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  1. You'll get something near or above PGA value guide, but it depends on what you are trading. They will give you almost zero for a wedge, no matter how clean it looks. Woods/irons/putters fare much better.
  2. I used to have Tempurpedic, it's our guest room bed now. Of course, my wife hated it mainly due to how hot it got. I have a feeling we'll go with a higher end coil-spring but a Sleep Number is something we'll definitely try out too.
  3. Sort of golf-related: Back pain and neck stiffness in the mornings is killing my drive to do ANYTHING athletic. I think the biggest culprit has been our mattress, which is nearing 8 years old and has never been firm enough for me. Anyone bought a bed recently?
  4. Gen2 (2011) Fli-Hi is still in my bag. There are just so many options now, and even the new Ping Crossover looks nice. With the new Srixon line out the U85 is probably going to drop bigtime in price though if you want something new.
  5. So I bought a cheap knockoff version of the Tour Striker Smart Ball, and it’s pretty freaking cool. I’ve always had a little more than a bit of runaway with my arms and right elbow and this thing really forces you to turn your body instead. Alternating 5 shots on, 5 shots off it definitely helped with hitting partial shots and knockdowns.
  6. Holes 1-4 of the previous 18 hole course are out of rotation, and most of the Inner 9 (which was the best 9 on the property) is now meadow.
  7. Atmos Black Tour Spec 7x: G410 adapter (OEM, I used my own ferrule), 43.25" total length. Untipped, great for a short driver or fairway with trimming. Genesis Crossline Cord grip +2 wraps, no logo. $100 shipped VTS Silver TourSPX 7x: Callaway Epic Flash fairway adapter, 41.5", tipped 1.5". Lamkin Crossline Cord, +1 wrap logo down. Should play stock length in a Flash SZ 5w or shorter in a 3w. $45 shipped. **I can pull any adapters upon request.
  8. Got a couple more rounds in with the 410 LST over the weekend. After hotmelting the head, I glued up a Speeder Evo II to try. I played the 2014 Motore 757 for a long time and was hoping to find some old mojo to shock my system. I played one round in the standard setting, and quickly changed it the next day to the little "-" setting with the neutral weight. Good strikes are traveling quite high still but the ball flight does not drift like the SIM Max. I had far more bad strikes however, and did notice that off the low end of the face I had some playable drives. A couple of heel-sid
  9. No, but the course is 18 holes now and some of the inner 9 now makes up the layout. It's routed a little bit funky but still challenging.
  10. They just had their member-member, and the greens were firmed up for the event. That course is it’s best when it is dry and firm, the low elevation and flat terrain don’t drain particularly well. The conditions are to be expected, lots of budgetary constraints and some irrigation headaches that are on the slow turnaround. Playing there blind is tough, most of us are not used to greens that small and when they are not receptive you REALLY need to land the ball in the right spot.
  11. I have the '18 X Forged and love them...but heaven's sake, Callaway, make a PW that doesn't look like it came out of a different iron set!
  12. Random thoughts as this thread transitions to 2021: The 2.5+ is great, but has some faults of its own and looks to be getting a small update next season. No bag is perfect, clearly. I've thought a bit about top designs, and I'm thinking that maybe top diameter isn't the only metric that should be considered. A bag that is shorter in height may be able to accomodate more clubs since the club heads will be sitting above the rim of the bag. Maybe? Just a spitball. Where do things do from here? I'm using a bag that has freaking heat shrink tubing instead of re
  13. It’s fun as a practice drill, but no. I tried hitting short pitches with a reverse overlap putting grip and liked it when I felt like I was getting too tense.
  14. My last three rounds are in the 84-90 range. It's just sooooo bad, saved mainly by an improved short game and solid putting. 4 rounds in a row without a birdie, and the best bunker shot I've hit all year left me with a 3 footer that broke about 10 inches (yes I missed it). My iron play is getting punished hardcore around the greens. Big upside is my neck is starting to feel better and playing 81 holes Friday-Monday.
  15. Haha that inertia generator is quite thicc.
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