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  1. This is bang on, at least for me. I'm a chronic EE'er and have had periods of really solid play over the last handful of years, at least when I was getting regular instruction and knocking down bad habits. I had a great lesson yesterday and we spent the entire hour focusing on my left shoulder. It was working severely up and out, causing my path to come way from the inside and an impossible swing bottom to time. EE is the only save move from a certain point. When we got to working the left shoulder down, through, and around my left hip, we went to almost zero EE. To do that motion
  2. Much respect for those of you who've made that Pinehurst drive. Wilmington and back was a soft hell of driving hypnosis and nightmare drivers. My dad didn't elaborate, but his new setup is pretty sweet. They live in one of the many communities down there and his is bigger than my zip code. The Senior Goose Nest is a hard wedge from the driving range and their back patio sits on the 10th tee box of the course they now live on. It was about 110% humidity and rained every day but I got 9 holes of forward tee practice and got to play the layout from 6600 the next day. Really fun layout
  3. Agreed. There are plenty of great par 5's in the 520-550 range out there, but they are on very old and shorter layouts not capable of hosting tour events. Uphill/downhill is always a factor, same as the level of wind and altitude on the course. A downhill 560yd par 4 would be doable on a mountain course for those guys.
  4. FJ has some of the best materials, color combos, and finish quality.. But the absolute worst fit. I can almost size down 1.5 sizes for their polos and the sleeves are still not proportioned properly.
  5. Anyone else here follow Rick Beato's YouTube channel? He does some outstanding breakdowns on songs from this era and others.
  6. Grinding through the 2-day stroke play this weekend was a hell of an experience. Having played so poorly recently I was on the fence but one of my buddies talked me into playing, so I said to myself that no matter what, I'd finish the whole thing out. It was HOT as possible, the greens had tons of fire in them, and everyone got to play with clouds of cicadas around them. They are now so rampant that groups of them are crawling around underneath each cup and they will land on your should and let out the little toddler goat scream. It's horrifying. Round One: I got off to a good sta
  7. That new K1-LO looks sick, it looks like the upped the top opening size and the straps look to edge out the SM X-Strap. Ugh that's a tough call!
  8. They do, and at the same time they keep your neck from getting cooked from playing in the sun. If you're wearing one for neck protection, it also means less sunscreen stains on your shirt collars.
  9. 43.25" to end of grip, tipped .5". The std Z-Patriot grip has been used for 2 range sessions and 18 holes, installed logo down in STD LOFT. $120 shipped to USA
  10. 5-P, standard length, grips optional.
  11. Absolutely, even more so now since being re-done. They can get too fast to the point where the greens team only has a couple usable hole locations, so they've dialed the speed back slightly at times. Even "slow" there is quite a bit faster than a lot of guys are used to.
  12. Yeah, he's a hoot. Place is always in great shape, but aside from changing tee boxes every now and then many of the holes play identically every round.
  13. I've heard plenty of people trash the conditions, but I can see how the tree line and small greens could be polarizing. That being said, I thought I would enjoy CCMD a lot more than I do. That layout is getting very stale for me.
  14. Usually happens for me after a 7-9 hole stretch of great golf, and happens for just long enough to derail my score into the standard differential range. It's been worse for me lately and completely ruins the fun.
  15. Former member here for many years and I'm still in touch with a lot of guys that are over there. There's a lot to like about the place, if you are a younger guy looking to join somewhere. Playing privileges are very loose (basically show-and-go), they're pushcart friendly, and don't hit you over the head with a fee for every last little thing you want to do. The original layout was 27 holes, and they carved off a large portion of the land to raise capital. The "inner 9" was probably the best stretch of holes on the entire property and some of those holes were combined with the mai
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