knowing that I didn't follow the rules. I have always been that way. But after this comment, I just replied "thats fine make my handicap whatever you feel it should be and take me out of all of the net bets". Problem is I still have to pay the full entry to include the net bet even though I am ineligible. I just took offense to someone suggesting I was a "cheater" when I am the furthest from that. Thoughts? I'd prefer a deeper answer than "don't play in that game". Thanks
  12. In match play, if a match is won by forfeit, what score gets posted? 1U? 10-8?
  13. A few things up for sale/trade (only thing I am really interested in trading for are circle T Scotty, limited Scotty's or Ping G410 Plus). **Titleist Black (Smoked) AP-3's 4-PW DGR300 Onyx** These are new and in plastic. I purposely ordered them 1" over so if someone wanted to customize them themselves (length/lie/loft) they would be able to. Titleist was supposed to leave them ungripped but mistakenly gripped them. These can still be altered to fit your specs unless you want them more than 1" long. These are the prettiest set of sticks you'll see! They were ordered with the onyx shafts to black out the set. Price $1300 shipped CONUS **NEAR NEW (9.9/10) Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 9* Driver with Matrix Ozik Red Tie X-Flex** This driver hit MAYBE 10 balls on the range. It is PERFECT!! Will come with headcover and wrench! Price $390 shipped CONUS **Bushnell Hybrid Laser Rangefinder** I used this rangefinder since last August. It was always in the carry bag unless I was getting the yardage. I used the GPS part a couple times only. It worked fine but I always play my home course so I didn't really need to use that part. In perfect working condition!!! Price $300 shipped CONUS Again, I will consider trades but I am very particular. Only really interest in what I listed above unless it is something interesting that I feel is a must have!!!
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