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  1. Days like these are like a specially designed form of torture. Sunny and warm, but all the ranges and courses are covered in snow and most are closed. Fortunately the Pine Ridge range was open, even though they probably shouldn't be. I don't know how one would operate a snow covered range that's completely saturated.
  2. This was my Version 2, 36 hours of fridge fermentation and a 75/25 mozzarella and provolone blend. I forgot I had a vented pan and this cooked up in about 7 minutes in a 425 degree convection cycle. My deep dish cast iron method is still in the revision. I got a nice result overall in a lower oven, but the dough ended up rising a bit too much. My first guess is that I don't need as big a dough batch as I thought for that type of cook. No matter the result, cooking 6 pizzas over 3 weekends for less cost than ordering 1 through DoorDash is a victory.
  3. More of a pan-fry, I figured with a thick crust pizza in a thick skillet it would help to brown the oiled crust up in the skillet before finishing the pizza off in the oven. It worked pretty well, just needs more practice.
  4. It doesn't really. It's probably closer to an Atmos Blue than an Atmos Black. I'm trying it because the profile is supposed to be similar to an older shaft that I consistently drove the ball well with over a number of years and different driver heads. I really like Atmos Black but I'm hoping to replicate an old feel that worked for me.
  5. That large meatball sub is the stuff of legend. Only firsthand knowledge of it can truly describe it!
  6. That's an easy one- 757 because it's the classic, and I play my driver at 44.5" and like the added weight. Tipped it 1" because I have a heavier back weight and a few grams of hot melt in the head.
  7. Agree that the oven is going to be a major variable in experimentation. In an iron skillet, my first method worked relatively well by "pre-frying" the bottom of the crust on the range top before going in the oven. Low broiler was not ideal, I definitely needed an oven at 500 or somewhere thereabout to bake the whole thing through. In my next version I'm stepping up the cheese to a blend of Parm Reggiano, mozz, and provolone. Ricotta is great for the thinner sheet pan and stone pizzas though. My sauce is already on point, I slightly reduce some crushed San Marzano tomatoes with her
  8. My VII came last week, in the middle of multiple winter weather events in the area. All I can say so far is that Will did a great job building (as expected), the paint job looks pretty sick, and the waggle test reminds me of the old Motore I used to love. Whenever I can get back to the range or a golf course, I'll be trying to compare the 757 to the Atmos Black 7x. Everyone's mileage will vary for sure but I tend to stick to the school of thought that just because a shaft is labeled as a certain type of launch doesn't really mean it will do so in certain hands. Your loft and driv
  9. So ,it's National Pizza Day. Everyone here seems to be food people, and I'm curious as to what your at-home methods are? I've always loved cooking but baking, not so much, but pizza is still my favorite and I'm trying to shift away from paying $20 for delivery when I can make a good pizza for a few bucks. I'm pizza-style agnostic, anything from a flat square to a full on deep dish works. I'm mainly experimenting with pan-type pizzas at the moment since we're not going to get an upgraded grill or any type of oven until we move. Version 1 of my home dough went pretty well, using a v
  10. Greetings all! I should have had more foresight when I made the topic title, this is clearly a years-running debate that needs to be updated each year. I'm still running with my 2019 2.5+ with the EZ-Fit straps, and of course Sun Mountain had to go this year and make two of the most important updates to their best carry bags: The 2.5+ got an extra tee pocket- which is really useful for a daily driver bag, since markers and tees tend to sink down the main ball pocket of the legacy versions. Still no waterproof valuable pocket unfortunately, but you can get protective cases for your
  11. Not all regions have been hit as hard, but all seem to be improving right now.
  12. Cold, and frequent precip in MD. Another 6-8 inches of snow expected this week and nightly lows below freezing. We also have the pleasure of hosting all the new variants of COVID, so getting one's fix at the simulators is somewhat risky. Just holding out and staying occupied until people get healthy and the weather improves, then I'm gonna take like 2 weeks off to just play and turn my phone off.
  13. I've played a sort-of counterbalanced putter for about 10 years running. Heavy head, 33", and with a lead plug underneath the grip. It's only a 40g weight so somewhat like what the Stroke Lab putters offer, but with a lightweight grip. When I decided to buy the PXG I made sure to match the head weight, lie angle and length to the old Piretti. I used the highly scientific method of duct taping quarters to the butt of the grip until I liked the feel of the putter. This year feels like a bonus year after the ridiculousness of last year, and I have little to no interest in equipment c
  14. My previous vehicle had the most annoying battery drain issue, even when commuting every day. Ford issued a technical bulletin but apparently it never rose to the level of a recall, so my dealer wouldn't implement the recommended fix unless I paid. Being a lease, I decided to be stubborn and get a good jump kit and letting them deal with it. As long as you don't go totally low in the rice range, a lot of the ones you can buy on Amazon these days put out enough current to jump a dead battery. Most of them will have recommended ranges for engine size. Worth having it anyway to keep i
  15. CC is good at making the pitch to sell you on the build, but it's crazy how much they think they can squeeze out of people. You just have to not feel guilty about turning them down- you paid a handsome fee for the fitter's time and information, you're not obligated to pay a 200% markup on that just to have one of their guys put your clubs together. My fitting there in '19 was a great experience but no way would I ever pay someone twice over for an iron shaft that comes stock. I ended up building my set to spec for under $500 when the quote they gave me was somewhere around $1700.
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