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  1. Without additional commentary on the last two years of life, I'd say the ratio of good people on WRX is better than IRL. It could also be confirmation bias and the fact that the crappy people are often louder. The phenomenon you're talking about is called gatekeeping. You will see it in pretty much any niche hobby and the only way to combat it is to be patient and welcoming of even the most basic questions.
  2. You can probably still request it. I pulled the X-strap off my navy 2.5+ so I could use the EZ-Fit straps from the 4.5 and I know others have ordered strap systems through SM. I still saved my X-strap and have a navy 3.5 on order, if I end up hating the EZ-lite I'll just swap it out.
  3. And every now and then, they find a position that just makes you want to sit and watch them.
  4. Make sure to wear long sleeves around those razor blade teeth, you will have scars! My little guy sleeps in the most ridiculous positions, usually posting up on the couch with his head on the arm rests. He's still too small for it to look comfortable but he's out cold as soon as he has a head perch.
  5. I hear people talking about Poolesville and keep thinking of the town outside OCMD. Given the crazy span of the MoCo courses, that wouldn't surprise me.
  6. You could try a Steelfiber or Recoil, not too expensive and available in nice intermediate weights compared to the S400 you have in your irons.
  7. I haven't hit the ZX7, but I tried really hard to stay in a set of 785's a couple seasons ago. For whatever reason I could not generate enough backspin from them and it made playing out of the rough a total nightmare. I'm in the MMC now and although they aren't crazy forgiving, good shots are very consistent for yardage and I feel like I can depend on them better.
  8. May Lamkin never die. The Crossline and its variants are my favorite grip of all time.
  9. These are buyer-initiated terms, the seller did not list as-is. It's so competitive that it's the only "give" some buyers have left in reserve to guarantee a closed deal. There are always things an inspector is going to find but in a market like this the buyer is essentially assuming costs, unless there's something so bad that the parties agree to an adjusted price. Personally, I'm not making a deal north of half a million with my life savings involved without due diligence. That's our line in the sand, and willing to wait for the market to accept that.
  10. If Mizuno could match Vokey's swing weight and length progression, I would buy a set right now. I just don't trust the custom order process enough to match it.
  11. Update: did not get it. Back to the drawing board. Update #2: The offer selected was $75k over asking, cash, no inspection.
  12. It's been a soft trauma and I'm really getting sick of looking at listings and going to see houses. Looking at real estate photos is like getting catfished on a dating site, most of the time you show up and the house is straight trash. I'm truly questioning my own sanity, my wife and I have great jobs and we've been saving money for years. I can't imagine how other people must feel. What we were NOT expecting was the irrationality of other buyers. Each offer we've made has been outbid by a large margin, and in some cases we're going almost 30-40k above the asking price. People are out here waiving inspections and everyone apparently has cash. We've lost two homes to empty nesters of my parents' generation who decided they wanted to downsize to be closer to their grandchildren. @BIG STU it sounds like you might just want to stay, and maybe find a new real estate agent. My agent was joking that it's the first time their field has ever had to actually work lol. We love ours, but some of the listing agents I've met along the way give some real skeevy vibes.
  13. Well I've never broken par, so: 3 birds+ 1 eagle= 73 5 birds (4 in a row)= 76
  14. Course handicap is 9 on a par 70, 69.5/128. My average in GHIN is 83 and I'm usually anywhere between 77 and 84.
  15. Crossline Cord. Although I just put on a full set of the new CL Genesis Cord, which is a tiny bit softer.
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